30th October 2016

The Results forms have been updated and are available for download. Some changes have been made to improve reliability. The league form now accepts Rapid league results and displays the players' rapid grades where available.

18th October 2016

New Results forms are now available in the download section. There are separate forms for the league and the knockout competitions. The forms contain grades for the new season and the knockout form can calculate the handicaps. The Rapid league form is to follow.

17th October 2016

The nominations are now available to view in the Table menu

The players listed are constrained to play only for the team listed for their club this season

16th October 2016

The first results of the season have been posted. Visit the Results page for details

The Club's pages have been updated to include the new Rapidplay league captains and any other changes to contact details. If you are a member of a club you may like to check them for accuracy

13th October 2016

The new season is upon us

There have been a number of updates to the website. The history pages have been reinstated and tidied up, and there’s still more to do. Fixtures are available to download in spreadsheet format, and also there is a page for each division, the knockout cup, and the new rapidplay league.

Please check that the fixtures for your team are correct and convenient. You can reschedule matches with the agreement of your opponents up to 28 days prior to the originally scheduled date for matches scheduled to be played in December or later.

The club pages show details of each club in the league. These are in the process of being updated too. We have two results for the new season already. These will be posted shortly.

Entries are open for the Sussex Individual Knockout Championship, organised by the Sussex County Chess Association. Visit “Sussex” under External in the main menu for details.