2nd March

Another Sad Departure

John Coules Tribute

15th February

The founder of Woodpushers Chess Club

A eulogy for Oliver Andrew

26th January

The January ECF grading list has been released and the new grades have been incorporated into the Result Forms

Versions for league matches and the Knockout cup may be found in the Downloads section under HOME

The knockout form now gives the result in cases of equal score

6th January

There has been a change in Haywards Heath captaincy. Visit the page under CONTACTS for details

20th December

All the outstanding adjudications and results for 2017 have now been fulfilled. Visit the results and fixtures pages to view them

17th December

Haywards Heath Chess Club will change venue at the beginning of 2018. See the Club Page for details

7th December

Please note that the Worthing First Team Captain has been corrected. See the club's page for contact details

6th December

Please note that the Argumentatives club night is Wednesday, not Tuesday as previously shown on the club page

1st December

The Results forms have been updated and are available in the Download section

22th October

The first results of the season have been posted for divisions 1 and 2

There are new results forms available for the league and knock-out. These have the latest grades. See the Downloads section.

20th October

All initial nominations are now in and the full list can be found in the menu under Tables

Julie Denning has attended meetings for the SCCU, ECF and BCF. Her write-up is  here

17th October 2017

Fixtures for the main league are available under Tables on the main menu

Please check that the fixtures for your team are correct and convenient. You can reschedule matches with the agreement of your opponents up to 28 days prior to the originally scheduled date for matches scheduled to be played in December or later.

Fixtures for the Knock-Out and Rapid League are still being formulated

The club pages show details of each club in the league. If you spot any errors, please let me know. The following clubs have made changes and their pages have been updated for the new season:

Uckfield, Eastbourne and Haywards Heath

The rules have been updated - see Rules pages. They may also be found in the download section in pdf format.

There are no changes to the league rules, but the Knock-out has an update and the Rapid rules are brand new, last season having been something of a trial run.


Not all clubs have submitted their initial nominations yet.