19th September


The Sussex County Chess Association (SCCA) is holding its AGM on Tuesday 25th September, starting at 7:45 pm at Lewes Chess Club. Click the link on the sidebar for details

New Match Card

An error was discovered in the match card template which has been corrected. Option C should have 35 minutes to finish. Please download the updated one. Sorry about the inconvenience.

17th September

Welcome to the new season

The MSCL committee has decided to reduce the number of leagues from 4 to 3 this season, in view of the reduction in overall team entries by 1 or 2

There will be 11 teams in each division

New Rules

Following extensive discussion at the AGM on the use of digital clocks and other timecontrol issues, the rules have been updated - see Rules pages. They may also be found in the download section in pdf format.

Explanatory notes may also be downloaded. Please read these carefully - especially if you are a captain, as the new options are rather complicated.

Captains will also have to be able to set their clocks to any of the new timecontrols that their club may employ, as players may mutually agree (at the beginning of a match) to use a different one from the standard G/65 +30

New Match Card

To accompany the new timecontrol rules a new card has been prepared which can also be found in downloads. It has an extra box per game for entering the timecontrol actually used. This is now a requirement. The reverse of the card details the shortform nomenclature needed to enter the timecontrol

The new result submission form (when available) will also have this field

There are no changes to the Knock-out or Rapid rules

Other Downloads

There are recent minutes etc in the download section


Results, documents etc for the past season have been moved to the archive section

Club Pages

Most of these have been fully updated for the new season. We had to obtain GDPR consent for everyone whose details are given, and one or two are still outstanding