Annual General Meeting Thursday 28th May 2009 7.30. PM


Tyler Room, Luxford Centre, Library Way, Uckfield TN22 1AR


1.                 Chairman’s opening remarks and apologies for absence.

2.                 Minutes of 2008 AGM (previously circulated).

3.                 Secretary's Report and matters arising.

4.                 Treasurer's Report and matters arising.

5.                 Fixtures Secretary’s Report and matters arising.

6.                 Match Recorder’s Report and matters arising.

7.                 Presentation of Trophies.

8.                 Election of Officers.

1.    Chairman

2.    Secretary

3.    Fixtures Secretary

4.    Treasurer

5.    Match Recorder

6.    Webmanager

7.    Auditor

9.                 SCCA Matters relating to the League and its clubs.

10.             County Adjudication Secretary’s report and matters arising.

11.             "Champions" v "The Rest" match?

12.             David Fryer’s proposal for a rule-change to allow for an elective QPF option. (see below)

13.             Any other business.


Item 12.   Rule-change proposal (proposed changes marked in red):


7  Time controls

7.1  Clocks  Clocks must be used in all games.

7.2  Time controls: division 1  In Division 1 matches, including play-offs between Division 1 teams, at least 3 hours must be allowed for play, and unless 7.5 applies the time control shall be 42 moves in 1 hr 30 min and 7 moves per 15 minutes thereafter.

7.3  Time controls: other divisions  In other matches at least 2 hrs 40 min must be allowed for play. If at least 3 hours is available, then the time control shall be as above with the option of 7.5, but for shorter matches it shall be 40 moves in 1 hr 20 min and 7 moves per 15 minutes thereafter with no 7.5 option.

7.4  Additional time controls  Both clocks should be turned by 15 minutes for each additional 7-move time control played.

7.5 Quickplay finish Before white makes his second move both players may agree to play under the following time control; 30 moves in 60 minutes with all (remaining) moves in 30 minutes. Upon this agreement the clocks shall be adjusted accordingly by adding 30 minutes to each player’s clock. After completion of black’s 30th move the clocks should be turned back by 30 minutes.

7.6 During the quickplay phase of the game A player may claim a draw when he has less than two minutes left on his clock and before his flag falls. This concludes the game.

 He may claim on the basis

a)       that his opponent cannot win by normal means, and/or

b)       that his opponent has been making no effort to win by normal means


In (a) the player must write down the final position and his opponent verify it.

In (b) the player must write down the final position and submit an up-to-date scoresheet, which must be completed before play has ceased. The opponent shall verify both the scoresheet and the final position.

If a result cannot be agreed then each club shall submit a claim in accordance with 9.1

8  The playing session

8.1  Before play begins  Immediately before a match, team captains shall: (1) exchange names of team players; (2) toss for colours, the winner's team taking either White or Black on the odd-numbered boards; (3) agree and announce to all participants: (a) the time controls and if applicable explain the option of a quickplay finish , (b) the agreed finishing time, (c) any arrangements for interruptions that could involve stopping clocks.

9  Adjudication including Quickplay Finish claims

9.1  Submitting games for adjudication  Team captains should make reasonable efforts in the eight days following a match to agree the results of any unfinished games. If agreement on any such game cannot be reached, then each club must submit forthwith to the Adjudication Secretary of the Sussex County Chess Association: (1) a copy of the final position, with all relevant facts, and the club's claim; (2) the adjudication fee, and (3) a stamped addressed envelope.

With regard to a quickplay finish claim under 7.6(b) a copy of the verified scoresheet must also be submitted by the claiming team.