Mid Sussex Chess League AGM Thursday 28th May 2009


Commendation for the proposed rule change by David Fryer.


Purpose of Rule Change



This will be achieved with a time control of 30 moves in 60 minutes then all remaining moves in 30 minutes.


Arguments for;



Arguments against as raised on the web site’s forum can be split into two sections;






All these arguments against QPF even if correct are irrelevant and too much time should not spent debating them as QPF games are an option. If players find they have concerns over QPF they will stop taking the option.




This proposal is sponsored by Crowborough Chess Club and was fully debated at the clubs own AGM. It was passed overwhelmingly with the general consensus being that should both players wish to play under QPF then why shouldn’t they however it was also the view of the meeting that no one should be forced to play QPF chess. Some interesting debate also took place on whether adjudication favoured the lower or higher rated player. With no conclusion I might add.


It is true that there are many different ways that QPF could be introduced into the league as well as various time control options but given the opportunity for other proposals to have been formalised in the past year and presented to the AGM I hope that this proposal will not be subject to amendment and should stand or fall as presented.


One topic that should not be ignored in all this is that understanding the laws of chess by all players is important. There can sometimes be a confusion between claiming ‘cannot win by normal means’ under the QPF rules and the rule that when your flag falls ‘cannot checkmate by any possible series of legal moves’ applies.


A claim under the QPF rules is usually determined by considering whether;