Match Recorder's Report 2009





No ineligible players.

No teams incurred any penalty points.

14 boards were defaulted.

1 appeal which failed.



Division 1


Hastings and St. Leonards 1, last year's champions, and Crowborough 1 completed the season with identical totals in match and game points and rather than risk all in a play-off decided to share the trophy. This has never happened in the last ten years. These two teams finished 2.5 pts. ahead of the third side Horsham 1. In 2000/2001 Horsham 1 and Brighton and Hove 1 tied but the former had superior game pts..


Hastings and St. Leonards 1 played their last match against Crowborough 2 knowing they required the maximum 5.0 win to level with Crowborough 1. Crowborough 2 were outgraded on every board but only a few pts. difference on the bottom two boards. Crowborough 2 remained scoreless, could not help their seniors and Hastings and St. Leonards 1 joyously enjoyed their first 5-0 win of the season.


Relegated were Knoll Knights (2 pts.) and Worthing 1 (2.5 pts.). Hastings and St. Leonards 2 also finished on 2.5 pts..



Division 2


Promoted were Eastbourne 1 (7.5 pts.) and Horsham 2 (6 pts.). In third spot was Horsham 3 (5.5 pts.). The two promoted teams only spent one year in the division having been relegated from the top division last season.


Relegated were Eastbourne 2 (1 pt.) and Woodpushers (2 pts.) . These two teams finished in mid-table last season.



Division 3


Promoted were Brighton and Hove 3 (23.5 pts.) and Uckfield 1 (23 pts.). Third spot was shared by Horsham 4, only promoted last season, and St. Francis and Haywards Heath 2 on 22.5 pts.. Brighton and Hove finished in mid-table last season and Uckfield were given permission to commence in this division and their performance justified the decision.


Relegated were Hastings and St. Leonards 3 (0.5 pts.) and Crowborough 3 (2.5 pts.) their second successive relegation. The Argumentatives also ended on 2.5 pts. following their mid-table position last year.




Division 4


Promoted were Brighton and Hove 4 (7 pts.) after being in mid-table last season and Crowborough 4 (5.5 pts.) returning to division 3 after one season. Two others completed their campaign on 5.5 pts., East Grinstead 3 and Horsham 5, good progress for a fifth string.


The basement clubs were East Grinstead 2 (2 pts.) and bottom of the heap Uckfield 2 (0 pts.).



KO Handicap Cup


This was handsomely won by Crawley 6-0 against Crowborough 'B', a splendid performance considering that the holders had superior grades on the top two boards. Not including this season, which also saw Crowborough 'A' lose, no Crowborough team had been beaten since 2.4.04., claiming the trophy for four consecutive seasons.


I would like to see more clubs competing as tactics play a big part in the games. Teams can opt to field their strongest players, their weaker players or a combination of both. A decided advantage is to play those who are performing above their published grade.




Don Grant