Minutes of the 2009 AGM of the Mid-Sussex Chess League

held at the Luxford Centre, Uckfield on Thursday 28th May 2009




Those present were:

Dennis Collard, Peter Farr, Paul Kington (Argumentatives)

Sue Chadwick, Brian Denman, Geoff James, Duncan Roy, Paul Selby (Brighton and Hove)

Jim Graham, Mick Harris, Daniel Hirsch (Crawley)

Robert Elliston, David Fryer, Don Grant, Graham Salmon, Jonathan Tuck (Crowborough)

Vincent Ellis, John Herbert, Michael Reddie (Eastbourne)

Richard Almond, Bill Penfold, Joe Sharp, Martyn Shorrocks (Hastings and St. Leonards)

Mark Baldock, Ian Comley, Julie Denning, Peter Helliwell, Anthony Higgs, Roger Waddingham (Horsham)

Simon Wrigley (Knoll Knights)

Matthew Britnell, Mark Broom, Barry Maufe (Lewes)

Feliks Kwiatkowski, David Langridge, Richard Mercer (St.Francis and Haywards Heath)

Sue Carter, Ken Swanton (Uckfield)



1. Chairman's opening remarks and apologies for absence


As Doug Stevenson was away the meeting was chaired by Mark Broom.

Doug, Colin Wakefield (East Grinstead) and Chris Jones (Worthing) sent their apologies.



2. Minutes of 2008 AGM


The minutes were approved with the addition of Martin Costley (Lewes) to those present.

There were no matters arising.



3. Secretary's Report and matters arising


The secretary's duties being mainly secretarial, there was nothing to report.



4. Treasurer's Report and matters arising


The accounts were circulated and approved in the absence of Doug Stevenson.

See Income and Expenditure Account (appendix i)

The treasurer's report included a proposal for an increase in fees by 1 for each team to 26 for the 1st division and 23 for the other divisions. This was approved.

See Treasurer's Report on 2009 Accounts (appendix ii)



5. Fixtures Secretary's Report and matters arising


Julie Denning presented her report (see appendix iii).



6. Match Recorder's Report and matters arising


Don Grant presented his report (see appendix iv).


7. Presentation of Trophies


Crowborough 1 and Hastings and St. Leonards 1 were joint winners of the Mowatt Cup in division 1. Eastbourne 1 won the Gregory Cup in division 2. Brighton and Hove's 3rd team won division 3 and their 4th team won division 4.


The tankard for the best match average overall (minimum of seven games) was shared between John Herbert and David Fryer who both won 7.5 out of 8 games (93.75%).

In Division 1 (minimum of seven games) Dominic Lawson won 5.5 points over 7 games (78.57%).

In Division 2 John Herbert won and in Division 3, David Fryer (see above).

In Division 4 Simon Hayward won 7 points over 8 games (87.5%).

(A minimum of 6 games are required in divisions 2,3 and 4.)



8. Election of Officers


The following officers were unanimously approved to continue in their current posts:


Chairman: Doug Stevenson

Secretary: Sue Chadwick

Fixtures Secretary: Julie Denning

Treasurer: Doug Stevenson

Match Recorder: Don Grant

Webmanager: Julie Denning

Auditor: John Herbert



9. SCCA Matters relating to the League and its clubs


Sussex County is to play Hertfordshire in the Minor Counties semi-finals.



10. County Adjudication Secretary's Report and matters arising


Robert Elliston presented his report (see appendix v).



11. Champions vs The Rest match?


As there were joint champions this match seemed even more problematic this year. A ten-board match was ruled out in favour of Hastings and St. Leonards challenging Crowborough to a champions vs champions match.



12. The Proposal for a rule-change to allow for an elective QPF option.


David Fryer spoke in support of his proposal (for his summary see appendix vi).


A debate followed with opinions on both sides. Objections focused on the possibility of disputes arising and difficulties in settling them, eg because of faulty score sheets (John Herbert). The optional element was 'the thin edge of the wedge' (Feliks Kwiatkowski). A three-year trial was suggested (Daniel Hirsch). Speakers in favour mentioned being able to play an end-game (Barry Maufe) and finishing the games on the night (Sue Carter, Richard Almond). Others thought that disruption and disputes were unlikely to be an issue, eg as in the Surrey League which has three possible time controls, the first division mostly electing to play QPF (Jim Graham).


Matthew Britnell said the proposal had been discussed at the Lewes AGM and approved 9-0 with 1 abstention. As KO captain, using the proposed new time controls, there had been no disputes.


A vote was taken which resulted in 18 in favour of the proposal, 11 against and 1 abstention. The rule-change was therefore approved.



13. Any other business


Jim Graham announced Crawley would not be entering a second team next season.




Sue Chadwick

Secretary MSCL