The Knock-Out Cup fixtures may be downloaded here. Please contact the Match Recorder if you have any questions.

Match Recorder & Knock-Out Cup Tournament Controller

Don Grant

tel. 01892 654071


Completion Dates

Preliminary Round



See results for scores and dates

Preliminaries Quarters Semis Final
Sussex_University (h) Sussex_University (h) winner of QF1 (h)
Uckfield Haywards Heath
winner of SF1 (h)
Horsham (h) Lewes 1 (h) Woodpushers 2
Lewes 1 Woodpushers 2
Argumentatives (h) Argumentatives (h) winner of QF3 (h)
Crowborough Woodpushers 1
winner of SF2
Lewes 2 (h) Lewes 2