Mid-Sussex Chess League

Knock-Out Competition results 2004/5

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The Holt9 MayCrowborough
1166Kelly I G0–1Elliston R V176
2153Bryant J L1–0Prescott A P150
3153Selby P R½–½Bucher G W137
4113Burgis P F0–1Tucker A L120
5111Jones R A½–½Bayliss L C P118
664Perez G½–½Quinn J R32
760needing 3½ to win2½–3½needing 3 to win733
Crowborough win
Aldrington House18 AprCrowborough
1133Nicholas R W0–1Elliston R V176
285Ruxton M0–1Prescott A P150
337Jones P0–1Bucher G W137
4105Freeman B0–1Tucker A L120
5105Gibson D0–1Bayliss L C P118
657Hickling A0–1Quinn J R32
522needing 1½ to win0–6needing 5 to win733
Crowborough win
East Grinstead21 MarThe Holt
1147Fraser J½–½Kelly I G166
2175Fryer D W1–0Watson P149
396Carter N0–1Selby P R153
485Cobb I0–1Hickman M R126
581Simpkins D0–1Jones R A111
676Fraser A S½–½Perez G64
660needing 2½ to win2–4needing 4 to win769
Holt win
Haywards Heath10 FebCrowborough
1150Blinco C0–1Elliston R V176
2139Barraclough D M0–1Bucher G W137
3119Curtis D C½–½Tucker A L120
491Everitt D0–1Bayliss L C P118
582Balchin C J0–1Quinn J R32
581needing 3½ to win½–5½needing 3½ to win583
Crowborough win
Horsham8 FebEast Grinstead
1160Harbott P0–1Fryer D W175
2145Higgs A R J0–1Fraser J147
3113Marshall W J1–0Hall J W107
4110Waddingham R0–1Simpkins D81
5104Helliwell P J0–1Carter N96
698Denning J½–½Fryer A79
730needing 3½ to win1½–4½needing 3 to win685
East Grinstead win
Haywards Heath16 DecHassocks
1139Barraclough D M0–1Johnson R J151
2129von der Becke A½–½Brown C C125
3119Curtis D C½–½Brown F W125
491Everitt D1–0Turner R135
582Balchin C J1–0Locke A86
560needing 3 to win4–2needing 3½ to win622
Haywards Heath win
East Grinstead6 DecWoodpushers
1175Fryer D W1–0Beglin M K157
2147Fraser J1–0Cole V J135
396Carter N0–1Mitchell J B137
485Cobb I1–0Briggs A J127
581Simpkins D1–0Hind G H110
679Fryer A1–0Andrew J O93
663needing 2½ to win5–1needing 4 to win759
East Grinstead win
The Holt6 DecLewes
1166Kelly I G1–0Maufe B147
2153Bryant J L½–½Welford R146
3153Selby P R½–½Wrigley S141
4113Burgis P F1–0Roberts D L129
5111Jones R A½–½Britnell M J132
664Perez G½–½Hillier E J109
760needing 3 to win4–2needing 3½ to win804
The Holt win

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