Mid-Sussex Chess League

Division 2 results 2004/5

1Worthing 2334348624
2Horsham 23 434823
3Woodpushers 4½3822
4Brighton & Hove 21 38521
5Lewes 222 3822½
6The Args2 23819½
7East Grinstead 211½ 38316½
8Hassocks22232 2817
9Crowborough 311223 814½
Worthing11 AprEast Grinstead 2
1Jones C1–0Hall J W
2Parker C1–0Simpkins D
3Banks D½–½Wakefield C
4Chilvers D½–½Young P
5Wood D F1–0default
Brighton 26 AprThe Args
1Lowe C1–0Graham D B
2Brooks D0–1Farr P G
3Benson P H½–½Kington P N
4Mitchell A1–0Collard D G E
5Lee D1–0Garson I M H
Args had white on odd boards
Lewes 25 AprHorsham 2
1Maufe B½–½Higgs A R J
2Wrigley S½–½Heath C W
3Britnell M J1–0Moorhouse R
4Slot M0–1Goldberg N
5Filmer J R½–½Helliwell P J
Horsham had white on odd boards
Worthing21 MarHassocks
1Jones C½–½Johnson R J
2Banks D½–½Brown C C
3Chilvers D½–½Brown F W
4Wood D F½–½Loades C C
5Walsh K1–0default
Worthing had white on odd boards
Crowborough 318 MarWorthing
1Salmon G P0–1Jones C
2Arnold M A0–1Banks D
3Redman M A0–1Chilvers D
4Linnett C M½–½Walsh K
5Cumming R½–½Wallis D
East Grinstead 216 MarWoodpushers
1Fisher R½–½Beglin M K
2Scholey J E1–0Cole V J
3Attree M C1–0Mitchell J B
4Hall J W1–0Briggs A J
5Norton D1–0Andrew J O
Hassocks15 MarLewes 2
1Johnson R J½–½Wrigley S
2Brown C C½–½Britnell M J
3Loades C C0–1Roberts D L
4Brown F W1–0Hillier E J
5Smith A0–1Hooker C
Woodpushers7 MarCrowborough 3
1Beglin M K1–0Salmon G P
2Cole V J0–1McCulloch G
3Briggs A J½–½Arnold M A
4Charles G1–0Dunn C C
5Hind G H½–½Grant D P
Lewes 21 MarWorthing
1Wrigley S½–½Jones C
2Britnell M J½–½Banks D
3Roberts D L0–1Chilvers D
4Hillier E J1–0Wood D F
5Foord D0–1Wallis D
Worthing had white on odd boards
East Grinstead 223 FebCrowborough 3
1Scholey J E½–½Salmon G P
2Fisher R½–½Dunn C C
3Simpkins D0–1Linnett C M
4Carter N1–0Campion C
5Norton D½–½Cumming R
Brighton 223 FebHorsham 2
1Lowe C½–½Higgs A R J
2Badham D R0–1Comley I S
3Izzard B J1–0Heath C W
4Mitchell A1–0Moorhouse R
5Tasker N1–0Goldberg N
Woodpushers21 FebHassocks
1Beglin M K½–½Johnson R J
2Cole V J1–0Brown C C
3Mitchell J B1–0Brown F W
4Briggs A J1–0Locke A
5Charles G0–1Smith A
The Args15 FebCrowborough 3
1Graham D B1–0Salmon G P
2Farr P G½–½McCulloch G
3Kington P N0–1Arnold M A
4Collard D G E½–½Linnett C M
5Huston R J1–0Berberich J
Lewes 28 FebBrighton 2
1Welford R0–1Badham D R
2Wrigley S½–½de Mooi CJ
3Britnell M J½–½Mitchell A
4Philipson I J1–0Tasker N
5Slot M0–1Holcombe C
Lewes had white on odd boards
Hassocks1 FebEast Grinstead 2
1Johnson R J1–0Scholey J E
2Brown C C0–1Fisher R
3Brown F W½–½Hall J W
4Locke A0–1Simpkins D
5Turner R½–½Young P
East Grinstead had white on odd boards
Crowborough 328 JanHorsham 2
1Salmon G P0–1Higgs A R J
2Arnold M A1–0Comley I S
3Dunn C C0–1Heath C W
4Redman M A0–1Moorhouse R
5Blythe D0–1Goldberg N
Worthing17 JanThe Args
1Jones C½–½Graham D B
2Parker C0–1Farr P G
3Banks D½–½Kington P N
4Chilvers D1–0Collard D G E
5Wood D F1–0Huston R J
Hassocks11 JanCrowborough 3
1Johnson R J1–0McCulloch G
2Brown C C0–1Salmon G P
3Brown F W1–0Dunn C C
4Locke A0–1Arnold M A
5Smith A0–1Linnett C M
Woodpushers10 JanBrighton 2
1Beglin M K1–0Badham D R
2Cole V J1–0Mitchell A
3Mitchell J B1–0Tasker N
4Briggs A J1–0Cain M
5Hind G H0–1Linney J
Horsham 24 JanThe Args
1Higgs A R J0–1Graham D B
2Comley I S0–1Farr P G
3Heath C W½–½Kington P N
4Moorhouse R1–0Collard D G E
5Goldberg N1–0Garson I M H
The Args had white on odd boards
Horsham 214 DecWoodpushers
1Cannon L J½–½Beglin M K
2Higgs A R J½–½Cole V J
3Heath C W0–1Briggs A J
4Moorhouse R1–0Charles G
5Warren N½–½Hind G H
Woodpushers had white on odd boards
Brighton 28 DecWorthing 1
1Izzard B J0–1Jones C
2Badham D R1–0Banks D
3Benson P H0–1Chilvers D
4Tasker N0–1Wood D F
5Mitchell A½–½Walsh K
The Args7 DecEast Grinstead 2
1Graham D B1–0Fisher R
2Farr P G1–0Scholey J E
3Kington P N½–½Hall J W
4Huston R J0–1Simpkins D
5Garson I M H1–0Lambert M
Lewes 27 DecWoodpushers
1Welford R0–1Cole V J
2Wrigley S½–½Briggs A J
3Britnell M J½–½Charles G
4Roberts D L½–½Hind G H
5Philipson I J1–0Andrew J O
Lewes had white on odd boards
Crowborough 33 DecLewes 2
1Salmon G P0–1Welford R
2Dunn C C0–1Wrigley S
3Arnold M A0–1Chesworth A
4Linnett C M1–0Cattermole P J
5Kennedy J S½–½Hooker C
Crowborough had white on odd boards
Brighton 21 DecEast Grinstead 2
1Lowe C0–1Fisher R
2Izzard B J½–½Scholey J E
3Badham D R1–0Attree M C
4Mitchell A0–1Hall J W
5Tasker N1–0Simpkins D
East Grinstead 217 NovLewes 2
1Attree M C0–1Welford R
2Hall J W0–1Wrigley S
3Carter N0–1Britnell M J
4Simpkins D0–1Hillier E J
5Young P½–½Foord D
Lewes had white on odd boards
Crowborough 312 NovBrighton 2
1Salmon G P0–1Izzard B J
2Dunn C C0–1Badham D R
3Redman M A½–½Mitchell A
4Blythe D0–1Tasker N
5Arnold M A1–0Davidson R A
Board 1 was adjudicated
Horsham 29 NovWorthing
1Higgs A R J0–1Jones C
2Comley I S1–0Banks D
3Heath C W½–½Chilvers D
4Goldberg N½–½Wood D F
5Warren N1–0Bance P
The Args9 NovHassocks
1Farr P G½–½Johnson R J
2Kington P N1–0Brown C C
3Collard D G E0–1Brown F W
4Huston R J0–1Locke A
5Garson I M H½–½Smith A
East Grinstead 220 OctHorsham 2
1Attree M C1–0Higgs A R J
2Hall J W0–1Comley I S
3Wakefield C0–1Heath C W
4Simpkins D0–1Moorhouse R
5Lambert M0–1Goldberg N
Hassocks19 OctBrighton 2
1Johnson R J½–½Badham D R
2Brown C C1–0Brooks D
3Brown F W1–0Benson P H
4Locke A0–1Mitchell A
5Turner R0–1Holcombe C
Hassocks had white on odd boards
Woodpushers18 OctThe Args
1Beglin M K0–1Graham D B
2Cole V J½–½Farr P G
3Mitchell J B0–1Kington P N
4Briggs A J1–0Collard D G E
5Hind G H1–0Huston R J
The Args12 OctLewes 2
1Graham D B1–0Welford R
2Farr P G1–0Wrigley S
3Kington P N½–½Britnell M J
4Collard D G E0–1Roberts D L
5Huston R J0–1Philipson I J
Lewes had white on odd boards
Worthing11 OctWoodpushers
1Jones C1–0Beglin M K
2Parker C0–1Cole V J
3Banks D½–½Mitchell J B
4Chirgwin D0–1Briggs A J
5Wallis D0–1Charles G
Horsham 25 OctHassocks
1Higgs A R J0–1Johnson R J
2Comley I S0–1Brown C C
3Heath C W1–0Brown F W
4Goldberg N1–0Locke A
5Warren N1–0Smith A

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