Mid-Sussex Chess League

Recent news

Uckfield Chess Club and Congress

23 May 2005

Uckfield Chess Club has recently received £3,270 of Lottery funding. It meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at Holy Cross Church Hall, Uckfield (next to the main town car park). 7pm to 10.15pm; under-12s finish at 8.30pm. Beginners welcome!

The second Uckfield Chess Congress will be held on Sunday 17 July. It's a 30-minute rapidplay tournament, with a maximum entry grade of BCF180. There will be £250 in prize money, with a £100 prize for the top section.

For more information on either event, contact Anne-Marie Prescott on 01825 760005, prescott@therosery.force9.co.uk.

Peter Alford

19 May 2005

The news has just reached me that Peter Alford, chairman of Horsham Chess Club and an active participant in the league for many years, died a few days ago at the age of 83.

Results document

14 May 2005

At the AGM it's been traditional to hand out a document listing all the results in the league for the season. These have to be rationed, pretty much one per club, and some people have to be disappointed. This year I've been able to create the document as a PDF file that can be downloaded here; now if you want your own copy you can print it out.

Tankard winners

14 May 2005

The calculations for the individual tankard winners have been made, and the results are ... Best Match Average Tankard is shared between Bernard Cafferty (Hastings) and Jim Graham (Crawley). Bernard Cafferty also wins the division 1 tankard. The division 2 tankard is shared between Peter Farr (The Args) and Chris Jones (Worthing); division 3 goes to David Cork (Crawley); and division 4 to Edward Hamlyn (Eastbourne). More details, together with the runners-up, can be seen here. Presentations of these trophies will be made at the AGM.

AGM Agenda

12 May 2005

The agenda for the league AGM on 24 May is now available.

This is a reminder that I shall be standing down as Match Recorder at this meeting. Thanks, everyone, it's been fun. I haven't quite said goodbye to Sussex completely, but I'm playing out a long technical endgame that will see me established in the Forest of Dean.

Advance warning for Crowborough weekend

25 Feb 2004

For those who like to plan ahead, I've just had notice that the Crowborough Junior Tournament will be on 10 September this year, and the Rapidplay on 11 September. This is a bit earlier in the season than normal.

Brushing the dust off the games vault

2 Feb 2005

After a long gap, I've received another submission for the games vault. Abi Fryer of East Grinstead wins a game with an attractive conclusion.

Haywards Heath 1, nominations, tankards & other fallout

24 Jan 2005

I've received a query about the status of nominations following the withdrawal of Haywards Heath 1. This ought to be clarified. (1) Haywards Heath players nominated for the first team will continue to be ineligible for the second team. (2) Since the results involving Haywards Heath 1 have been scratched, a player who appeared in a match against them will not have that appearance count towards the six games that will make him or her ineligible for a lower team.

Also, matches involving Haywards Heath 1 won't count towards a player's results for a Best Match Average tankard.

These matches will still be included in the data sent for grading.

Hayward Heath 1 withdraws

12 Jan 2004

Since most of its team members have for a variety of reasons become unavailable, Haywards Heath 1 has withdrawn from its remaining fixtures for the season. Clearly this will produce quite some disruption to division 1. All the team's results are scratched (rule 11.2).

BCF award to Paul Watson

5 Dec 2004

Paul Watson, Secretary of Sussex County Chess Association, has been given the BCF President's Award for services to chess. Previous awards to a Sussex players include Bernard Cafferty in 1991 and George Self in 1984. Paul, who has done so much for chess in the county, thoroughly deserves this recognition for all his hard work.

A chess club for Uckfield

27 Nov 2004

Anne-Marie Prescott and Sue Carter are attempting to set up a new chess club in Uckfield. There will be an inaugural meeting at 7.15 p.m. on Wednesday 8 December at the Luxford Centre, Uckfield (at the top of the main town car park). All will be welcome. For further details, contact Anne-Marie Prescott on 01825 760005. It sounds a great idea; we wish them well.

New website

16 Nov 2004

Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club has launched a new website. It's still under construction, but looks as if it might develop into something interesting.

BCF club census

8 Oct 2004

The BCF is attempting to update its list of clubs: see this page on their website. I downloaded the spreadsheet showing the information they have at the moment, and the information on Sussex clubs seems very out of date. I suggest that if your club has had a change of secretary in the past five years then you need to send in your new details.

October FIDE ratings

2 Oct 2004

Here are the players with Sussex affiliations in the latest FIDE ratings list. Several promising juniors are listed for the first time.

404454Williams, Simon K (Crawley)m2473
401676Baker, Chris W (Crawley)m2354
410608Howell, David W L (Crowborough)f2340
404683Sachs, Gulnara (Haywards Heath)wm2325
408760Rendle, Thomas (Hastings)2303
401587Kenworthy, Gary (Crawley)f2301
401331Moss, Robin W B (Hastings)2289
401080Giddins, Stephen W (Hastings)f2248
408131Graham, David B (The Args)2238
2400316Denman, Brian J (Brighton)2230
401803Kwiatkowski, Feliks J (Haywards Heath)c2229
402346James, Geoffrey H (Brighton)c2224
401005Cafferty, Bernard (Hastings)f2218
1800132Rayner, Francis (Hastings)2212
407275Costley, Martin O (Lewes)2212
4000609Weber, Tom (Brighton)2211
11000023Donnelly, Brian P (Horsham)m2205
411272Broom, Mark (Lewes)2193
406724Rich, Mark C (Hastings)c2193
402222Kemp, Peter D (Crowborough)2192
403059Noyce, Robert C (Crawley)2179
408360Briscoe, Christopher (East Grinstead)2169
405140Dodgson, John A (Sussex CCA)2162
402001Sugden, John N (Hastings)2161
1801031Oates, David R (Worthing)2159
408646Lock, Gavin R (Horsham)2158
404179Almond, Richard J (Hastings)2158
404233Barton, R Alan (Hastings)2154
403687Howell, Chris I (Hastings)2147
411990Linford, Charlie M (The Holt)2142
408786Jones, Chris (Worthing)2119
407100Mansson, James C (Horsham)2093
406384Fryer, David W (East Grinstead)2088
2500612O'Brien, Richard W (Knoll Knights)2080
408190Hawes, Stephen O N (Horsham)2055
406538Kelly, Ian G (The Holt)2032
2217015Luaces, Alfredo (Hastings)2019
412660Eichner, Daniel (East Grinstead)1969
410357Young, Mel J (Hastings)1966
412066Barraclough, David (Haywards Heath)1945
412635Barraclough, Stephanie (Haywards Heath)1922
413011Tucker, Andrew (Crowborough)1903
412961Fraser, Joe (East Grinstead)1897

Champions v The Rest match

23 Sep 2004

The annual Champions v The Rest fixture was held last week. Bucking the trend of recent years, the Champions, Brighton & Hove, beat The Rest by 3½–2½. The score card appears on its own page.

Arrivals and departures

22 Sep 2004

The league will have three teams fewer than last season. The Knoll Knights will disappear from division 2; however, they hope to be back next year. Worthing will not be running a second team. Crawley will have only two teams, instead of three; however, they have elected to drop their first team (which won division 2 and earned promotion to division 1), since they have lost a number of their strongest players. In fact, the strong ex-Crawley players have relocated to Haywards Heath, which should now be a formidable fighting force in division 1.

The migration of players leads to a couple of changes of venue. Haywards Heath will now be playing at the Cock Inn in Wivelsfield Green. And Crawley, after a few months at the British Legion, has returned to its old place at Crawley Leisure Centre.

Hastings 1 will continue to play its "home" matches in Eastbourne, but Hastings 2 reverts to its old peripatetic ways, and will play all its games away.

Since the number of teams has reduced, the balance among the divisions will be 10–9–9–9 (last season we had 9–11–10–10). Now pay attention, because this gets complicated:

Division 1

Gains Crowborough 2 is promoted from division 2. (Crawley 1 also earned promotion, but has dropped out.)
Losses None. (It was agreed last season that division 1 should be be brought back to full complement, so there are no relegations.)

Division 2

Gains Woodpushers and Crowborough 3 are promoted from division 3.
Losses Crowborough 2 is promoted to division 1. Crawley 1 and Knoll Knights drop out. Holt 2 is relegated to division 3.

Division 3

Gains Holt 2 is relegated from division 2. Hastings 2 is promoted from division 4. (Worthing 2 also earned promotion, but has dropped out.)
Losses Eastbourne 3 is relegated to division 4.

Division 3

Gains Eastbourne 3 is relegated from division 3.
Losses Hastings 2 is promoted to division 3. Worthing 2 drops out.

Website tweaks

15 Sep 2004

If you've only ever looked at the web using the browser that came with your computer, you may not realize just how many different browsers are available. They all have their own little quirks, and trying to create a half-way sophisticated website that can be read by everyone needs a lot of effort and ingenuity.

The current design always gave Internet Explorer 5 for the Mac a tummy-ache: that's been a constant irritation to me, since the code I wrote was correct. However, I've finally found a way of making it work. The danger is that the fix for that problem will make some other browsers break down. I've tested the new code on the PC with Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla and Opera, and on the Mac with IE5, Firefox and Safari, and it seems OK.* I no longer have access to a machine that runs IE5 for PC, which is a particularly tricky customer, so I have to trust to luck on that.

So if you've been happily reading this site for some time, and suddenly things seem to have gone wonky, such as the blue column on the right of the page deciding to migrate to the end, then please e-mail me (not forgetting to let me know what browser you're using), and I'll do my best to fix it.

* In fact I know one thing that's not right: Safari now makes gets into a strop about the games pages, and sends the replay board to the end of the page instead of to the right of the notation. I'll figure that one out as soon as I can, but there are only so many hours in the day.

Another item in the games vault

10 Sep 2004

Feliks Kwiatkowski has sent in the rip-roaring game he played against David Howell in March. The moves have already appeared in Sussex Chess, but not Feliks's inimitable annotations. Read and enjoy.

Summer news roundup

8 Sep 2004

This website aspires to bring you all the Sussex news when it happens, as it happens. Unfortunately over the summer I was tied up with work and absences from home, not to mention having my phone line out of order, so I wasn't able to keep up to date with recent non-league happenings in the out-of-season period. Anyway, I'm back, and here's a roundup of what's been happening.

SCCA competitions

Brighton & Hove won the McArthur Cup, beating Hastings & St Leonards on board count in the final on 22 August. As I reported some time ago, Feliks Kwiatkowski is County Champion. Daniel Hirsch won the West Sussex Queen competition. The East Sussex Queen was uncontested this year. As far as I know, the Veteran's Competition has still not been completed.

Entries for the 2004/5 competitions must be received by Ray Hunt by 1 October. The entry fee for each of the four individual events is just £3.50: the Championship is open to all Sussex players; the East and West Sussex Queens are both U180 competitions, open to players who live in or play for clubs in the respective halves of the county; and the Veterans competition is open to Sussex players aged 60 or over on 1 October. These competitions give you the chance to play serious full-length games with generous time-limits. Numbers participating in recent years have been a bit disappointing, so if you've been wondering whether to become involved, hesitate no longer, but contact Ray Hunt and sign up.

British Championships

A good number of Sussex players took part in the British Championships, Scarborough, 1–14 August.

British Championship Simon Williams (Crawley) 8/11 joint 2nd; David Howell (Crowborough) 6; Thomas Rendle (Hastings) 6; Christopher Briscoe (East Grinstead) 5; Francis Rayner (Hastings) 3½

FIDE World MajorAlan Barton (Hastings) 7/11; Charlie Linford (Holt) 6½; Ian Kelly (Holt) 6; Ben Purton (Haywards Heath) 6; Stephanie Barraclough (Haywards Heath) 5; John Sugden (Hastings) 5; Mel Young (Hastings) 5; David Barraclough (Haywards Heath) 4½; Chris Jones (Worthing) 4½; Adam Prescott (Crowborough) 4½; Grant Bucher (Crowborough) 4; Joe Fraser (Crowborough) 4; Andrew Tucker (Crowborough) 4; Danny Eichner (East Grinstead) ½ (withdrew)

British Senior Championship Geoff James (Brighton) 5/7 3rd

Under-175 Tim Woods (Hassocks) 1½/5

Under-125 David Langridge (St Francis Hospital) 2/5; Kieran Fryer (East Grinstead) 1

5-Day Open – Week 2 David Langridge (St Francis Hospital) 2/5

Harry Baines – Week 1 Paul Smith (Knoll Knights) 3/9

Harry Baines – Week 2 Paul Smith (Knoll Knights) 3½/9

Rapidplay – 1 Aug Adam Prescott (Crowborough) 4/6; Grant Bucher (Crowborough) 3; Paul Smith (Knoll Knights) 2½; David Everitt (Haywards Heath) 0

Rapidplay – 1 Aug David Howell (Crowborough) 5/6 joint 2nd

Weekend Soanes Tim Woods (Hassocks) 2½/5; David James (Brighton) ½; Paul Smith (Knoll Knights) 0 (withdrew)

Weekend Yates David Everitt (Haywards Heath) 2½/5; Andrew Shoulders (Brighton) 1

U14 Championship Joe Richardson (Hastings) 2½/7

U13 Championship Andrew Tucker (Crowborough) 5/7 3rd; Lyall Bayliss (Crowborough) 3½; Abi Fryer (East Grinstead) 2

U12 Championship Elizabeth Tehrani (Crowborough) 2½/7

U11 Championship Christopher Linnett (Crowborough) 4/7; Farris Ziyada (East Grinstead) 4; David Grant (East Grinstead) 3½; George Salimbeni (Crowborough) 3½; Elliot Auckland (Crowborough) 3; Charles Board (Crowborough) 3; Nick Fraser (East Grinstead) 2½

U10 Championship Rhys Cumming (Crowborough) 4½/7; Andrew Turner (Crowborough) 3; Joseph Quinn (Crowborough) 0 (withdrew)

U9 Championship Joseph Quinn (Crowborough) 4½/7; Andrew Turner (Crowborough) 4½; Jude Lenier (Crowborough) 4; Polly Lambert (East Grinstead) 3½; Barnaby Paul (Sussex Juniors) 3½ Cyrus Tehrani (Crowborough) 1½

U8 Championship Jude Lenier (Crowborough) 4/6; Barnaby Paul (Sussex Juniors) 3½

Apologies if I've missed anyone; let me know if you spot any omissions.

Glorney Cup

Congratulations to our young Sussex players Thomas Rendle and Charlie Linford, who played on boards 1 and 2 (out of 5) of the England team who won the Glorney Cup in the competition that was played in Aberdeen, 26–9 July. England were comfortably first, followed by the Czech Republic, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Thanks to Chris Howell for tipping me the wink on this one.

Uckfield Chess Congress

Many thanks to Anne-Marie Prescott and Sue Carter for providing details of the first Uckfield Chess Congress, held on Sunday 18 July 2004. 77 players entered, including a number of juniors and adults playing in their first chess tournament. £310 cash was awarded overall, plus additional section and team prizes. There were three sections.

In the U181 section the winner (£100 top prize) was David Fryer (East Grinstead CC), with grading prizes to Martin Cutmore (Folkestone), Joe Richardson (Hastings CC) and Max Smith (Folkestone).

In the U101 section the winner (£50 top prize) was Neil Carter (East Grinstead CC), with a grading prize to Ken Thompson (Uckfield).

In the U41/UG section the joint winners (£30 top prize) Dan Petrov and Andrew Kirk (Uckfield), who also shared the Top Ungraded Junior prize.

Top Ungraded Adult was Brian Stockham (Uckfield). Top Veteran was Ken Swanton (Uckfield). The Top Uckfield Player trophy was awarded jointly to Neil Carter, Dan Petrov andAndrew Kirk. The Team Trophy went to Holy Cross Chess Club.

In addition to the main tournament a five-minute blitz knockout ran in between rounds: the winner was Conrad Quintos (Hastings); the winning junior was Alex Masters (Uckfield).

This congress is a very welcome addition to the Sussex chess scene; let's hope it has a thriving future.

July FIDE ratings

1 Jul 2004

404454Williams, Simon K (Crawley)m2427
401676Baker, Chris W (Crawley)m2354
410608Howell, David W L (Crowborough)f2334
404683Sachs, Gulnara (Haywards Heath)wm2325
401587Kenworthy, Gary (Crawley)f2301
401331Moss, Robin W B (Hastings)2289
408760Rendle, Thomas (Hastings)2258
1800132Rayner, Francis (Hastings)2252
401080Giddins, Stephen W (Hastings)f2248
408131Graham, David B (The Args)2240
401803Kwiatkowski, Feliks J (Haywards Heath)c2229
2400316Denman, Brian J (Brighton)2230
402346James, Geoffrey H (Brighton)c2220
401005Cafferty, Bernard (Hastings)f2218
4000609Weber, Tom (Brighton)2217
407275Costley, Martin O (Lewes)2212
411272Broom, Mark (Lewes)2207
11000023Donnelly, Brian P (Horsham)m2205
406724Rich, Mark C (Hastings)c2193
402222Kemp, Peter D (Crowborough)2192
403059Noyce, Robert C (Crawley)2179
402001Sugden, John N (Hastings)2173
405140Dodgson, John A (Sussex CCA)2162
404233Barton, R Alan (Hastings)2159
1801031Oates, David R (Worthing)2159
408360Briscoe, Christopher (East Grinstead)2157
408786Jones, Chris (Worthing)2157
403687Howell, Chris I (Hastings)2147
411990Linford, Charlie M (The Holt)2146
408646Lock, Gavin R (Horsham)2116
404179Almond, Richard J (Hastings)2113
407100Mansson, James C (Horsham)2086
406384Fryer, David W (East Grinstead)2084
2500612O'Brien, Richard W (Knoll Knights)2080
408190Hawes, Stephen O N (Horsham)2055
406538Kelly, Ian G (The Holt)2048
2217015Luaces, Alfredo (Hastings)2019
408174Twitchell, Neville H (Hastings)2003
410357Young, Mel J (Hastings)1980
412635Barraclough, Stephanie (Haywards Heath)1906

26 Jul 2004

In an earlier version of this post, I commented that Brian Donnelly was missing from the July FIDE results. Chris Howell pointed out that this was because of non-payment of the FIDE fees by Zimbabwe, to which Brian is still affiliated.

Thanks to Paul Buswell for pointing out that John Sugden has a FIDE rating.

Derek Blott

18 May 2004

I'm sad to have to report that Derek Blott of Haywards Heath Chess Club, who will be known to many players in the MSCL, died on 17 May at the Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath, after being very unwell for a long time. My thanks to Feliks Kwiatkowski for passing on the news.

Woodpushers retain KO trophy

13 May 2004

In the final of the rather protracted Knock Out Competition Woodpushers gained the 2 points they needed in order to beat Lewes on handicap, and so retain the trophy they won for the first time last season. It will look very well beside the division 3 trophy that they've already won.

Success for Sussex Junior Chess

13 May 2004

Following regional qualifying tournaments around the country, in which over 50 county teams took part, on 8 May the Sussex Under-11 Junior Chess team competed among 408 children from 17 counties in the National Finals. They scored 18 points out of a possible 20 to clinch the tournament by a clear 4 points, and become U11 National Champions for 2004.

Sussex are now Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15 National County Chess Champions for 2004, and have 15 juniors in the England squad. This puts Sussex firmly in the top echelon of junior chess in England.

The Sussex Junior Chess organization has a full programme of training and tournaments held each month throughout Sussex. Details are on their web site.

Tankard winners

13 May 2004

I've now worked out the tankard winners for this season. The best match average tankard is shared between Bob Noyce (Crawley 1) and Chris Jones (Worthing 1), who also share the division 2 tankard. The division 1 tankard is shared between Patrick Coleman (Crowborough 1) and Chris Lowe (Brighton 1); the division 3 tankard goes to Julian Mitchell (Woodpushers); and the division 4 tankard goes to Chris Balchin (Haywards Heath 2). Clearly being called Chris is a distinct aid to one's ability at chess.

Match Recorder, County Grading Officer: do you think you're tough enough?

12 May 2004

Although I'll be seeking re-election as Match Recorder at the AGM, I'm giving advance warning that I don't expect to be able to do the job for more than a year, since I'll be moving away from Sussex.

For the same reason, I'll be offering my services to the county association as Grading Reporting Officer for just one more year.

If you're interested in taking over either job from me at the end of next season, do let me know, and I'll tell you what's involved. The grading job in particular does involve quite a steep learning-curve, so it would be an exceedingly good idea if I could show my successor the ropes before I disappear.

County Championship

12 May 2004

The individual championship of the Sussex County Chess Association for 2003/4 has been settled. Feliks Kwiatkowski beat Charlie Linford 1½–½ in the final.

April FIDE ratings

22 Mar 2004

The following are Sussex players in the April FIDE rating list.

404454Williams, Simon K (Crawley)m2411
401676Baker, Chris W (Crawley)m2369
410608Howell, David W L (Crowborough)f2332
404683Sachs, Gulnara (Haywards Heath)wm2325
401587Kenworthy, Gary (Crawley)f2293
401331Moss, Robin W B (Hastings)2289
408760Rendle, Thomas (Hastings)2283
1800132Rayner, Francis (Hastings)2263
408131Graham, David B (The Args)2237
401803Kwiatkowski, Feliks J (Haywards Heath)c2230
2400316Denman, Brian J (Brighton)2230
402346James, Geoffrey H (Brighton)c2220
401005Cafferty, Bernard (Hastings)f2219
407275Costley, Martin O (Lewes)2212
4000609Weber, Tom (Brighton)2210
11000023Donnelly, Brian P (Horsham)m2205
406724Rich, Mark C (Hastings)c2198
402222Kemp, Peter D (Crowborough)2192
403059Noyce, Robert C (Crawley)2181
408360Briscoe, Christopher (East Grinstead)2171
411272Broom, Mark (Lewes)2170
404179Almond, Richard J (Hastings)2164
411990Linford, Charlie M (The Holt)2161
1801031Oates, David R (Worthing)2159
404233Barton, R Alan (Hastings)2158
408786Jones, Chris (Worthing)2157
403687Howell, Chris I (Hastings)2147
405140Dodgson, John A (Sussex CCA)2141
408646Lock, Gavin R (Horsham)2116
407100Mansson, James C (Horsham)2085
406384Fryer, David W (East Grinstead)2083
2500612O'Brien, Richard W (Knoll Knights)2080
408190Hawes, Stephen O N (Horsham)2055
406538Kelly, Ian G (The Holt)2048
2217015Luaces, Alfredo (Hastings)2019
410357Young, Mel J (Hastings)1993
412660Eichner, Daniel (East Grinstead)1966
412635Barraclough, Stephanie (Haywards Heath)1901

25 Mar 2004

Thanks to Paul Buswell for tipping me off about a couple of Hastings players I hadn't spotted.

January FIDE ratings

10 Jan 2004

The following are Sussex players in the January FIDE rating list.

404454Williams, Simon K (Crawley)m2396
401676Baker, Chris W (Crawley)m2369
404683Sachs, Gulnara (Haywards Heath)wm2325
410608Howell, David W L (Crowborough)f2304
401587Kenworthy, Gary (Crawley)f2293
401331Moss, Robin W B (Hastings)2289
408760Rendle, Thomas (Hastings)2273
401803Kwiatkowski, Feliks J (Haywards Heath)c2251
1800132Rayner, Francis (Hastings)2247
408131Graham, David B (The Args)2237
401005Cafferty, Bernard (Hastings)f2235
2400316Denman, Brian J (Brighton)2230
402346James, Geoffrey H (Brighton)c2220
407275Costley, Martin O (Lewes)2212
4000609Weber, Tom (Brighton)2210
11000023Donnelly, Brian P (Horsham)m2205
406724Rich, Mark C (Hastings)c2198
402222Kemp, Peter D (Crowborough)2192
408360Briscoe, Christopher (East Grinstead)2192
403059Noyce, Robert C (Crawley)2181
411990Linford, Charlie M (The Holt)2179
411272Broom, Mark (Lewes)2170
404179Almond, Richard J (Hastings)2169
1801031Oates, David R (Worthing)2159
404233Barton, R Alan (Hastings)2158
408786Jones, Chris (Worthing)2157
403687Howell, Chris I (Hastings)2147
405140Dodgson, John A (Hastings)2141
408646Lock, Gavin R (Horsham)2138
407100Mansson, James C (Horsham)2090
2500612O'Brien, Richard W (Knoll Knights)2080
406384Fryer, David W (East Grinstead)2078
408190Hawes, Stephen O N (Horsham)2055
406538Kelly, Ian G (The Holt)2048

MSCL at Hastings

7 Jan 2004

There was the usual large contingent of MSCL players at the Hastings Congress over the New Year period. The following are those local names I've spotted on the results posted on the congress website. As ever, apologies if I've missed anyone; just let me know if you spot gaps or errors. At the moment only the results from the Premier, Challengers and the Opening Day Rapidplay have been posted; I'll add the other events when they appear.


Simon Williams (Crawley) 6½/9; David Howell (Crowborough) 6; Thomas Rendle (Hastings) 6; Francis Rayner (Hastings) 5½; Bernard Cafferty (Hastings) 4½; Alan Barton (Hastings) 4½; Richard Almond (Hastings) 4; Chris Briscoe (East Grinstead) 4; Stephanie Barraclough (Haywards Heath) 3½; Joe Fraser (East Grinstead) 3½; David Fryer (East Grinstead) 3½; Feliks Kwiatkowski (Haywards Heath) 3½; Charlie Linford (The Holt) 3½; James Mansson (Horsham) 3½; Tim Spanton 3½; Andrew Tucker (Crowborough) 3; Danny Eichner (East Grinstead) 1

Postscript (9 Jan): There were a lot of incorrect scores in the list I originally posted for the Challengers: these were taken from the Hastings website; they appear to have been updated today, and the scores above have been corrected. Thanks to Bernard Cafferty to noticing the problem.

New Year Morning

Over 159 section Patrick Donovan (Eastbourne) 4/5 joint 1st; Rasa Norinkeviciute (Eastbourne) 3½ 3rd; Stephen Giddins (Hastings) 3; Nimai McCarthy (Hastings) 2; Michael Reddie (Eastbourne) 1½

140–149 section Gino Scamardella (Lewes) 2½/5; Alfred Luaces (Hastings) 1½; Nick Collacott (East Grinstead) ½

120–139 section Adam Prescott (Crowborough) 4/5 joint 2nd; Paul Smith (Knoll Knights) 2½; Marc Bryant (Hastings) 2; Francisco Caro (Eastbourne) 1

100–119 section Ted Tapper (Lewes) 2½/5; Roy Webb (Hastings) 2

Under 100 section John Povey (Hastings) 4/5 joint 1st; David Everitt (Haywards Heath) 2; Joseph Sharp (Hastings) 2; Kieran Fryer (East Grinstead) 1½

New Year Afternoon

Over 140 section Geoffrey James (Brighton) 3½/4 1st; Alfred Luaces (Hastings) 2½; Adrian Pickersgill (SCCA) 2½; John Dodgson (Hastings) 2; Nick Collacott (East Grinstead) 1½

105–140 section Grant Bucher (Crowborough) 2½/4; Francisco Caro (Eastbourne) 2½; Paul Smith (Knoll Knights) 2; David Barraclough (Haywards Heath) 1½; Marc Bryant (Hastings) 1½

Under 105 section David Everitt (Haywards Heath) 3/4 2nd; Roy Webb (Hastings) 3; Kieran Fryer (East Grinstead) 1 grading prize

Opening Day Rapidplay

U-200 section Patrick Donovan (Eastbourne) 5/6 1st; Mark Rich (Hastings) 4½ 2nd; Robert Elliston (Crowborough) 3½ 3rd; Rasa Norinkeviciute (Eastbourne) 2½; Gino Scamardella (Lewes) 1

U-160 section Alfredo Luaces (Hastings) 4½/6 joint 1st; Marc Bryant (Hastings) 2½; Nimai McCarthy (Hastings) 2½; Laurence Butt (Knoll Knights) 2

U-120 section Paul Smith (Knoll Knights) 5/6 joint 1st; Ian Philipson (Lewes) 4; Marc C Attree (East Grinstead) 3½; Stephen Baldwin (Eastbourne) 2; Bob Davidson (Brighton) 2; David Everitt (Haywards Heath) 2

U-80 section Bruce Reeves-Dienes (East Grinstead) 4½/6 joint 2nd; Kieran Fryer (East Grinstead) 3

BCF Centenary Rapidplay

Alfred Luaces (Hastings) 4½/6 joint 3rd; Laurence Butt (Knoll Knights) 4 120–139 grading prize; Rasa Norinkeviciute (Eastbourne) 3½; Michael Reddie (Eastbourne) 3½; Marc Bryant (Hastings) 3; Patrick Donovan (Eastbourne) 3; Gino Scamardella (Lewes) 3; David Everitt (Haywards Heath) 2; Paul Smith (Knoll Knights) 2; Nigel Harvey (Hastings) 1½; Christopher Linnett (Crowborough) 1½; Stephen Blewitt (Hastings) 1; Martyn Shorrocks (Hastings) 1; Simon Taylor (Hastings) ½