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5th August 2007


As we start to think about the coming season, there's news of a couple of forthcoming events.  The Crowborough Rapid Play Congress is a well established early season event and takes place this year on Sunday 23rd September.  It will be a 6-round Swiss tournament. open to players graded up to 199 (rapidplay).

The Caterham Congress will be held from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st October.  The event takes the form of a 5-round Swiss, with Minor, Intermediate, Major and Open classes.  Details and entry form are available on line at Caterham Congress

The various tournaments organised by the Sussex County Chess Association were not as well supported last season as usual, perhaps due to details not reaching all players who might have been interested.  I shall try to relay further information that comes my way for the coming season.  Meanwhile, the county correspondence chess teams have enjoyed quite some success, but the team captain is looking for additional players for 2007 / 08.  He is looking for players for 2 events with grades of 150+ or 120+ and needs details by the end of August.  If you are interested, please contact John Dodgson direct by 'phone on 01797 226036, or by e-mail

16th June 2007


At a loss for something to do at short notice on a wet summer weekend?  I have been notified of a trip being organised by Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club to take part in a rapidplay event if France tomorrow 17th June, with a few spare places.  Details are as follows:-

I have one or more places for a French rapidplay in Oye Plage on Sunday 17th.  9 rounds 15 mins per player and we will be going for a meal afterwards

One place available leaving Hastings 06:30 and/or one or two places rendezvousing near Tunnel (Folkestone way) 07:30
and/or one or two places leaving Redhill 06:30

Return UK Folkestone 23:30, say Hastings 00:15, Redhill 00:15

Estimated cost 20-£25 travel and entry fee;  restaurant menus @ 20/25/32

Early responses requested if interested.  

Paul Buswell 01424 444321


6th June 2007


Crowborough Chess Club are holding a barbecue on Saturday 23rd June from 6:30 pm, hosted by the Salimbeni family in Staplefield.  All are invited (5 per head). 

Also, a reminder of the 2nd Weald Congress to be held at Copthorne on 14 / 15 July: Weald Congress



29th May 2007

Div. 2:  I have been notified of a correction to the player on board 5 for East Grinstead 2 in their match against Brighton & Hove 2.  This was Adrian Kernot, rather than Heyo Reimers as previously reported.


Results Update

21st May 2007

Div. 2:  Missing player names from Brighton & Hove 2 v East Grinstead 2 now added.


Results Update and Leading Player Performances

19th May 2007

All the results are now in, so the crosstables show the final positions for the season and the expected promotions and relegations for next season.

Div. 2:  Brighton & Hove 2 lost 2 - 3 to East Grinstead 2.  This lifts East Grinstead 2 two places to 7th and means that Crowborough 3 look set for relegation (along with Horsham 3).  PLEASE NOTE:  while I have been provided with the overall result, the detailed match card seems to have gone adrift and I am still lacking the names of the Brighton players on boards 2, 3 and 5.  If the players involved (or their East Grinstead opponents - David Norton, John Scholey and Heyo Heimers respectively) could fill in the blanks, I'd be most grateful.  While this does not affect the team positions, without this information the games will not be able to be submitted for grading.

Div. 4:  Uckfield beat Haywards Heath 3 by 3 - 2 and drew with both St Francis and Aldrington House.  Hastings & St Leonards 3 beat Aldrington House by 3 - 2, but lost by the same margin to Haywards Heath 3.  Haywards Heath 3 come out on top of the division, with Crawley 2 in second place.  Uckfield have jumped 2 places to 4th, a very creditable performance for a new team with several young players.

Gongs and Mentions in Despatches:  With all the results now in (save for the missing Brighton & Hove player names referred to above) the Match Recorder has determined Best Player tankard awards and meritorious performances (over 75% scores having played in at least 75% of eligible matches) as follows:-

Best Match Average Tankard:

Brian Denman (Brighton & Hove 1)             7.5 / 8               93.75%

Other scores > 75%:

Simon Williams (Haywards Heath 1)           9 / 10               90%

Jim Graham (Crawley 1)                            7 / 8                87.5%

Greg Billenness (Crawley 1 & 2)                 7 / 8                87.5%

Donald MacFarlane (Knoll Knights)             7 / 8                87.5%

Laurence Butt (Knoll Knights)                     7 / 8                87.5%

Daniel Hirsch (Crawley 2)                           7 / 8                87.5%

G. Michaud (Crowborough 1 & 2)               7.5 / 9               83.34%

David Graham (Worthing)                          6.5 / 8               81.25%

Peter Kemp (Crowborough 1)                      8 / 10               80%

Nigel Harvey (Hastings & St Leonards 1 & 2) 5.5 / 7            78.58%

Warwick Silber (Eastbourne 1 & 2)              7 / 9                77.78%

Division 1 Tankard:

Brian Denman (Brighton & Hove 1)             7.5 / 8               93.75%

Other scores > 75%:

Simon Williams (Haywards Heath 1)           9 / 10               90%

G. Michaud (Crowborough 1 & 2)               7.5 / 9               83.34%

Peter Kemp (Crowborough 1)                      8 / 10               80%

Division 2 Tankard:

Jim Graham (Crawley 1)                            7 / 8                87.5%

Other scores > 75%:

David Graham (Worthing)                          6.5 / 8               81.25%

Division 3 Tankard:

David Hall (Knoll Knights)                           6 / 6                100%

Other scores > 75%:

Donald MacFarlane (Knoll Knights)             7 / 8                87.5%

Laurence Butt (Knoll Knights)                     7 / 8                87.5%

Warwick Silber (Eastbourne 2)                  5.5 / 7              78.58%

Division 4 Tankard:

Thomas Fitzgerald (Haywards Heath 3)      5.5 / 6              91.67%

Other scores > 75%:

Daniel Hirsch (Crawley 2)                           7 / 8                87.5%

Christopher Balchin (Haywards Heath 3)      6 / 7                85.72%

Ross Knowlson (Crawley 2)                       5.5 / 7              78.58%


Event: 6th Benidorm Chess Festival

17th May 2007

I've been notified of the 6th International chess Festival taking place in Benidorm from 30th November to 9th December for anyone interested in escaping some of the English winter.  I've been given a website link, but this still appears to refer only to last year's event!  However, for what it's worth, click here .  There are various tournaments and some reasonable prize money that could just help to pay for christmas.



16th May 2007

The Agenda for this year's AGM is now available and can be found through a link on the "AGM" page.  This also includes a proposal for a rule change to clarify the meaning of "bona fide member".


PS:  If anyone has the full match card details for the last few outstanding matches, I would appreciate receiving a copy so that I can complete the results pages.


Results Update

4th May 2007

Div. 1:  The outstanding game in Lewes 1 v Horsham 1 has been determined in Horsham's favour.  Horsham win 3.5 to 1.5.  No changes to league placings.

Results Update

3rd May 2007

Div. 1:  Brighton & Hove 1 beat Hastings & St Leonards 2 by 4 - 1.  In the Eastbourne 1 v Crowborough 2 match, every board was drawn!  The Holt, therefore, find themselves in the bottom-but-one position.

Div. 3:  Crowborough 5 beat Horsham 4 by 4 - 1.  These 2 teams therefore reverse their respective places at the bottom of Div. 3.


Results Update

2nd May 2007

Div. 1:  Lewes 1 are trailing Horsham 1 by 1.5 - 2.5 with one board outstanding.  The Holt drew with Eastbourne 1.  No changes in league positions as a result of these 2 matches.  However, I'm told that Eastbourne 1 v Crowborough 2 was drawn.  I await the full match card in order to post the details.  This will place Eastbourne 1 above The Holt, making it appear that The Holt will be going down to Division 2 next season, along with East Grinstead 1.

Div. 2:  Worthing beat Lewes 2 by 3.5 - 1.5.  Crowborough 3 beat Worthing by  3 - 2.  Worthing move up 1 place, to 4th, on game points.  Crowborough 3 move up 2 places to 7th.  Horsham 3 look set to return to the 3rd Division.  Who will join them depends upon the outcome of Brighton & Hove 2 v East Grinstead 2.  Nothing less than a win will secure East Grinstead's position.  If East Grinstead win, Crowborough 3 look set for relegation.

Div. 3:  Eastbourne 2 beat Haywards Heath 2 (by 3.5 - 1.5) and Crowborough 5 (by 4 - 1).  Crowborough 4 lost 2 - 3 to Eastbourne 3.  No changes to league placings, but Eastbourne 2 should gain promotion, along with Knolls Knights, while Horsham 4 and Crowborough 5 take the bottom 2 places.

Div. 4:  Haywards Heath 3 have continued their 100% record, beating East Grinstead 4, by 3 - 2, and Aldrington House, by 4 - 1.  Brighton & Hove 3 beat East Grinstead 3 by 4 - 1, while St Francis v East Grinstead 3 was drawn.  Haywards Heath 3 move up 1 place to 2nd and, with 2 matches in hand, will almost certainly gain promotion.  East Grinstead 3 move up 1 place to 5th on game points.

Please note: all comments regarding likely promotions and relegations are subject to confirmation.  They assume the make up of the league remains unchanged and that the "2 up, 2 down" rule is applied in all cases.



2nd May 2007

The Mid Sussex League 2007 AGM will be held on Thursday 31st May at 1930.  Venue is the Lewes Constitution Club, 139 High Street, Lewes (where Lewes CC have been meeting this season).

Doug Stevenson intends drafting a "bona fide member" rule for discussion and will prepare the full agenda.  Will anyone with any items, proposals etc. that they want to raise please notify Doug by 8th May.

(Apologies for the lack of results updates recently.  I have been unavoidably out of circulation for a couple of weeks.  Major update will, hopefully, appear later today.)

Results Update

13th April 2007

Div. 3:  Knoll Knights beat Eastbourne 2 by 3 - 2.  This cements Knoll Knight's position at the top of division 3, having completed all their matches with the loss of just half a point over the whole season.


Results Update

12th April 2007

Div. 2:  The outstanding game in Horsham 3 v Worthing has been decided in Worthing's favour.  Horsham win the match 3 - 2.  Horsham 3 have completed their matches and await the outcome of the final matches for East Grinstead 2 and Crowborough 3 to determine which 2 of these teams look set for relegation.

Div. 3:  Crowborough 5 drew with The Args.  The Args move up one place to 4th.

Div. 4:  East Grinstead 3 beat Uckfield 3 - 2 and thereby move up 2 places to 6th.  After a string of convincing wins, Crawley 2 ended their season with just a draw against St Francis.  St Francis move up one place to 4th.

Knock Out.  Crowborough have achieved their 3rd successive victory in this competition.  With a team aggregate grading 170 lower, they set their opponents, Lewes, the challenge of scoring not less than 4.5 out of 6 to win the match on handicap.  In the event Lewes only managed 3.5.  Grant Bucher overcame a 46 point grading disadvantage to beat Mark Broom on top board, while Lyall Bayliss, George Salimbeni and Rhys Cumming each achieved draws against opponents with grading advantages of over 20 points.


Results Update

9th April 2007

Div. 1:  The appeal by Hastings & St Leonards 2 against their adjudicated loss on board 4 against Haywards Heath 1 has been rejected.  The result of the match stands as a 2.5 - 2.5 draw, as already shown in the crosstables.


Results Update

7th April 2007

Div. 1:  Hastings & St Leonards 2 have conceded on the 2 boards outstanding against Horsham 1.  Horsham win 4-1.


Results Update

6th April 2007

Div. 1:  The result of Horsham 1 v Brighton & Hove1 is confirmed as 3-2,

Div. 3:  Lewes 3 beat Haywards Heath 2 by 4.5 - 0.5.  Horsham 4 drew with Haywards Heath 2.  Lewes 3 move up one place to 6th.  Haywards Heath 2 climb one place, above The Args, on game points.

Div.4:  Hastings & St Leonards 3 went down 1 - 4 to St Francis.  This lifts St Francis 3 places to 5th.


Results Update, Forum and Events

3rd April 2007

Div. 1:  Hastings & St Leonards 2 1 - 2 Horsham 1, with 2 games remaining for agreement or adjudication.  The Horsham captain informs me that he is confident of a match win overall, but I have not yet awarded the match point to either team in the crosstable.

Div. 2:  Woodpushers 3 - 2 Crowborough 3.  Julian Mitchell wishes to offer the league an apology:-

"Team Petrosian would like to apologise for having wasted everybody's time this year and not having offered a draw to the league back in September (Two wins, both 3-2; two losses, both 2-3 and four draws. Spectacular! Spectacular!)"

Forum:  David Fryer (East Grinstead) endorses the concerns raised by Bernard Cafferty that leaving the selection of colours to the luck of the toss can have a major impact on a team's fortunes.

Events:  A couple of forthcoming events have been brought to my attention.  The second Brighton Rapidplay Tournament will take place at the University of Sussex on Saturday 21st April, starting at 10 am.  The tournament will consist of 6 half-hour rounds in each of 4 categories (open and 3 grade-limited).  Full details and an entry form are available at: Brighton Rapidplay

Over the weekend of 14th / 15th July Sussex Junior Chess are holding the 2nd Weald Congress at Copthorne School near Crawley.  There will be open and 3 grade-limited categories.  There are no age limits for entry, but appropriate players will be eligible to compete for the Sussex Under 14 and Under 18 titles.  Full details and an entry form are available at: Weald Congress 

Results Update

30th March 2007

Div. 1:  The Holt 4 -1 Hastings & St Leonards 2.  My relegating The Holt to bottom slot in Div 1 caused this outstanding result to come flying in to me from all corners of Sussex!  Thank you to all those who spot my errors and omissions.  The Holt have resumed their previous position above East Grinstead 1.  Two of the outstanding games in Horsham 1 v Brighton & Hove 1 have been settled.  The score now stands at 2.5 - 1.5 in Horsham's favour, with Brighton having offered a draw on the outstanding board.  This lifts Horsham 1 to 5th place and safe from relegation.  (I've credited Horsham with the match point.)  Determining the second team to accompany East Grinstead 1 on the descent to div. 2 next season looks like going all the way to the wire.  Eastbourne 1 have yet to play Crowborough 2 and The Holt.  The results of these 2 matches will determine which of these 3 teams gains this distinction.


29th March 2007

Bernard Cafferty reiterates concerns over selection of colours.  He cites Hastings & St Leonards 1 and 2, and East Grinstead (1?) as having experienced particularly bad runs of losing the toss.  A topic once again for the AGM?


Results Update

29th March 2007

Div. 1:  Crowborough 1 dropped just 0.5 a game point against The Holt.  This completes Crowborough's matches and confirms them in 3rd place overall.  Eastbourne 1 went down 4 - 1 to Brighton & Hove 1.  Lewes 1 lost 1 - 4 to East Grinstead 1.  While East Grinstead are resigned to relegation, they've not given up without a late flourish.  In this week's match between Horsham 1 and Brighton & Hove 1, the current position stands at Results 2 Fritz 3!  It's level pegging on the completed boards, while my insider information is that Horsham are hopeful of better than par on those still to be agreed or adjudicated.  A win would ensure that Horsham 1 are safe from possible relegation.  The only definite change in league places from these results is that East Grinstead have moved up 1 place.  They have relinquished bottom slot to The Holt, but the latter still have 2 matches in hand.

Div. 4:  Crawley 2 achieved their 4th whitewash of the season, albeit with the benefit of a default on bottom board.  Their latest victim was Aldrington House.  Crawley 2 have dropped just 1 point with one match left to play.  It's looking highly likely that both Crawley teams will win promotion for next season.


Results Update

27th March 2007

Div. 1:  Hastings & St Leonards 1 beat Eastbourne 1 by 4.5 - 0.5.  This confirms Hastings & St Leonards 1 in second place, having completed all their matches with the loss of just 1.5 points.


Results Update

25th March 2007

Div. 2:  Crawley 1 v Brighton & Hove 2 was drawn.  This confirms that Horsham 2 and Crawley 1 take the top 2 places in division 2, each with 6.5 out of 8.  Horsham 2 just retain top place thanks to an extra 0.5 game point.


Results Update - Some More

21st March 2007

A few more results have come in:

Div. 1:  The adjudication of board 5 in the East Grinstead 1 v Hastings & St Leonards 1 has given a win to Hastings & St Leonards.  Match drawn.  Hastings & St Leonards 1 up one place to second.

Div. 2:  East Grinstead 2 v Lewes 2 was drawn.  Crowborough 3 pulled out all the stops against East Grinstead 2 and achieved a 5 - 0 victory.  No changes in the table, so the relegation stakes remain dependent on the last few results.


Results Update

21st March 2007

Div. 2:  Horsham 3 overcame a noticeable grading deficit to beat Worthing.  The result currently stands at 3 - 1 with board 3 open for review and / or adjudication.  This lifts Horsham 3, who have now completed all their matches, one place, to 7 out of 9.  However, there are a number of outstanding results for the teams below them, so it's too early to say they're safe from relegation.

Div. 3:  (Amendment)  It has come to light that Lewes 3 played an ineligible player on board one in their match against Horsham 4.  Lewes 3 are deemed to have defaulted on board 1 and to be penalised a further point under Rule 3.4.2.  In consequence, the match is drawn 2.5 - 2.5.  Horsham 4 gain one place, while Lewes 3 drop one place (on game points) compared to the originally declared result.  This adds a bit more spice to the struggle to avoid the relegation zone at the bottom of division 3.

A number of outstanding results are crucial to determine the end-of-season fates of various teams.  If match captains have results that are not yet on the website and can pass them to me electronically (use link to web editor), this might speed up the wider dissemination of results.

Results Update

18th March 2007

Hold the back page!!  I'm informed that Hastings & St Leonards 2 are appealing the adjudication decision that gave Haywards Heath 1 a win on board 4 of their 12th February match.  Haywards Heath remain safe as the worst that could happen to them is to come joint top, with Hastings & St Leonards 1, on match points, but win on game points.  (Correction to my earlier assertion that they might be displaced from top position!)  (The crosstable has been annotated, but the result left as previously notified till the outcome of the appeal is known.)

Div. 3:  A seriously out-gunned Horsham 4 went down 0.5. - 4.5 to Lewes 3.  This lifts Lewes 3 from bottom to 6th, relinquishing their previous distinction to Horsham 4.


Results Update

15th March 2007

Div. 1:  Alan Barton (Hastings & St Leonards) has conceded his top board game against Mark Broom (Lewes).  Consequently, Lewes 1 beat Hastings & St Leonards 2 by 3.5 - 1.5.  Horsham 1 beat Crowborough 2 by 4 - 1.  Lewes 1 and Horsham 1 each gain 2 places in the table. 

Div. 2:  East Grinstead 2 lost to Crawley 1 by 0.5 - 4.5.  A couple of slightly delayed Worthing results;  They beat East Grinstead 2 by 4.5 - 0.5 and drew against Horsham 2.  Horsham 2 have completed all their matches and are assured promotion.  Crawley 1 look a good bet to join them and could still take top slot in division 2.  Worthing move up 2 places.

Div. 3:  Lewes 3 beat Crowborough 5 by 4-1.  Eastbourne 2 beat The Args by a similar margin.  Knolls Knights continue their (almost) unblemished record with a 4.5 -0.5 victory over Lewes 3.  Eastbourne 2 climb one place to second.  Knoll Knights are assured promotion, having dropped just half a point with one match left to play.  Eastbourne 2 have also only dropped half a point, but with 3 matches still awaited, their position is less assured.

Div. 4:  Haywards Heath 3 beat Brighton & Hove 3 by 4-1.  Haywards Heath 3 move up 1 place to 3rd.  (Correction to table:  East Grinstead 4 and East Grinstead 3 moved above St Francis on game points.)  Still too many results awaited to determine final outcomes, but Haywards heath 3, with 100% record, and Crawley 2 with 5 out of 6 are looking good.

K.O.:  A significantly higher graded Crawley team only managed to take 3 points off Crowborough in their semi-final match.  Crowborough win on handicap and are away to Lewes in the final.


Results Update

12th March 2007

Haywards Heath win Division 1 championship

I have now received confirmation that Haywards Heath 1 have duly won their last 2 matches, against the first teams from Crowborough (by 3.5 - 1.5) and Brighton & Hove (by 3-2).  This puts them in an unassailable position at the top of the table.  If Crowborough 1 and Hastings & St Leonards 1 each win their last remaining match, in each case against teams currently well below them in the table, runners up position will depend vitally on the outstanding adjudication in the Hastings v East Grinstead match and then, perhaps, on game point score.

Congratulations to Haywards Heath.

Results Update - Some More

10th March 2007

A couple of results plagiarised from the Hastings & St Leonards club website:

Div. 1:  East Grinstead 1 are leading Hastings & St Leonards 1 by 2.5 - 1.5 with board 5 for adjudication.  Lewes 1 are leading Hastings & St Leonards 2 by the same margin, with board 1 for adjudication.

With regard to East Grinstead holding Hastings to at least a draw, a very pleased David Fryer reports:-

East Grinstead 1 are off the mark
With relegation from Division 1 looming if not mathematically certain after 8 straight defeats I give no apologies for cheering from the rooftops HURRAH !!
The East Grinstead team played and fought magnificently on Tuesday night for a 2-1 + 1 adjudication result that means even if we lose the adjudication we have put our first half match point on the board.
And who was this against ? None other than the reigning champions Hastings 1 and their only bit of bad luck was that they lost the toss again. 
Trevor Norton vs John Sugden, Joe Fraser vs Mark Rice and Chris Howell vs David Grant were all variations of the Sicilian and drawn after about 2 hours. Robert Fisher had the largest grading difference to cope with against Richard Almond and took him to the wire with both players completing the time control with only seconds to spare. I played a Benko against Bernard Cafferty which was declined with b6 and when later he played the good looking Nc4 rather than the natural e4 his position slowly got worse and I posted a victory against a Sussex great.
David Fryer
East Grinstead Chess Club

I understand that Haywards Heath 1 beat Crowborough 1 by 3.5 - 1.5 on 26th February, but I await the details before posting this into the results pages.  This would put Haywards Heath in the lead in Division 1 and a win against Brighton & Hove 1 on 12 March would put their winning the championship beyond doubt.

Results Update

10th March 2007

A few more results in.

Div. 1:  Haywards Heath 1 have been awarded the 4th board game against Hastings & St Leonards 2 on adjudication.  Match drawn.

Div. 2:  Worthing beat Woodpushers by 3-2, thereby climbing 2 places off the bottom of the table.

Div. 4:  Crawley 2 enjoyed another whitewash, their third this season.  This time at the expense of East Grinstead 4 who defaulted one board.

As we approach the last few weeks of the league season, the crosstables show there's still a great deal to play for.  In Division 1, the championship would seem to be between the first teams of Crowborough, Hastings & St Leonards and Haywards Heath.  However, Brighton & Hove !, having dropped just 2 points so far with 4 to play, are still in with a chance, while Hastings & St Leonards 2 could still come second equal on match points.  The relegation slots from Division 1 remain far from clear.  (The fixtures show that Crowborough and Haywards Heath were due to meet on 26th February, but the result hasn't reached me yet.  This is clearly a vital match.)

In Division 2, Horsham 2 are feeling pretty confident of promotion, continuing their recent history of oscillating between the top 2 divisions.  However, herein lies an intriguing little conundrum!  If Horsham 2 were promoted and Horsham 1 were relegated (within the realms of possibility from the present results), how would the rules on nominated players be applied next season?  Rule 4.1.1 states that where a club enters 2 teams, its strongest 4 players must be nominated for its first team.  It doesn't actually say that the first team must play in a higher (or the same) division as its second team!  So, would Horsham have to nominate its strongest 4 players for its second division team, while still fielding a first division team?  Alternatively, if the strongest players remained nominated for the higher division, the effect would be as if the promotion and relegation had not occurred.  Come on Horsham 1, win a few more matches!  (Just to appear a little more even-handed, I should point out that a similar situation could still, theoretically, arise with Lewes.)

Knoll Knights seem certain for promotion from division 3, having dropped just half a point with only 2 matches left to play - and one of those is against current bottom-of-division Lewes 3.  As with division 2, a lot remains to be played for at the lower end.

Division 4 remains very tight.  While Crawley 2 appear to be the team to beat, Uckfield have also only dropped 1 point so far, while Haywards Heath 3 have a 100% record with several matches in hand.

Results Update

5th March 2007

Been otherwise engaged for a few days, so have several results, including adjudications, to catch up with.

Div. 1:  Bit of an upset here.  Despite being significantly out-graded, Hastings & St Leonards 2 have secured at least a draw against Haywards Heath 1, with an adjudication outstanding.  Eastbourne 1 beat East Grinstead 1 3-2 in the struggle to avoid the relegation zone.  Crowborough 1 drew with Hastings & St Leonards 1.  These results cause Haywards Heath to slip from top to 3rd place, although they could return to top place on game points if the adjudication is favourable to them.  Crowborough 1 now enjoy top slot, followed by Hastings & St Leonards 1.  Crowborough 2 and Eastbourne 1 have each climbed 1 place, at the expense, respectively, of Lewes 1 and The Holt.

Div. 2:  Horsham 2 have been victorious over both Woodpushers and Crowborough 3, in each case by 3-2.  (6 out of the 10 games were draws!)  Crawley 1 beat Crowborough 3 by 3-2.  This lifts Horsham 2 into top position on game points from Crawley 1.  Lewes 2 are in 3rd place, but with a match in hand.

Div. 3:  Haywards Heath 2 beat Crowborough 4 by 3-2, moving up 1 place to 5th.

Div. 4:  Hastings & St Leonards 3 beat East Grinstead 4 by 3-2, moving up 2 places to 5th.

K.O.:  In an even match (aggregate gradings 831 and 833) Lewes beat Horsham by 4-2.  Lewes go on to play the winner of Crowborough  v Crawley in the final.


Chess as a Sport

27th February 2007

The ECF is seeking to advertise a couple of aspects regarding chess being treated as a sport.  Under the new Charities Act that starts to come into effect today, a definition of "sport" is given that includes "mental skill or exertion".  The significance of this is that chess would certainly be covered.  This should, therefore, mean that any organisation seeking to promote chess could qualify for charity status and gain access to charitable funds or grants.

We've all heard about the famous e-petition to preclude road charging schemes.  Well, now there's one to have "mind sports" such as chess given equal status to physical sports.  All are invited to sign up.

Rather than repeat all the detail on these 2 points, please visit the ECF website (address given on Links page).  Both items are covered on the ECF home page

Results Update and Forum

26th February 2007

Another batch of results, affecting all divisions, are now available.

Div. 1:  It's all square between The Holt and Crowborough 2 with one game to be adjudicated.  This lifts Crowborough 2 one place, above Horsham 1, with the prospect of further elevation depending upon the outcome of the adjudication.  However, they have played more matches than any other team in the division.

Div. 2:  Brighton & Hove 2 beat Horsham 3 by 3 - 2.  Horsham 3 also went down, by 1.5 - 3.5, to Crawley 1.  Crawley 1 go up 2 places to second, trailing Lewes 2 by just half a game point.

Div. 3:  Horsham 4 have achieved their first win of the season, beating The Args by 3 - 2.  This lifts Horsham 4 one place, above Lewes 3, but these 2 teams remain those in the relegation zone at present.

Div. 4:  Crawley 2 beat Brighton & Hove 3 by 3 - 2.  This puts these 2 teams in equal 1st place, but I've moved Crawley 2 into top position in the crosstable as they have a match in hand.


On the Forum page, Martin Costley (Lewes) has contributed to the debate over Haywards Heath team selections.  I suggest this topic has had a wide airing of views and it should now be closed, save for anyone taking up David Fryer's suggestion of making specific proposals for debate at the AGM.



19th February 2007

Another bright-eyed reader of the website has pointed out an error in the results crosstables (thanks Sri).  This prompted me to check all the crosstables and fixture lists against the match cards.  A number of errors came to light that, hopefully, I've now corrected.

For these checks (and for grading reporting) I'm using the match cards, as shown on the results pages of the site, as the master reference and ensuring that the crosstables and fixture lists are compatible with them.  It is, therefore, important if anyone spots errors on the match cards to let me know.

Results Update

18th February 2007

Div. 1:  Brighton 1 beat Crowborough 2 by 4 - 0 with top board for adjudication.   The outstanding board 3 game in the Horsham 1 v East Grinstead 1 match has been adjudicated as a draw.  No changes in team placings.

Div. 3:  Knoll Knights beat Haywards Heath by 3.5 - 1.5.  No change in team placings, but Knoll Knights are cementing a strong hold on 1st place at the moment, having dropped just half a point in 6 matches, with 2 left to play.

Div. 4:  Aldrington House suffered a whitewash at the hands of Brighton & Hove 3.  This result lifts Brighton & Hove 3 to top place on game points.


Results Update

15th February 2007

A batch of results from the last 3 or 4 weeks has reached me.

Div. 1:  Horsham 1 beat East Grinstead 1 by 3-1 with 1 adjudication awaited.  Crowborough 1 beat Lewes 1 by 4-1, while Haywards Heath 1 achieved a whitewash over Eastbourne 1.  Haywards Heath now lead Division 1, while Hastings & St Leonards have slipped to 3rd place on game points.

Div.3:  Haywards Heath 2 went down 2-3 to The Args, while Crowborough 5 have beaten Eastbourne 3 by 3.5-1.5.  Crowborough 5 move up 1 place.

Div. 4:  Haywards Heath 3 beat St Francis by 3.5 - 1.5, while Crawley 2 achieved a 5 - 0 win over East Grinstead 3.  Haywards Heath 3 move up to 2nd place and St Francis up to 5th, both on game points.  (I've entered the match result for St Francis v Haywards Heath, but not the match card yet as I need to query one of the player names.)



14th February 2007

Simon Williams responds to the criticisms that have been raised concerning the Haywards Heath team selections this season.  He puts his Sussex credentials on the table and refutes any suggestion that he seeks or receives any fee for representing Haywards Heath.


Forthcoming Congresses

13th February 2007

I've received details of 2 congresses coming up over the next 2 months. 

The 4th Chessabit Rapidplay Congress is to be held at the Cross Keys, London, on Sunday 4th March.  It is an 8 round Swiss for players under 175 ECF and a top prize of 500.  Full details, including an entry form, can be found at Chessabit Rapidplay

The 30th Surrey Chess Congress will be held at Sutton over the Easter weekend (6th - 9th April).  There are a range of grading-limited classes, including open, and junior classes.  Prizes are up to 500.  Details and entry form are available at Surrey Congress.

Results Update

13th February 2007

A couple more results added.  In Div. 2, Worthing lost to Crawley Crawley1 by 2-3.  No change to team placings.  Crawley 1remain in 4th place on game points, but have a match in hand compared to Woodpushers.

In Div. 3 Eastbourne 2 beat Horsham 4 by 4-1 (Horsham defaulted 2 boards).

Results Update

10th February 2007

A couple more results added.  Lewes 2 beat Brighton & Hove 2 by 3.5 - 1.5, putting Lewes 2 into top position in Div. 2 on the results I've had to date.

Crowborough 4 beat Horsham 4 by 4.5 - 0.5 in Div. 3



9th February 2007

Joe Sharp (Hastings & St Leonards) asks whether there is any correlation between the outcome of the toss for colours and the match.  A possible piece of analysis?


Results Update

8th February 2007

Div. 1:  Results coming in thick and fast.  I have now received the result from Hastings & St Leonards 1 vs The Holt.  Hastings & St Leonards won by 3.5 - 1.5.  This puts Hastings & St Leonards clear at the top of Div 1 with 6.5 match points from 7, but Haywards Heath 1 and Crowborough 1 each have a match in hand.


Results Update

8th February 2007

Div. 1:  The top board game between Mark Broom and John Sugden(Lewes 1 vs Hastings & St Leonards 1) has been adjudicated a draw, giving the match to Hastings by 3-2.  On the results that have so far reached me, this lifts Hastings & St Leonards 1 into joint 1st place on match points with Haywards Heath 1 and Crowborough 1, but still in 3rd place on game points.


Results Update

7th February 2007

A number of new results have come in.

In Div. 1 Hastings & St Leonards1 are leading Lewes 1 2.5 - 1.5, with top board for adjudication.  (I will amend the crosstable when I have the result of the adjudication.)

In Div. 3 The Argumentatives beat Crowborough 4 by 3 - 2.  In the Horsham 4 vs Eastbourne 3 match the home team could only manage a solitary half point!

In Div. 4 Brighton & Hove 3 beat St Francis 3.5 - 1.5.

Crawley beat Eastbourne decisively in the KO by 5 - 1 despite a comparatively small aggregate grading advantage.  The semi-final pairings are therefore Lewes vs Horsham (27 February) and Crowborough vs Crawley.



6th February 2007

A further contribution from David Fryer calling for the "pro-change" lobby to propose a change to Rule 3.1 for debate at the AGM.  Also, an analysis of predictability of Division 1 results based on team grading.


Brighton & Hove: New Website

5th February 2007

Brighton & Hove Chess Club have a new website.  See the "Clubs" pages for the new link.


Forthcoming Events

5th February 2007

I have been notified of a couple of forthcoming events that might be of interest to local chess players.


The first is a lecture by Gerry Walsh, President of the ECF, on the History of Chess in Hastings.  It takes place next Monday (12th February) at the University Centre Hastings. 


The second is an international chess congress taking place in Brentwood over the weekend of 17th / 18th February. 


Message from Julie Denning: Change of Web Editor

3rd February 2007

I have now taken over the role of web site editor.  There will be a large element of learning on the job, so please let me know of any problems you encounter, but bear with me if I take a little time to sort them out! 


I look forward to receiving news, views or comments that users care to submit for inclusion on the site.


28th January 2007

Eight results in this update as the second half of the season truly gets underway.

Division 1 - Haywards Heath go back top on game points with a 4-1 win over Crowborough 2 while East Grinstead remain rooted in last place but with the three teams above them only on 1 match point, they are not out of it yet.

Division 2 - no results in for this update and so everything remains extremely tight in this division with Horsham 2 leading the way, just.

Division 3 - a strong Knoll Knights team have powered into first place with a 5-0 victory over the youthful Crowborough 5 team.

Division 4 - new team Uckfield remain top despite losing to Crawley 2 but Haywards Heath 3 are a danger with a 100% 2 out of 2.


A couple of notes on nominations;

John Herbert of Eastbourne;

As you will see from some recent results ,A.Pickersgill has decided to play for Lewes - because of travel difficulties in away matches. This means that Eastbourne's nominations should now be as they were at the start of the season

Mark Attree of East Grinstead;

I shall follow this up with a letter regarding the clubs nominations, but, this is notice that East Grinstead has a new member, Alessandro Bonanno, who will become eligible for the First team and shall be nominated as a First Team player.

Correction to Web Site

23rd January 2007

The Haywards Heath nominations have been wrong on the web site since October when the nominations were finalised. Bob Noyce was nominated as a 1st team player with Felix a 2nd Team player but the web site had it reversed. Both are graded 188. My apologies for any confusion.


If you spot any errors on this web site please inform the Web Editor by email.


21st January 2007

Five results in this update giving us new leaders in Division 1 and 2 of Crowborough 1 and Horsham 2 respectively.


Also if you spot any errors in the results whether they be result errors or spelling errors do not hesitate to contact the Web Editor by email. If you have any grading queries then email Julie Denning the league Grader.


I have had a few requests for the printed result cards - unfortunately these have all now gone - we will need to get some more printed for next season.


18th January 2007

A view from a Grand Master !


13th January 2007

Just one result in this update as few matches have been played due to the Hasting Congress taking place.

Lewes 2 vs Woodpushers was another 2-2 draw that is becoming the specialist result for Division 2.


Sue Chadwick brings a new topic to the forum and discusses defaults (see 24th December news item).

Results Update

10th January 2007

One result and an adjudication added to the tables.

Also two new contributors on the forum. Lets keep these views coming in - it would be a good aim to hear from at least one player from every team.


8th January 2007

A comment from myself on the forum and then back to results posting.

Just received an adjudication result in Goldberg vs Cumming as 0-1 making the match score 2-2 in the Division 2 match Horsham 3 vs Crowborough 3. Also Knoll Knights were victorious over The Argumentatives just before Christmas in Division 3. I will add these to the tables at the next update.


7th January 2007

A reply from Norman Hawkins Secretary of Haywards Heath Chess Club


3rd January 2007

Brian Denman continues the debate on out of county Grand Masters playing in the league. 

It would be good to hear from a Haywards Heath player even if not directly involved in the team selection.

Happy New Year

2nd January 2007

Bernard Cafferty replies to Mark's points on the forum.

I am at the Hastings Congress this week so a little slow posting to the website at the moment.


24th December 2006

Mark Attree expands on his previous short comment.

Merry Christmas

24th December 2006

Two results from 12th December;

Div 2 Horsham 3 vs Crowborough 3 was 2-1 with one game adjudicated

Div 3 Lewes 3 vs Eastbourne 2 was 1-3

Aldrington House vs Brighton & Hove 3 in Division 4 was defaulted by Aldrington House who despite being at home only arrived with 2 players. Brighton understandably were not happy and are not keen on a replay however Rule 6.2 applies (see below). Is this another candidate for a rule change at the AGM?


6  Defaults

6.1  Penalties for defaults  For a team defaulting boards in any match, default penalty points shall be levied as follows: 5pts board 1; 4pts board 2; ... 1pt board 5. For each 8 default penalty points accumulated, half a match point shall be deducted.

6.2  Seriously defaulting teams  A team that arrives with insufficient players to win a match will be deemed to have defaulted it. In this circumstance the following procedure shall apply.

6.2.1  The team shall have one match point deducted from its total.

6.2.2  The match shall be replayed at a date convenient to the team defaulted against. In the event of disagreement a date for replaying the match shall be set by the League Officers.

6.2.3  If the defaulting team does not replay the match it shall automatically be relegated and all its match results declared void. (Games played by the defaulting team shall be graded as normal.)

Forum Added

19th December 2006

As promised I have added a forum page to discuss Mid Sussex Chess League Rules.

A few contributions have been posted to the Forum to get things going. 


Please send your comments to the Web Editor clearly stating you would like them posted to the website.

Results Update

19th December 2006

Tidied up some old results and some adjudications.


Adjudications Secretary reports;

A claim for Haywards Heath [F.Kwiatkowski.] but nothing from Lewes [B.West] so HH get the win.]

There are no other outstanding adjudications though claims from only one side in another two matches recently.

Lewes 2 [R.Welford] v Horsham 3 [N.Goldberg]   Lewes win

Woodpushers [B.Mitchell] v Brighton 2 [N.Tasker] Woodpushers win

Thanks to Bernard Cafferty for forwarding the adjudication results and he notes with concern that;

There have been as many silent withdrawals as genuine adjudications (by my reckoning) with half the season gone.

[The point being that the team with the better position, to protect themselves according to the rules has to go to the wasted effort of completing an adjudication form and sending it off with a cheque when all this could be avoided by the opposing team communicating a timely resignation - Web Editor]

Chairman's report on monitoring player eligibility under Rule 3.3

17th December 2006

After serious discussion, the officers have decided that the Haywards Heath players are eligible to play this year under the rules. We received a letter from the Secretary of Haywards Heath containing the following statement "N.Pert and S.Williams both fulfil the membership requirements of the Haywards Heath Chess Club and are therefore bona fide members". As the rules stand (rule 3.1) players are required to be bona fide members of a club, but there is no definition of this phrase, so that if the club in question considers the players bona fide then the league should generally accept this.

It is clear that some people consider that there should be a more restrictive definition of "bona fide" and this should certainly be discussed at the next AGM to avoid this kind of dispute in future (and this is not the first time it has occurred). However we cannot act on this retrospectively, even if this turns out to be the majority view, as Haywards Heath have chosen their team in line with the current rules.

Web Editor comment

17th December 2006

To assist the debate on any proposed rule changes to be discussed at the AGM I will set up over the next few days a discussion page on this web site. Please send your comments to the Web Editor clearly stating you would like them posted to the website.

Results Update

17th December 2006

Last update probably before Christmas unless some of the late results or adjudications come through.

Results Update

2nd December 2006

Quite a few results especially from the 1st Division in this update.

Can team captains please check that results have appeared on this web site and if not ensure a match card is sent promptly to Don Grant as we are missing a few results from the lower divisions.

Haywards Heath have fielded what must be the strongest team the league has ever seen with an average rating of 209. I recall sitting down at board 2 to play in a match for Crawley against Seaford, I think it was the season 1983/4 and was surprised to be sitting opposite International Master Byron Jacobs with future Grand Master Julian Hodgson playing on Board 1. But even that team with a 170 on board 5 would have been out-graded by the current Haywards Heath.

Can any of our league historians come up with other examples of strong teams and/or correct my memories of the Seaford team. 

Results Update

26th November 2006

Two Division 1 results and two from Division 3

In the KO Horsham win 5-1 against Uckfield

Results Update

19th November 2006

Half a dozen more results

Fixtures Update

12th November 2006

Aldrington House vs Hastings 3 now arranged for 2nd April 2007

Brighton & Hove 1 vs Hastings 2 moved again to 18th April 2007

Results Update

11th November 2006

A few more results including two matches in the Knockout

All the fixtures apart from one have now been fixed - see dates on the fixtures list or download the calendar spreadsheet from the new downloads section.

Results Update

4th November 2006

A few more results from the 1st Division and nominations updated.

The battle of the youth teams took place (apart from myself and Trevor Norton) on Halloween with Crowborough 2 coming out close victors.

Grant dressed up as a skeleton and scared the hell out of me with a sound piece sacrifice, I may be long in the tooth, however I can still defend hopeless positions (lots of practice I know , before anyone else says it). I blame it all on Trevor, not for missing a win of a pawn on move 12 (dreaded Fritz spots it in seconds) but for all this SJC training that he seems to enjoy.

Its nice to see that the tradition of youth chess teams is being expanded in the league with the Haywards Heath 3 team and I know Horsham are doing wonderful things on the junior front and will probably be entering 5 teams next year.

With these young players coming through the ranks Sussex Chess can only be getting better and better. 

British chess in decline I don't think so if Sussex has anything to do with it.

Results Update

28th October 2006

See the results page for details.

Nominations are still outstanding from one club - once received all nominations will be posted on this web site..

Having seen the nominations newly promoted Haywards Heath look like the favourites for the championship this year. Despite not playing their nominated GM on top board they were still able to field two International Masters on boards 1 and 2 and the current Sussex Champion and Haywards Heath stalwart Felix on board 3. East Grinstead were unable to hold on to some promising positions against them and went down to a fighting 4- home defeat.

Congratulations go to the new league team Uckfield who had a good 4-1 debut victory in Division 4.

Please note I am very pleased to post in these news columns any match reports, club news or photos - please send me your emails.

First Results Received

22nd October 2006

See the results page for details.

Nominations are still being received and will be posted over the next week

Season 2006 / 2007 is under way

19th October 2006

First results are coming in and I will be updating the Web Site with these on Saturday after collecting information from Don.

Nominations can be sent to Don by post or by email to The Match Recorder we have received these from a number of clubs and once again these will be updated on the web site over the weekend. 

I have had some problems with my email account filling up with the dreaded spam and bouncing some mail back saying mailbox is full. I have corrected this so it shouldn't happen again.

Season 2006 / 2007

14th October 2006

The Team Entry Forms have been received and fixture lists sent out. Clubs have a preliminary period in which to re-arrange unsatisfactory dates. This process is currently taking place.

Please note the Web Editor is only reporting known details - please do not contact me regarding any disputes however I am happy to receive emails re factual corrections to this site. I am over the next few weeks making changes to the site - updating club contacts and moving last season's results into archive. So not all links on this site will be fully operational. Bear with me and it should be straight soon.

Clubs participating this year in the MidSussex League this season are;

  • Aldrington House

  • The Argumentatives

  • Brighton & Hove

  • Crawley

  • Crowborough

  • Eastbourne

  • East Grinstead

  • Knoll Knights

  • Hastings & St Leonards

  • Haywards Heath

  • The Holt

  • Horsham

  • Lewes

  • St Francis

  • Uckfield

  • Woodpushers

  • Worthing


  • 1 Team

  • 1 Team

  • 3 Teams

  • 2 Teams

  • 5 Teams

  • 3 Teams

  • 4 Teams

  • 1 Team

  • 3 Teams

  • 3 Teams

  • 1 Team

  • 4 Teams

  • 3 Teams

  • 1 Team

  • 1 Team

  • 1 Team

  • 1 Team