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Events:  Brighton Rapidplay Sunday 28th September- Organisers Achieve Charitable Status

4th September 2008

The organisers of this event (Pieces of Fate) have now advised that they have been granted charitable status by HMRC.  For the benefit others who might be interested in seeking a similar status, they have posted details of how they went about this at


Events:  Bourbourg Rapidplay Sunday 7th September

1st September 2008

Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club have organised a trip to take part in this tournament next Sunday and have one or two spare places for anyone who might be interested.


Travel pickups are arranged for Hastings (04:45), Redhill (04:45) and near the Channel Tunnel in Folkestone (06:00), with return to Folkestone around 21:30.  Expected cost is around £45 to include travel, entry fee and evening meal.


Interested?  Please contact Paul Buswell at as soon as possible.


Crowborough Chess Congress

15th August  2008

The 23rd Crowborough Chess Congress will be held on 21st September 2008.  The Congress takes the form of a 6 round rapid play Swiss tournament.  Details can be found at


History of Horsham Chess Club

15th August  2008

John Cannon, Chairman of Horsham Chess Club, has chronicled the history of club chess in Horsham from 1879 to the present day.  With many references to competitions in which the club has played, whether local, Sussex or national, it will be of interest to a wide audience and is available for download from the club's website



1st August  2008

David Fryer has responded to Duncan Badham's query regarding while he proposed that the decision on a QPF need not be taken till before white's second move.  See the Forum page


Lewes Chess Club: Change of Venue

25th July 2008

Lewes Chess Club have a new venue for the coming season.  Details can be found on the Lewes club page.  Please note that visiting teams are asked to ensure that the home team captain signs the visiting team members into the premises.



25th July 2008

Duncan Badham (Brighton & Hove) has provided a further input to the QPF debate that can be found here.


Sussex Chess Updates

25th July 2008

After a bit of end-of-term relaxation, I have a number of points to catch up with.


The Under 125 team stumbled at the final hurdle, losing 6.5 - 9.5 to the reigning champions, Norfolk, on 5th July.


John Dodgson, Correspondence Chess Captain, has provided an update on team results that can be found on the Sussex page.  John is looking for one more player to make up the team for the coming season and asks anyone who might be interested to contact him directly.


Finally, a reminder that the County association AGM is being held tomorrow, Saturday 26th July, at the United Reform Church hall in Hassocks, starting at 2:00pm.



27th June 2008

Matthew Britnell (Lewes) has entered the debate on QPFs, as added to the Forum page.  He adds to ideas previously submitted by David Fryer and Sue Chadwick, and poses the suggestion of a QPF league replacing the KO competition.



Sussex Correspondence Chess Team Beat Middlesex

25th June 2008

The Correspondence Chess Captain, John Dodgson, reports that a Sussex team has scored a 4 - 2 victory over Middlesex.  His full report can be found here .



Sussex Under 125 Team:  Onwards and Upwards

15th June 2008

Having scraped through their quarter-final match against Warwickshire last month by just one point on board count, the Sussex Under 125 team scored an emphatic 10 - 6 victory over Worcestershire in their semi-final match yesterday.  This was despite losing one board to a delinquent mobile phone that defeated the best efforts of its owner to silence it.  Full details are available on the SCCU website.


They now play Norfolk in the final at Leicester on 5th July.


Stephen Silverstein has served as non-playing team captain this season and credit must go to him for all the coercing of players and organising that has gone on behind the scenes for the team to be so successful.  I'm sure there are some MSL team captains who, having struggled to persuade 5 players to turn out 20 miles for a match, will appreciate Stephen's efforts in getting teams of 16 to travel to uncharted territory (north of the Thames!) for county matches.  On Stephen's behalf, may I ask that anyone invited to play in the final agrees to do so if they possibly can, despite the travelling distance involved.  Let's all get behind the only Sussex team to get to the national stages of the County Championships this year and wish for ultimate success on July 5th with the strongest team Stephen can muster.



15th June 2008

At the recent AGM David Fryer, who initiated the quickplay finish debate several months ago, stated that he would table definite proposals for everyone to consider ahead of next year's AGM.  This he has now done, as set out on the Forum page.



7th June 2008

Ian Comley (Horsham Chess Club) has added a plea for caution in the QPF debate.  See the

Forum page.



2nd June 2008

Sue Chadwick adds to the QPF debate with the suggestion that there might be an experimental division, running alongside the regular league divisions, with QPFs as the normal rule.  Clubs could register their support, or otherwise, for such finishes by whether or not they chose to enter.  Her proposal is posted on the Forum page


(Please note that Sue's contribution is a personal one.  The League Committee have not formed a collective view on this subject.  Indeed, the discussion that did take place at last Thursday's AGM indicates that the Committee members might be just as divided on this issue as are players in the MSL generally.)


Sussex Under 125 Team Through to Semi-Finals

18th May 2008

Forgive me usurping the MSL site for some County news, but I'm sure a number of readers like to follow County team activities as well.  The Under 125 team played Warwickshire in the quarter-finals of the County Championship yesterday.  With the benefit of a default win on board 4 ,and despite the efforts of yours truly, the result was an 8-8 tie.  Board count then came into play and the Sussex team were ahead by just one point!   Sussex are now due to meet Worcestshire (who had a walk-over in their quarter-final pairing) in the semi-final on either 14th or 15th June.


Events:  Hastings Congress 2008

18th May 2008

I have been advised of the following arrangements for the next Hastings Congress:

"the Congress will start on Sunday 28/12 with a 5-day Christmas Morning and Afternoon (ending 01/01).  There will then be the Weekend Congress with one round on the Friday evening (02/01), a morning and afternoon round on Saturday and a morning and afternoon round on Sunday.

"The Masters will run from Sunday 28/12 to Monday 05/01 (nine rounds)."


AGM Agenda

18th May 2008

The Agenda for the 2008 AGM of the League has been circulated to main contacts at each club by the League Secretary and is reproduced below:



 Annual General Meeting Thursday 29th May 2008 7.30. PM


Tyler Room, Luxford Centre, Library Way, Uckfield TN22 1AR



 1.                 Secretary’s opening remarks and apologies for absence.

2.                 Minutes of 2007 AGM (previously circulated).

3.                 Secretary's Report and matters arising.

4.                 Treasurer's Report and matters arising.

5.                 Fixtures Secretary’s Report and matters arising.

6.                 Match Recorder’s Report

7.                 Presentation of Trophies.

8.                 Election of Officers.

1.    Chairman

2.    Secretary

3.    Fixtures Secretary

4.    Treasurer

5.    Match Recorder

6.    Webmanager

7.    Auditor


9.                 SCCA Matters relating to the League and its clubs.

10.             County Adjudication Secretary’s report

11.             "Champions" v "The Rest" match?

12.             Any other business.

                 1.     Rule changes:

 Recommendations by the League Committee:

 League rules:

 15.1 OFFICERS: add, "Fixtures Secretary". Add new sentence " With the exception of the Auditor the officers will comprise the Management Committee".

 2.1 SEASON. Amend 1st sentence to "The season will commence with the distribution of Fixture lists in accordance with rule 2.5".

 2.2 ENTRY FEES. Amend to: "ENTRIES"

Add new 1st sentence "Team application forms must be submitted by 14 September".

Amend present rule [now 2nd sentence] "League entry fees must be submitted with the Team Entry Application form in order for teams to be included in the Fixtures List. Payment shall be by cheque unless a BACS transfer is arranged in advance with the Treasurer.

 2.5 FIXTURE LISTS. Amend 1st sentence to: "The Fixtures Secretary shall circulate to all teams by 28 September the Fixtures List for the season with the initial matches set for mid October".

Amend 2nd sentence to: This will take into account the 15 dates a team does not wish to play on as specified in the Team Application form.


In rule 4.1.2 change both 3s to 4.

 4.3 NEW PLAYERS; Amend 1st sentence to ".............. that player's details in accordance with rule 3.1"

  Knock Out rules: 

12. Amend to "eligibility of players" [the League rules description] and add sentence "If a League player's club does not enter a team they may play for another clubs K/O team irrespective of League rule 3.2"

 13. Amend to "5 or 7 days". 

 Tankards for Best Individual Scores (Corrected)

13th May 2008

The Match Recorder has passed his slide rule over the season's results and has determined the winners of the various tankards for best individual scores as follows:-


(As a number of people spotted, there was a mistake in the list of tankard winners as first provided by the Match Recorder.  While Peter Farr shares the overall best average award, he should have been shown also as winner of the Division 3 tankard, rather than joint winner of the Division 1 tankard which goes to Luke Rutherford alone.  A further consequence is a knock-on effect on the Division 3 best scores.)


Best Match Average (Played at least 7 matches):

           Shared between:-

                  Peter Farr (Argumentatives)                              7.5 / 8            93.75%

                  Luke Rutherford (Brighton & Hove 1)             7.5 / 8            93.75%


           Other players with scores > 75% were:

                  Ahmed Hassan (Eastbourne 1 & 2)                   6.5 / 7             92.85%

                  David Graham (Worthing)                                     7 / 8               87.5%

                  David Simpkins (East Grinstead 2 , 3 & 4)      10.5 / 12          87.5%

                  Stefan Lewins (Horsham 4)                                  6 / 7               85.71%

                  Paul Kington (Argumentatives)                            6.5 / 8             81.25%

                  Brian Denman (Brighton & Hove 1)                    6.5 / 8             81.25%

                  David Curtis (Haywards Heath 1)                       6.5 / 8             81.25%

                  Donald MacFarlane (Knoll Knights)                    6.5 / 8             81.25%

                  George Salimbeni (Crowborough 1 & 2)            8 / 10             80.0% 

                  Roger Waddingham (Horsham 3 & 4)                5.5 / 7             78.57%

                  Richard Almond (Hastings & St Leonards 1)      7 / 9               77.77%


Division 1 (Played at least 7 matches):

                   Luke Rutherford (Brighton & Hove 1)              7.5 / 8            93.75%


           Other players with scores > 75% were:

                  Brian Denman (Brighton & Hove 1)                    6.5 / 8            81.25%     

                  George Salimbeni (Crowborough 1 & 2)            8 / 10            80.0%

                  Richard Almond (Hastings & St Leonards 1)     7 / 9              77.77%                   


Division 2 (Played at least 6 matches):

                  Alessandro Bonnano (East Grinstead 1 & 2)   6 / 6             100 %


           Other players with scores > 75% were:

                  David Graham (Worthing)                                       7 / 8             87.5%

                  Ian Kelly (Knoll Knights)                                           5 / 6             83.33%

                  Donald MacFarlane (Knoll Knights)                     6.5 / 8            81.25%


Division 3 (Played at least 6 matches):

                 Peter Farr (Argumentatives)                                 7.5 / 8             93.75% 


           Other players with scores > 75% were:

                Michael Slot (Lewes 3)                                             7 / 8             87.5%

                David Curtis (Haywards Heath 1)                          6.5 / 8            81.25%

                Julie Denning (Horsham 3)                                     6.5 / 8            81.25%

                Paul Kington (Argumentatives)                               6.5 / 8            81.25%           


Division 4 (Played at least 6 matches):

                 Stefan Lewins (Horsham 4)                                  6 / 7              85.71%


           Other players with scores > 75% were:

                 Marc Bryant (Hastings & St Leonards 3)               5 / 6              83.33%

                 Roger Waddingham (Horsham 4)                          5 / 6              83.33%

                 Anthony Locke (Horsham 4)                                    5 / 6              83.33% 

                 Mark Carter (Uckfield)                                              5 / 6              83.33%

                David Simpkins (East Grinstead 3 & 4)                5.5 / 7             78.57%


Congratulations to all the above on their successes this season.



Events:  3rd Weald Congress 5th - 6th July 2008

12th May 2008

The 3rd Weald Congress is being held in Crawley on the 5th and 6th July 2008. 


Events:  Brighton Rapid Play Tournament 28th September 2008

12th May 2008

A newly formed enterprise Pieces of Fate Ltd is organising a rapid play tournament to be held in Brighton on 28th September 2008.  The previous day Brighton & Hove Chess Club will be hosting a match against Dieppe Chess Club, preceded by a performance by classical pianist Rachel Fryer, both of which will be open to spectators.



Results:  Final Match Card

12th May 2008

The outstanding match card details for the Division 2 match between Worthing and East Grinstead 1 are now available on the relevant results page.


Results:  Last 2 Adjudications

30th April 2008

The outstanding 2 games in Division 1 have been adjudicated as draws.  Hence:-


              Horsham 1   4 - 1   Crowborough 2

              Brighton & Hove 1   3 - 2   Crowborough 1


Brighton & Hove 1 finish the season in 3rd place, on equal match points with Horsham 1, but behind on game points.  Crowborough 1 are 4th.   Horsham 1 can console themselves with the highest game points score in the Division, but rather more scatter in their results (principally a 3 - 2 defeat by Crowborough 1) cost them the overall championship.


That's the lot for this season, except for the list of players and individual results in the Division 2 match between Worthing and East Grinstead 1.  If anyone has the full details (I only know the bottom line score) and could e-mail them to me, I'd be grateful.


Results:  All Matches Now Played.  Crowborough B Win the KO.

27th April 2008

With the exception of a couple of adjudications in Division 1 and the detailed match card for Worthing v East Grinstead 1 in Div. 2, all results have now reached me.  The latest updates are:-


Div. 1:    Horsham 1   3.5 - 0.5   Crowborough 2.  (Crowborough have conceded board 1, but board 3 is still outstanding.)

               Eastbourne 1   1.5 - 3.5   Horsham 2.  (Eastbourne have conceded board 1, confirming the match win that Horsham anticipated.)

               Brighton & Hove 1   2.5 - 1.5   Crowborough 1.  Board 4 is outstanding.


               Horsham 1 have gained one place to finish 2nd.  Although a full match point behind winners Hastings & St Leonards 1, Horsham gained one more game point.  The outcome of the outstanding game in the Brighton & Hove 1 v Crowborough 1 match is vital to determine 3rd and 4th places.  At the moment, Crowborough are leading in the table and a win for them will confirm this, putting them equal with Horsham 1 in 2nd place on match points, but behind on game points.  Conversely, a win for Brighton & Hove would put them in equal second place with Horsham on match points, but, again, behind on game points.  A draw would result in the teams sharing 3rd place on match points, but Brighton & Hove overtaking Crowborough on game points.


Div. 2:    Knoll Knights   2.5 - 2.5   Worthing

                Knoll Knights   4.5 - 0.5   Crowborough 3.

                (The  Worhing v East Grinstead 1 result has been added to the crosstables, but the detailed results are awaited.)

                Knoll Knights have just moved ahead of Worthing with these 2 results to win Division 2.  East Grinstead 1 are 3rd, overtaking Woodpushers on game points.  With 29 game points, Knoll Knights matched the tally of the Div. 1 winners, but from 1 match less.  Crowborough 3 have the misfortune to have been the only team in the League to lose all their matches.


Div. 3:   Crowborough 4   1.5 - 3.5   Haywards Heath 2.  (Draw on outstanding board.)


Div. 4:   Aldrington House   0 - 5   East Grinstead 3

               Aldrington House   1.5 - 3.5   Horsham 4


              East Grinstead 3 and 4 and Brighton & Hove 4 share 3rd place on match points, but this whitewash over Aldrington House has lifted East Grinstead 3 to the top of the trio on game points.   However, by finishing ahead of their 4th team by just half a game point, honour has been satisfied by the slimmest possible margin!  With 27.5 game points from their 7 matches, Horsham 4 conceded fewer games than any other team in the league and, despite the fewer matches in this division, this still represented the highest "game average" of any team at 78.6%.


KO:      Crowborough B   1.5 - 4.5   Crowborough A.  Crowborough B win on handicap!  With the highest rated team fielded in this competition all season, Crowborough A appeared to be taking no chances.  Although the highest rated individual player (Peter Kemp) was playing top board for the B team, he lost to Robert Elliston.  However, the day was saved for the B team by the Yates family.  Father Nick took a draw off an opponent graded 65 points higher, then son Chris made light of a 72 point grading disadvantage to pull off the win that settled the match.


              This is the 4th year in succession that a Crowborough team has won the KO competition. 



19th April 2008

Div.1:    Horsham 1   2.5 - 0.5   Crowborough 2.  Boards 1 and 3 adjourned.  Horsham expect to gain at least the half point they need from these boards to secure the match.against a Crowborough side that they out-graded by an average of 28 points.


Div 2:   Woodpushers   3 - 2   Lewes 2.  I am showing this as lifting Woodpushers 1 place, above East Grinstead 1, as I am awaiting the full results of the latter's match against Worthing.  However, I'm informed that East Grinstead won 4.5 - 0.5, which will restore them to 3rd place.


Div. 4:   Aldrington House   1.5 - 3.5   Horsham 4.  I await detailed results before showing this match in the results tables, but it moves Horsham 4 further clear at the top of Division 4.



16th April 2008

Richard Almond (Hastings & St Leonards) adds his weight to those favouring a trial of giving players or teams the option of QPFs or, better still in his view, a Fisher Time Control if clubs had suitable digital clocks.  See the Forum page.


MSL AGM:  Thursday 29th May 2008

14th April 2008

The following notification of this year's AGM has been sent to each club's main contact, by e-mail or post, by the League Secretary:


"Dear MSL Clubs,


"Uckfield have kindly agreed to host this year's AGM. It will be held in the Tyler Room, Luxford Day Centre, Library Way, Uckfield on Thursday 29th May at 7:30 pm. (This is a turning on the left just below the Picture House as you go up the High Street - see map on website. There is ample parking.) 


"Please submit any items for the agenda to me by Saturday 10th May. (Each club is allowed as many voting representatives as it had teams in the league this season.)

"Tea, coffee, biscuits and chess will be available afterwards.

"Thank you

"Sue Chadwick

Secretary MSL"


Please ensure that any agenda items are sent to Sue Chadwick directly, as requested.




13th April 2008

Div.1:    Crowborough 2   4.5 - 0.5   Crawley 1.  Crawley have struggled to maintain strength appropriate to the top division on their lower boards this season and were out-graded by an average of 20 points in this match.

               Eastbourne 1    1.5 - 2.5   Horsham 2.  Top board is adjourned, but Horsham are a pawn up and confident of at least the draw they need to win the match.  Horsham 2 were in Division 1 for the 2005 / 06 season and lost every match.  With just this match remaining for this season, they were at risk of perpetuating that record, particularly as the unavailability of some players meant they had an average grading deficit of 18 points.  Better late than never!

              Lewes 1   3.5 - 1.5   Hastings & St Leonards 2.  Hastings' normally non-playing captain had to step in as reserve against an opponent graded 73 higher than himself!


              Lewes 1 go up 1 place to 5th, while Crowborough 2, still with a match in hand, go up 2 places to 6th on game points.  These changes are at the expense of Hastings & St Leonards 2, who have ended the season in 7th place, one above Crawley 1.  With all their matches completed, Eastbourne 1 are now certain of the penultimate slot, above Horsham 2.


Div. 2:   Eastbourne 2   3 - 2   Brighton & Hove 2.  Eastbourne overcame an average grading deficit of 11 points.


              Eastbourne 2 jump 2 places to 5th, but Brighton & Hove retain 6th place on game points.  These changes are at the expense of East Grinstead 2 who are at risk of slipping into the penultimate position if Lewes 2 (struggling to overcome their 2 match point penalties for defaulted matches) manage to draw or win their remaining match.


Div. 3:   Crowborough 4   1 - 3   Haywards Heath 2.  Board 2 is adjourned.  Haywards Heath 2 have been penalised 1 match point for defaulting on the original date of this match.

               Lewes 3   3.5 - 1.5   Brighton & Hove 3.  Lewes enjoyed an average grading advantage of 21 points.

               Horsham 3   1.5 - 3.5   Eastbourne 3.  A good result for Eastbourne, overcoming a significant grading deficit.


               Lewes 3 have leapt from 4th place to win Division 3, displacing Horsham 3 and Haywards Heath 1 to 2nd and 3rd respectively.  With all matches in the division now completed the bottom 2 slots are taken by Crawley 2 and Crowborough 4.


Div. 4:   East Grinstead 3   0.5 - 4.5   St Francis.  Although there were grading differences of up to 14 points on individual boards, the 2 teams were equally matched overall.

               East Grinstead 3   2.5 - 2.5   Hastings & St Leonards 3.


               The winners of the above 2 matches both gain 1 place for their exploits, to 2nd and 6th respectively.  Horsham 4 come out top in the division for the season, with Hastings & St Leonards 3 assured of 2nd position.  Uckfield and Aldrington House are destined to be holding up the entire league.



MSL Secretary

13th April 2008

Great news!!  We have a volunteer to fill the long-vacant position of Secretary.  Sue Chadwick of Brighton & Hove Chess Club has stepped forward and has been co-opted to the post.  She's already working on organising this year's AGM and will no doubt be informing us all further on this shortly.  Sue's e-mail and telephone contact details can be found on the Officers page.



8th April 2008

Div. 2:   Woodpushers   3 - 2   East Grinstead 2.  East Grinstead defaulted on board 5.  Despite losing, East Grinstead gain one place on game points, over Brighton & Hove 2 and Eastbourne 2, but the latter clubs each have a match in hand.  Woodpushers are safe from the potential relegation slots, but any of the teams currently in positions 5 to 8 could find themselves joining Crowborough 3 at the bottom of the table.



8th April 2008

Gerald Michaud of Crowborough CC adds his support to quickplay finishes, reflecting his experience of playing in Canada where, he tells us, adjudications went out of fashion around 40 years ago.  See the Forum page.


CAUTION: Users of BT Internet

6th April 2008

BT Internet are trying out a so-called beta test updated version of their e-mail system.  Under this version the e-mail links on this website no longer appear to work.  If you are using BT internet and experience this problem, then please switch back to the "classic" version of the e-mail system.  The problem has been reported to BT and, hopefully, they will sort it out as part of their beta testing.



4th April 2008

Div. 1:      Crowborough 1   3 - 2   Lewes 1.  (Outstanding 2 boards drawn.)  Crowborough 1 go up 2 places to second.  Along with Horsham1 and Brighton & Hove 1, they each have 1 match outstanding and each could still take 2nd place at the end of the season.   Crowborough 2 need at least half a match point from their last 2 matches to be certain of avoiding penultimate slot.  Otherwise, it's still just theoretically possible for Eastbourne 1 to catch them on match points and pass them on game points.  As previously reported, Horsham 2 are assured of the wooden spoon.


Div. 3:    Crowborough 4   0.5 - 4.5   Argumentatives.

                Haywards Heath 1   4 - 1   Crowborough 4

                Crawley 2   0.5 - 4.5   Horsham 3

                Horsham 3, Haywards Heath1 and the Args all go up 1 place, to 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively, at the expense of Lewes 3 who drop to 4th (although only on game points relative to the Args).  Lewes 3 remain the only team with a chance of displacing Horsham 3 from top slot.  Crawley 2 and Crowborough 4 cannot avoid 8th and 9th places respectively.


Div. 4:     Hastings & St Leonards 3   2.5 - 1.5   East Grinstead 4.  Both teams defaulted bottom board.  (This result has been pieced together from information on the Hastings website and from the East Grinstead captain.  It's presumed to all be correct, but if anyone involved spots an error, please let me know.)

                 Brighton & Hove 4   2.5 - 2.5   St Francis

                 Uckfield   0 - 5   Horsham 4

                 Brighton & Hove 4   3.5 - 1.5   Aldrington House

                 Hastings & St Leonards 3   4 - 1   Uckfield.


                Hastings & St Leonards 3 go up 3 places to 3rd, while East Grinstead 3 slip 2 places to 5th.   Horsham 4 are almost certainly assured of winning the division.  Hastings & St Leonards 3 could catch them on match points, but not on game points. East Grinstead 3 still have a slim chance of coming out top, but would need to win all 3 of their as yet unreported matches.  (Does anyone have the result of their match against Aldrington House that should have been played on 25th February?)



3rd April 2008

Two further contributions on the Forum page.  A second input from Joe Sharp (Hastings & St Leonards) and an initial contribution from Gavin Lock (Horsham).


Taking stock of where this discussion seems to be heading, I make it that 16 people have now made one or more contributions.  Of these, 7 are fully in support of QPFs, while 4 are fully against.  Of the remaining 5, while they might express a personal preference for or against, end up by suggesting a compromise whereby the decision on a QPF is determined on the night, either for the teams as a whole or board-by-board by each player.  Within these views there are also various comments on intermediate time checks and rates of play.


Results:  Hastings & St Leonards 1 Division 1 Champions

3rd April 2008

Div. 1:   The final update to Crowborough 1 v Hastings & St Leonards 2 is that board 2 was decided to be a win for Crowborough, making the match a draw.  No change to league positions, but checking on the outstanding matches reveals that Hastings & St Leonards 1 cannot be caught.  They are therefore the winners of Division 1 for the 3rd time in 4 seasons.


Div. 4:     Hastings & St Leonards 3   2 - 3   Brighton & Hove 4.  Hastings & St Leonards apologise for the delay in reporting some of their results.  On the results published so far, Brighton & Hove 4 go up to 4th place.  The Hastings & St Leonards club website records that their 3rd team won their matches against East Grinstead 4, by 2.5 - 1.5 (both teams defaulted on bottom board) and against Uckfield 4 -1.  However, the full match cards are not shown.  Once these results reach me in full I will publish them, but they will lift Hastings & St Leonards 3 into 3rd place.



2nd April 2008

Duncan Badham has contributed further views on the on-going topic of quickplay finishes.  See the Forum page.



2nd April 2008

Div. 1:     Crowborough 1   1.5 - 2.5   Hastings & St Leonards 2.  Board 3 adjudicated as a draw.  Decision still awaited for board 2.

                Horsham 1   4 - 1   Eastbourne 1.  Horsham enjoyed an average grading advantage of 19 points per board.  Lawrence Rhodes had a commendable win for Eastbourne on board 5, overturning a 41 point grading deficit..    Horsham 1 go up 1 place, to 2nd, on game points.



1st April 2008

Div. 2:     Knoll Knights   3.5 - 1 .5  Lewes 2.   Draw agreed in the outstanding game.



31st March 2008

Div. 2:     Knoll Knights   3 - 1   Lewes 2.  Board 1 adjourned.  No change in league positions, but Worthing and Knoll Knights are now assured of taking the top 2 positions for the season.



28th March 2008

Div. 2:     Crowborough 3   1.5 - 3.5   Eastbourne2.  An old result, from early February, but has only reached me this week.  Eastbourne 2 go up 1 place to 7th, above the penalised Lewes 2nd team, but Lewes still have a match in hand.  Crowborough 3 are still to get off the mark and, with only 1 match left, are destined for bottom slot.


Defaults : Lewes 2

24th March 2008

Lewes 2 failed to field teams for their matches against Knoll Knights and Woodpushers in Div. 2.  The Tournament Controller has determined that Rule 6.2 applies and Lewes 2 are therefore deducted 2 match points.  The fixtures will be rescheduled.  Lewes drop 3 places to 7th.



23rd March 2008

Matthew Britnell has added to his original comment, in response to my expressing some confusion, while John Herbert urges caution in making a sudden change.  See the Forum page.



21st March 2008

Div. 3:   Eastbourne 3   2.5 - 2.5   Lewes 3.   Lewes rise to top of the table, although Horsham 3 are just half a match point behind, with a match in hand.  Eastbourne 3 go up 2 places, to 6th, on game points.



21st March 2008

Another contribution has been added to the Forum page, this time from Matthew Britnell of Lewes Chess Club.



16th March 2008

A lot to catch up with, but very little change in overall league positions.

Div. 1   Eastbourne 1   2 - 3    Hastings & St Leonards 1

             Crowborough 1   2 - 1   Lewes 1  (2 games adjourned)

             Crowborough 1   1 - 2   Hastings & St Leonards 2  (2 games adjourned)

             Crawley 1   0.5 - 4.5   Brighton & Hove 1.  Average grading advantage to Brighton & Hove of 61 points!  (Crawley called in a reserve player, graded 38, for board 4..)

             Crowborough 2 v Hastings & St Leonards 1.  The adjourned game decided in Crowborough's favour.  Hastings win by 3 - 2.

             Brighton & Hove 1 move up 1 place to 2nd, displacing Horsham 1, but Horsham have a match in hand.


Div. 2:   East Grinstead 2   3.5 - 1.5   Crowborough 3

               Crowborough 3   1 - 4   Woodpushers.  (In each of these  2 matches, Crowborough were the underdogs by around 30 points per board on average.)

               East Grinstead 1   2 - 3   Lewes 2

               Brighton & Hove 2 v Lewes 2.  The 2 adjourned games decided 1.5 - 0.5 in Brighton's favour, but Lewes win 3.5 - 1.5. 

               Woodpushers move up 1 place to 5th. 


Div. 3:   Argumentatives   3 - 2   Haywards Heath 1.  The aggregate grading of the board 1 players was 377!  Is this a record for the third division?

               Brighton & Hove 3   4 - 1   Crawley 2.  Crawley defaulted bottom board.

               Haywards Heath 1   3 - 2   Crawley 2.

               Haywards Heath 1 move up 1 place to 2nd on game points over Lewes 3, but Lewes have a match in hand.


Div. 4:   Uckfield   3 - 2   East Grinstead 3

               East Grinstead 4   4.5 - 0.5   Aldrington House.  Aldrington House only fielded 3 players. 

               Brighton & Hove 4   0.5 - 4.5   Horsham 4.

               St Francis   3 - 2   Uckfield.

               Hastings & St Leonards 3   3.5 - 1.5   Aldrington House.

              Hastings & St Leonards 3 move up 1 to 5th on the matches reported so far, but I'm missing 3 match results involving the Hastings team., dating back to January.



7th March 2008

A couple more inputs have been provided by Brighton & Hove members.  Read their views here



7th March 2008

Div. 1   Horsham 1   3.5 - 1.5   Hastings & St Leonards 2.  (Adjourned game agreed as a draw.)

             Eastbourne 1   2 - 3   Hastings & St Leonards 1.  That completes Hastings & St Leonards 1's matches.  They are topping the league and the only team that still has a theoretical chance of catching them is Crowborough 1.  To do so, Crowborough need to win their last 3 matches and gain at least 11 game points in the process.


Div. 3:   Crawley 2   1.5 - 3.5   Eastbourne 3.  (Outstanding game resolved in Crawley's favour.)

               A previously reported win for the Args (against Eastbourne 3) had been missed off the crosstable.  That puts the Args up one place to 4th on the results published so far.  I understand they have also beaten Haywards Heath 1, lifting them one more place, but details are awaited. 



5th March 2008

Div. 1:    Horsham 2   2 - 3   Hastings & St Leonards 1.  (Adjourned games adjudicated 1.5 - 0.5 in Hastings' favour.)

               Crowborough 2   1 - 3   Hastings & St Leonards 1.

               Horsham 1   3 - 1   Hastings & St Leonards 2.  (Board 4 adjourned.)


              Horsham 1 move up 2 places, to 2nd, on game points.  Hastings & St Leonards 1 remain in top position and with only 9th placed Eastbourne 1 still to play, are looking strong to be this year's champions, although Crowborough 1, with 2 more matches in hand, could still spoil it for them.



Div. 2:   Brighton & Hove 2   2 - 3   Woodpushers.  (This is an old result from January, but I still await a full match card to identify all the players.)

              Worthing   3 - 2   Brighton & Hove 2.  (All square at 2 - 2 across the board, but Brighton defaulted on bottom board.)

              Lewes 2   4 - 1   East Grinstead 2.

              Eastbourne 2   0 - 5   Knoll Knights.  Knoll Knights enjoyed an average 34 points grading advantage.


              Knoll Knights move up 1 place to 2nd.  Lewes 2 are up 1 to 4th and Woodpushers are up 2 to 6th.


Div. 3:    Crawley 2   0.5 - 3.5   Eastbourne 3.  (Board 1 adjourned.) 


Results (Amended)

28th February 2008

Div. 1:    Crowborough 1   3 - 2   Horsham 1.  (Outstanding game drawn.)

               Lewes 1   3.5 - 1.5   Eastbourne 1

              Horsham 2   1.5 - 1.5   Hastings & St Leonards 1.  (2 games outstanding.)  Hastings & St Leonards enjoyed an average 40 point grading advantage over Horsham.

              Lewes 1   2.5 - 2.5   Crowborough 2.  A good result for Crowborough who were playing against an average 21 point grading deficit.

              Hastings & St Leonards 1 take over the top slot from Brighton & Hove 1 on game points.  Lewes 1 move up 4 places to equal 5th.  In their adjourned games against Hastings & St Leonards 1, Horsham 2 are seeking 2 draws.  At best, this will draw the match for them and, with only 1 match left, they can no longer avoid relegation.


Div. 3:   Haywards Heath 1   2.5 - 2.5   Lewes 3.

              Lewes 3   4 - 1   Crawley 2.

              Eastbourne 3   1 - 4   Argumentatives.

              Crowborough 4   0 - 4   Lewes 3 (1 game adjourned.)  Over 40 point average grading advantage to Lewes.

              With this spate of good results, Lewes 3 have risen 5 places to 2nd, lagging behind Horsham 3 only on game points.  Haywards Heath 1 move above Brighton & Hove 3, but remain in 3rd place after the rise of Lewes 3.


KO:        I'd like to report a valiant effort by Horsham to prevent the final being an all-Crowborough affair.  Alas, not even a PhD in spin doctoring would permit such a gloss to be put on the reality of what happened!  Crowborough B, with a 113 points grading deficit only needed 2.5 points to win the match on the handicapping rules, but actually thrashed beat Horsham by 4 - 2.  Horsham were out-graded on boards 1 and 2, but commendable wins for Crowborough by Caroline Campion and Joseph Berberich on boards 4 and 5, against significantly higher-graded opponents, put the result beyond any doubt.  Crowborough B meet Crowborough A in the final.



20th February 2008

Div. 1:   Hastings & St Leonards 2   4 - 1   Crawley 1.  The Hastings & St Leonards captain finally won the toss, but an average grading advantage of 27 points might also have had something to do with the result.  They move up 2 places, to 5th, leading Crawley 1 on game points, but also with a match in hand.


Div. 3:   Horsham 3   3.5 - 1.5   Haywards Heath 2.  An smallish grading advantage overall belied significant differences, in Horsham's favour, on the top 3 boards.

              Haywards Heath 1   3 - 2   Horsham 3.   (Outstanding game conceded by Horsham)  Haywards Heath 1 move up 3 places to 3rd, still with 2 matches in hand compared to the teams above them, and taking their more rightful place above their own second team.


Change of Venue:  Worthing Chess Club

18th February 2008

Worthing Chess Club now meet at West Tarring Working Men's Club, 118 - 122 Pavilion Road, Worthing BN14 7EL.  Details, including advice on parking and access are on their club page.



18th February 2008

Div. 2:   Lewes 2   4 - 1   Crowborough 3.   Crowborough substantially out-graded by Lewes.  Crowborough's point came from draws on the top 2 boards against opponents graded, respectively, 30 and 39 points higher.

              Brighton & Hove 2   0 - 3   Lewes 2 (2 games adjourned) 

           East Grinstead 2   2 - 3   Worthing.  Average grading advantage of 46 points to Worthing.  East Grinstead's 2 points came from boards 4 and 5, where their players overcame grading disadvantages of 30 and 48 points respectively.

           East Grinstead 1   3.5 - 1.5   Woodpushers.  (Outstanding 2 games resolved 1.5 - 0.5 in East Grinstead's favour.)

Lewes 2 go up 2 places to 5th.  East Grinstead 1 go up 1 place to 2nd, while their 2nd team are now above Eastbourne 2 on game points.  While 3 of Worthing's victories have been by the narrowest of margins, they remain in top position and the only team anywhere in the league to retain an unbeaten record.

Div. 4:    Uckfield    3 - 2   East Grinstead 3.  Uckfield up 1 place to 4th.

KO:        Crowborough A   4.5 - 1.5   Crawley.  Crowborough had an aggregate grading advantage of 169 points.  Hence, this was the smallest margin they required to win the match and go forward to the final, against either their own B team or Horsham.



15th February 2008

There appears to be a problem with the website at present in that all the half points (shown in fractional form) throughout the results pages have become corrupted.  Source files are OK and re-uploading the site has not cured the problem.


Update 16th February:  all looks good again.  Don't know why   Yours truly did nothing to either create or fix the problem.  Honest.



13th February 2008

Div. 1:   Crowborough 2   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 1.  (Adjudication result on board 2 - a draw)

              Brighton & Hove 1   2.5 - 2.5   Horsham 1.   Horsham were the underdogs in terms of grading, by an average of 13 points, but managed to even the scores overall.

              Brighton & Hove 1 now lead the table on game points, but 2nd placed Hastings & St Leonards 1 have a match in hand (they played Horsham 2 last night, currently 1.5 - 0.5 in Hasting's favour with 3 adjourned).   Crowborough 2 are up 1 place, to 6th, on game points.


Div. 2:    East Grinstead 1 are leading Woodpushers by 2 - 1 and are hopeful of picking up at least the 1 point from the outstanding 2 games to give them the match.  I have also heard that Woodpushers beat Brighton & Hove 2 by 3 - 2, but full player details are awaited before posting this on the results pages.


Div. 3:    Crawley 2   5 - 0   Haywards Heath 2.  Crawley admit to a degree of luck, with some changes in fortune on a number of boards as play drew to a close.  However, a result is a result and this one lifts Crawley 2 3 places to 5th and still with matches in hand compared to all the teams above them.

                Haywards Heath 1   2 - 2   Horsham 3.  Your humble reporter is holding out for a draw in a game that is level in material, but position-wise, this might be a bit ambitious .



6th February 2008

Norman Hawkins has added another voice to the "no" camp over quickplay finishes.  See here



6th February 2008

Div. 1:   Crowborough 2   2.5 - 2.5   Eastbourne 1.  Both teams move above Lewes 1 on game points.

              Hastings & St Leonards 2   1.5 - 3.5   Brighton & Hove 1.  B & H 1 move above Horsham 1, into 3rd place, although Horsham have a match in hand.  The top 3 players for Brighton & Hove have an aggregate grading of 570, beating any other team so far fielded this season.  In this instance, they out-graded their top 3 opponents by an average of 25 points and it was only a much more even situation on the lower boards that brought this average benefit down to 15 points for the team overall.  Joe Sharp (Hastings captain) is seeking inspiration in predicting the fall of a coin.  He reports this was his 5th successive loss of the toss this season, continuing a trend he established last season.  Despite this, Rodrigo Ringor  overcame a 28 point grading deficit on board 3 to record Hastings' one win of the night.


Div. 2:   East Grinstead 2   2.5 - 2.5   Eastbourne 2.  Grading differences on individual boards very much evened out overall,  and was reflected in the balanced result.  No change in table placings, with both these teams level-pegging on both match and game points, although East Grinstead 2 have a match in hand.


Div. 3:    Horsham 3   5 - 0   Crowborough 4.  This was the third perfect result for Horsham teams within 15 days (Divisions 3 and 4, and KO), albeit, it must be admitted, against significantly lower-graded opposition in each case.  In this instance, Horsham benefitted from an average grading advantage of 45 points.  Horsham 3 move to the top of the division despite still having matches in hand over their closest rivals.


Div. 4:    East Grinstead 3   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 4.   Brighton & Hove climb 2 places to 4th in the table.



4th February 2008

Div. 1:   Crowborough 1   2.5 - 1.5   Horsham 1.  It is anticipated that Crowborough will gain at least the half point they require from the outstanding game to take the match.

Div. 2:    Crowborough 3   0.5 - 4.5   East Grinstead 1.  Teams seriously mismatched.  Indeed, all credit to Sam Amis for gaining Crowborough's half point against a player with a grade almost twice his own.

                Brighton & Hove 2   1.5 - 3.5   Knoll Knights.  Another substantial mismatch in grades, averaging 34 points in Knoll Knights' favour.  Paul Selby achieved a draw on board 1 for Brighton despite a 38 point grading deficit, while Duncan Badham gained Brighton's sole win, on board 4, overturning a 31 point deficit.  Knoll Knights team has been revitalised this season with new blood.

Div. 3:   Eastbourne 3   1.5 - 3.5   Haywards Heath 1.  This result lifts Haywards Heath 1 to 4th place, but still with matches in hand compared to the leading 2 teams in Div. 3.


Mike Tanner

30th January 2008

It has been brought to my attention that Mike Tanner, a very longstanding stalwart of Eastbourne Chess Club sadly passed away last night.  John Herbert writes, on behalf of the  Club:-


"I am sorry to tell you that Mike Tanner died earlier this evening. He was diagnosed terminally ill about six months ago, but was able to live actively until the last few days. His memories of Eastbourne Chess Club went back nearly sixty years. He was a cheerful and obliging man, and a few seasons ago he resolved a difficult situation for us by taking on the captaincy of our Third Team." 


I'm sure everyone associated with the League will wish to join me in extending their sympathies to Mike's family and friends.



30th January 2008

A further contribution in favour of quickplay finishes, or, at least, against adjudications, has been submitted by Joe Sharp (Hastings & St Leonards).  See here 


With several contributions on this topic now received, views are clearly strongly divided.  Attempting to paraphrase, those in favour argue that a result obtained across the board, by whatever means, is better than one achieved through lengthy, computer-aided, analysis and third parties.  Certainly, proponents of quickplay finishes no doubt see them as more in the spirit of a game played between 2 individuals.  Efficient use of time can also be considered, they argue, part and parcel of competitive chess.  Those opposed to the idea see quickplay finishes as a very different animal to the one they enjoy playing.  Some feel this sufficiently strongly to say they might well stop playing in any league that introduced such finishes.


However, amongst these basic divisions of opinion, another point that some have raised is that adjudicated games might, in future, be excluded from grading.  As the county grading reporter, I have not been aware of any instructions to weed out any results I know to have been determined by adjudication.  However, there is further discussion of this point on the ECF website




30th January 2008

Div. 1:  Crowborough 2   2 - 2   Brighton & Hove 1.  Board 2 is adjourned.  Crowborough had an average grading deficit of 20 points, due principally to the strength of Brighton & Hove on the top 3 boards.

               Lewes 1   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 1.  Result reflects evenly matched teams, with just an average of 1 grading point separating them.

                Horsham 2   1.5 - 3.5   Crawley 1.  These 2 close neighbours were both promoted from Division 2 for this season.  Last season, Horsham 2 suffered their only defeat at the hands of Crawley, but went on to steal top place from them by just 0.5 game point.  It was just days since Crawley had suffered a drumming at the hands of Horsham's first team, albeit with some intervention by the clock.  Clearly, this had all the makings of a needle match!  Horsham had a slight grading advantage, but Crawley emerged clear victors.


Div. 2:    East Grinstead 2   1.5 - 3.5   Brighton & Hove 2.  A delayed result from November.  Three draws on the middle boards, but wins on top and bottom boards gave Brighton victory overall.


Div. 4:   Brighton & Hove 4   1 - 4   East Grinstead 4.  Although only benefiting from small grading advantages on the top 3 boards, wins on each helped East Grinstead to this substantial victory.

              Aldrington House   2.5 - 2.5   St Francis.   St. Francis had a substantial grading advantage on the boards played, but defaulted on one board. 


KO:     Crowborough A   6 - 0   Uckfield.   Crowborough were clearly taking no chances with this one!  It was only with the help of Uckfield's top 2 players having assumed grades under the competition rules that kept Crowborough's aggregate grading advantage down to just 435 points!

             Crowborough B   2.5 - 3.5   Lewes.  Much less unevenly matched this time, but a grading deficit to Crowborough of 159 points was sufficient to give them victory under the handicapping rules.

              Both Crowborough teams go forward to the next (semi-final) round. 


Although there are some significant differences in number of matches played, some clear trends are emerging from the league tables.  In Division 1, Hastings & St Leonards 1 are leading with 5 out of 6, but Crowborough 1, with one match in hand, have also only dropped a single match point.  However, Horsham 1, with 2 matches in hand compared to the current leader, have only dropped half a match point and still have a number of the lower placed teams to play.  While Crawley 1 are not looking like contenders for the championship, they have certainly justified their promotion from Division 2, having so far scored 3 match points from 6 matches.  Horsham 2, alas, are looking strong contenders to maintain their recent nomadic existence of alternating between Divisions 1 and 2 on an annual basis.


In Division 2, Worthing currently have a perfect record from 4 matches.  However, Knoll Knights, only promoted from Division 3 at the start of the season, have only dropped half a match point from their first 3 matches.  The full match card is awaited from the Woodpushers v Brighton 2 match, but I understand that Woodpushers came out on top, which will alter the middle order currently showing in the crosstable.  Lewes 2 and Crowborough 3, although with only 2 results apiece showing so far, have yet to get off the mark.


Division 3 is a much more open affair.  Brighton & Hove 3, only promoted from Division 4 this season, are currently leading the table, but they have played more of their matches than any other team and have dropped 3 match points so far.  Horsham 3, relegated from Division 2 last season, are leading in terms of points conceded, having dropped only half a match point so far, but from only 3 matches.  No team has yet to get off the mark.  Many will no doubt be watching the fortunes of Haywards Heath who lost what should have been their first team this season.  Their second team currently leads their first team by 1.5 match points, but the mismatch in number of matches played makes this an unfair comparison.


While East Grinstead 3 are shown as being in 3rd place in Division 4, they are the only team in that division with a perfect score, 2 out of 2.  Furthermore, their 2 victories have been over the 2 teams currently leading on match points, but each having played 2 more matches.  Horsham 4, relegated from Division 3 for this season are just ahead of East Grinstead 4 on game points, each having 3 match points from 4 matches. 



27th January 2008

David Fryer, who originated the topic of quickplay finishes, adds further support for the idea, while Phil Stimpson (Horsham) is strongly in the anti-camp.  Details on the Forum page.



27th January 2008

Div. 1:  Crawley 1   0.5 - 4.5   Horsham 1.  The result would have been a more respectable 1.5 - 3.5 for Crawley had they not squandered a winning position on board 2 by losing on time.

KO:  Detailed results are awaited, but both Crowborough teams have won their first round matches.  Crowborough A are at home to Crawley and Horsham are at home to Crowborough B in the semi-finals, to be played by 9 March.



24th January 2008

Three individual responses from members of Horsham Chess Club., 2 - 1 against quickplay finishes.  John Cannon recalls the topic being decisively rejected at two past AGMs, while Dix Roberts endorses the forthright views of Feliks Kwiatkowski.  However, Anthony Higgs is in favour and queries whether there might be moves to render games not finished over the board ineligible for grading.  Details on the Forum page.



24th January 2008

Div. 2:  Two good wins for Worthing, albeit with the benefit of substantial grading advantages.  They beat Crowborough 3 by 4 - 1 (the one point going to Caroline Campion who beat an opponent graded 48 points higher) and only dropped half a point against Eastbourne 2.

Div. 4:  Horsham 4 achieved a perfect result against St Francis.


... and a reminder, please:  while match results must be submitted to the Match Recorder (Don Grant), either by post or by e-mail (although this is via an intermediary, as Don is not contactable directly by e-mail), I would ask team captains in addition to copy the results to me (Web Editor) to avoid delay in posting them on the website.



22nd January 2008

A range of further views.  Support from Crawley CC, a vehement disagreement from Feliks Kwiatkowski and an alternative proposal from the Adjudications Secretary.  All posted on the Forum page



22nd January 2008

Div. 1:    Hastings & St Leonards 1   3 - 2   Crowborough 1.  Only a a win for Hastings on board 3 separated a match full of draws.

KO:     Aldrington House  0 - 6  Horsham.  Unable to avoid a handicapping disadvantage, Horsham went for broke with an aggregate grading advantage of 286 points and hoped there wouldn't be too many slip ups.  Horsham play the winners of Crowborough "B" v Lewes in the semi-finals.



19th January 2008

Sue Chadwick has responded promptly with strong support for quickplay finishes to MSL games.  See her views here



17th January 2008

The first discussion item of the season has been raised by David Fryer (East Grinstead) who seeks the views of others on the MSL introducing quickplay finishes to avoid unfinished games that have to be adjudicated or otherwise agreed without actually being played to a proper conclusion.


Before we know it, the next AGM will be upon us.  I suggest that the Forum page on the website can be a useful facility for discussing items of interest or concern and to help formulate any proposals to bring to the AGM.  Please feel free to make any contributions on the issue raised by David Fryer or any other.



17th January 2008

Div. 2:  East Grinstead 1   2 - 3   Knoll Knights.

Div. 3:   The outstanding game in the Brighton & Hove 3 v Haywards Heath 1 match has been awarded as a draw.  The match overall was, therefore, drawn also.


Easter Break

15th January 2008

The match schedules were, I thought (!), cunningly drawn up to allow for a 2-week break around the Easter period.  However, it's now been pointed out to me that the school holidays have generally been detached from Easter itself this year and will be over the period 7th to 18th April.  This might affect the availability of some players.  There are not many matches scheduled for this period, but clubs may wish to check on this in a timely manner and seek to change any dates that might give them a problem.  Note, however, that under Rule 2.1 all matches should be completed by 15th April unless otherwise agreed by the League Secretary.



15th January 2008

Div. 3:   The outstanding games from Brighton & Hove 3 v Horsham 3 have been resolved without troubling the adjudicators.  Horsham win by 3 - 2.


Events:  2nd International Brentwood Congress 16 - 17 February 2008

13th January 2008


(details deleted) 



13th January 2008

Div. 1:  Eastbourne 1   2 - 3    Crowborough 1

Div. 3:   Haywards Heath 2   1 - 4   Argumentatives

              Brighton & Hove 3    2 - 2   Haywards Heath 1   (1 game adjourned)

              Lewes 3    3 - 2    Haywards Heath 2

Div. 4:   St Francis   1.5 - 3.5   East Grinstead 4

              Brighton & Hove 4   3 - 2   Uckfield

KO:      Crawley  3.5 - 2.5   Woodpushers  (Crawley were out-graded by 136 points but win even without their handicapping bonus.)



Crowborough Chess Club:  New Venue  (Update)

10th January 2008

Crowborough advise that the original Multimap link provided a few days ago, based on the postcode, slightly but confusingly misplaced the location of their new venue.  There seems no way currently of correcting this in Multimap (as used for all the other map links) so an alternative map link has now been provided on their club page.  Note that the venue (St Michael & All Angels Church Hall) is about 100 yards south east of the railway line, on the left hand side if going south (down the hill )after passing through the tunnel under the line.



10th January 2008

Div. 3:  Brighton & Hove 3  0.5 - 0.5   Horsham 3.  Only the top board players got around to completing their game (or, at least, agreeing a draw) in the allotted time.  Despite a significant grading disadvantage, Brighton & Hove players are holding out on all 4 remaining boards, although Horsham are hopeful of having an edge overall.



8th January 2008

Div.1:  Draws have been awarded in each of the 2 outstanding games.  Hastings & St Leonards 2 beat Crowborough 2 by 3.5 - 1.5, while Hastings & St Leonards 1 beat Crawley 1 by  4 - 1.


Div. 4:  Horsham 4 beat Hastings & St Leonards 3 by 4 - 1.



1st January 2008

Div. 3:  Eastbourne 3   4 - 1   Crowborough 4


Crowborough Chess Club:  New Venue

24th December 2007

Crowborough Chess Club is changing its venue with effect from 4th January 2008.  See their club page for details.



17th December 2007

Div. 1:  Horsham 1   3 - 2    Lewes 1  (very evenly matched teams and just a win on top board edged Horsham ahead)

            Crawley 1   0.5 - 3.5   Hastings & St Leonards 1 (Crawley were well out-graded by Hastings.  1 game adjourned.)

            Crowborough 2  3.5 - 1.5   Horsham 2  (again, result went with grading, Horsham being significantly out-graded)

Div. 3:   Argumentatives   2.5 - 2.5   Horsham 3   (boards 1, 2, 4 and 5 all reflected significant grading differences, but a good draw by The Args on board 3 enabled them to level the match)


Just a few outstanding results to reach me, but that should be it now till the new year.  Seasons greetings to all who play in, or otherwise support, the MSL (or, indeed, just care to visit our website).



10th December 2007

(Bit of a backlog due to webeditor being away.  Thanks to all the team captains who have continued to copy results to me.)

Div. 1:  Crawley 1   1.5 - 3.5   Crowborough 1 

            Hastings & St Leonards 1   4.5 - 0.5   Lewes 1 

            Hastings & St Leonards 2   3 - 1   Crowborough 2 (1 adjourned)

            Horsham 2   2 - 3    Brighton & Hove 1

Div. 2:  Lewes 2   2 - 3   Eastbourne 2

            Woodpushers   0.5 - 4.5   Knoll Knights

            Eastbourne 2   1.5 - 3.5   East Grinstead 1

            Crowborough 3   2 - 3   Brighton & Hove 2

Div. 3:  Brighton & Hove 3   3.5 - 1.5   Eastbourne 3

            Haywards Heath 2   4.5 - 0.5   Brighton & Hove 3

            Lewes 3   3 - 2   Argumentatives

Div. 4:  Uckfield   4 - 1   Aldrington House



28th November 2007

Div. 1: Lewes 1  3 - 2   Horsham 2

           Horsham 2   1 - 4    Crowborough 1 

         Brighton & Hove 1    2.5 - 2.5     Hastings & St Leonards 1

In addition, the 2 outstanding games from Hastings & St Leonards 2 v Horsham 2 have been resolved 1.5 - 0.5 in Hastings favour, who win the match 3.5 - 1.5.

Div. 2:  Worthing   3 - 2   Woodpushers

Div 3:  Crawley 2   2 - 3    Crowborough 4



21st November 2007

Div. 1:  With an average 9 point grading advantage, Hastings & St Leonards 2 are leading Horsham 2 by 2 - 1, with 2 games outstanding.  The open game in the Crawley 1 v Lewes 1 match has been agreed as a draw, giving Crawley victory by 4 - 1.

Div. 4:  With Horsham 4 reeling from having squandered a major grading advantage against East Grinstead 3 last week, they did not repeat the mistake against East Grinstead 4 last night.  Horsham won by 3.5 - 1.5.  This despite the average grade of the East Grinstead 4 players exceeding that of their 3rd team counterparts by 12 points, though still over 20 points below their Horsham opposition.



17th November 2007

Div. 1: Hastings & St Leonards 2 have conceded on board 1 against Eastbourne 1.  Eastbourne win 4-1.  Crawley 1 have beaten Lewes 1 with the score at 3.5 - 0.5 with one game outstanding.  Crawley benefited from a default by Lewes on top board, but faced a substantial grading deficit on the remaining boards.

Div. 2:  The intra-club match between East Grinstead's 1st and 2nd teams was obviously a very gentlemanly affair.  Every board was drawn.  East Grinstead 1 have also drawn against Brighton & Hove 2.

Diov 3.:  The adjourned game on board 5 between Horsham 3 and Lewes 3 has been agreed a draw.  Horsham win by 4 - 1.

Div. 4:  East Grinstead 3 overcame a large grading deficit to beat Horsham 4 by 3 - 2.  St Francis suffered a whitewash at the hands of  Hastings & St Leonards 3



13th November 2007

Div. 1:  Hastings & St Leonards 2   1 - 3   Eastbourne 1  (1 game adjourned)

Div.2:  Lewes 2   2 - 3   Worthing  (A creditable outcome for Lewes 2 given the extent to which they were out-graded.)



13th November 2007

Div. 2:  Knoll Knights drew against East Grinstead 2 (full details awaited)

Div. 3:  Argumentatives 2 - 3 Crawley 2 



9th November 2007

A couple more results.  In Div. 3 Brighton & Hove 3 beat Crowborough 4 by 3 - 2, while in Div. 4 East Grinstead 4 beat Uckfield by the same margin.


Knock Out Competition

1st November 2007

Fixtures for the K.O. tournament are now posted here.  The first round is to be completed by 2nd February, but home team captains (Crowborough A, Crawley, Aldrington House and Crowborough B) should contact their opponents promptly and offer dates for their fixtures.



1st November 2007

Div. 1

Crowborough 1   3 - 1   Crowborough 2


Argumentatives   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 3

Horsham 3   3.5 - 0.5   Lewes 3 (1 game adjourned)

Haywards Heath 2   3.5 - 1.5   Eastbourne 3 (Details awaited)

Div 4

East Grinstead 4   1 - 4   East Grinstead 3


Results and Fixtures

30th October 2007

A few more results have come in, as follows:

Div. 1

Horsham 1  4 - 1   Horsham 2

Brighton & Hove 1   4 - 1   Eastbourne 1

Eastbourne 1   2 - 3   Crawley 1


Div. 2

Woodpushers   3.5 - 1.5   Eastbourne 2  (Player queries awaited before posting detailed results)


Div. 3

Haywards Heath 2   2.5 - 2.5   Haywards Heath 1  (Detailed results awaited)


A number of fixture dates have been updated by mutual agreement between the teams involved.  Please notify  any more that are known.


...And We're Off ...

16th October 2007

The first score card of the season has come in.  Hastings & St Leonards 1 duly beat their second team by 3.5 to 1.5.  While I have yet to receive player details, I understand that honour was also maintained in the Crowborough Div. 1 intra-club match, but only by the slimmest margin.


A report on last season's Sussex correspondence chess results has been added to the Sussex page.


SCCA Competitions 2007 / 2008

4th October 2007

Details of the various County association competitions have been posted on the Sussex page (under "Externals").  Please note that entries are required to be sent to Dr Opie by 15th October, along with the appropriate entry fees.


Start of 2007 / 2008 Season

3rd October 2007

Update from Web Editor / Fixtures Secretary

(I've invented the 2nd job title for myself in the absence of anything better!)

In preparation for the start of the 2007 / 2008 playing season, a fair amount of work has gone on behind the scenes to draw up the fixture lists and update the website.  My thanks to all the club contacts who have provided information to me.


The make-up of the various divisions has changed a little from last season, in addition to the regular promotions and relegations, due to various team changes.  We have lost The Holt as they are no longer able to field a full team, although I trust those members of their club who wish to continue playing will find a new home with one of our other clubs.  Haywards Heath have lost a number of their strongest players and no longer feel able to support a team in Division 1.  Consequently, they have withdrawn what would have been their first team, but retain 2 other teams, both playing in Division 3.  Crowborough have withdrawn their 5th team.  However, on the bright side, we're pleased to have a 4th team entry from Brighton & Hove.  In summary, therefore, there has been a net loss of 2 teams compared to last season.  This has necessitated some re-arrangement of the divisions.


We now have 16 clubs fielding a total of 36 teams.  If the withdrawn teams had simply been scratched from the divisions they would otherwise have been in, and the additional Brighton & Hove team added to Division 4, there would have been 10 teams in Division 1, 8 in Division 2 and 9 in each of Divisions 3 and 4.  In keeping with earlier decisions to have rather more teams in Division 1, no changes have been made there.  However, changes have been made to the promotions and relegations between the lower divisions in order to keep 9 teams in each of Divisions 2 and 3.  Crowborough 3 will remain in Division 2, while Brighton & Hove 3 will be promoted from Division 4 to Division 3, along with Crawley 2 and Haywards Heath 3 (who have, of course, become Haywards Heath 2).  I trust you are all keeping up!


The upshot of all of this is that we arrive at the following composition of each of the divisions:-


  Division 1   Division 2 
Brighton & Hove 1 Brighton & Hove 2
Crawley 1 Crowborough 3
Crowborough 1 Eastbourne 2
Crowborough 2 East Grinstead 1
Eastbourne 1 East Grinstead 2
Hastings & St Leonards 1 Knoll Knights
Hastings & St Leonards 2 Lewes 2
Horsham 1 Woodpushers
Horsham 2 Worthing
Lewes 1  
  Division 3   Division 4 
Argumentatives Aldrington House
Brighton & Hove 3 Brighton & Hove 4
Crawley 2 East Grinstead 3
Crowborough 4 East Grinstead 4
Eastbourne 3 Hastings & St Leonards 3
Haywards Heath 1 Horsham 4
Haywards Heath 2 St Francis
Horsham 3 Uckfield
Lewes 3  


Fixture lists have been circulated to all clubs and can also be seen at Fixtures  Please note that some of these fixtures might still be subject to change by mutual agreement between the teams involved.  In particular, Crawley have notified a late change of club night to Thursday.  They are contacting opposing team captains for their home fixtures to agree amended dates.


Where clubs are entering more than 1 team, the names of their nominated players for the higher team(s) can be found here.  (Information is still awaited from several clubs.  Please provide names as soon as possible so that the list can be completed, noting that this must be done before any matches are played.)


Those who attended the AGM in May will recall a lengthy discussion on better defining the term "bona fide member" in Rule 3.1 concerning eligibility to play for a club in MSL matches.  The result was an agreed elaboration of this Rule to include several criteria, any 2 or more of which must be satisfied by a player.  Please Note the requirement that confirmation of the basis of eligibility of any new player must be provided to the Tournament Controller not later than with submission of the match result in which that player first appeared for the club.  The Rules have been amended to reflect this decision.


The individual Club pages have been amended in accordance with information provided to me so far.  I suspect there may be further changes to come, so please check the entries for your club and let me have any amendments.  Also, if a club would like to have general information about themselves and their recent accomplishments added, as has been done previously, please let me have the material you want included.


All that's left to say now is that I hope my opponents haven't been practicing too much over the summer, and let battle commence.




21st September 2007

In preparation for the forthcoming season, material related to the 2006 / 07 season has been transferred to the Archive page.  This includes the News and Forum material.