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AGM Preparation

22nd May  2009 


A limited number of copies of the age nda and the minutes from the last AGM will be available at the forthcoming AGM.  However, it would be helpful if those attending could bring their own copies.


.The Agenda is available here


The Minutes of the 2008 AGM are available here .


The Match Recorder has provided the following details on personal performances over the 2008 / 09 season:


Individual teams: played in at least 75% of matches and achieved score of 75% or better:


Div. 1:  (at least 7 games)

1.        D. Lawson             (Lewes 1)                          5½ / 7           78.57%


Div. 2:   (at least 6 games)

1.        J. Herbert               (Eastbourne 1)                7½ / 8          93.75%

2.         F. Kwiatkowski      (St Francis &                       7 / 8             87.5%

                                              Haywards Heath 1) 

3.        R. Norinkeviciute    (Eastbourne 1)                  6½ / 8           81.25%

4.        R. Hutchings           (Woodpushers)                  5½ / 7          78.57%

5.        J Quinn                    (Horsham)                            6 / 8            75%


Div. 3:    (at least 6 games)

1.         D Fryer                  (Uckfield 1)                        7½ / 8          93.75%

2.         P. Farr                    (Argumentatives)               5½ / 6           91.67%

3=.       K. Gee                   (Brighton & Hove 3)           5½ / 7          78.57%

3=.       R. Jeffery               (Uckfield 1)                          5½ / 7          78.57%


Div. 4:      (at least 6 games)

1.          S. Hayward          (Brighton & Hove 4)         7 / 8             87.5%

2=.        R. Davies               (Brighton & Hove 4)            6 / 7             85.71%

2=.        M. Harris                (Crawley 2)                          6 / 7             85.71%

4.          C. Campion           (Crowborough 4)                6½ / 8           81.25%

5.          A. Locke                (Horsham 5)                         5½ / 7          78.57%


Overall:  played at least 7 games and achieved score of 75% or better.

1=.       D. Fryer                 (Uckfield 1)                         7½ / 8          93.75%

1=        J. Herbert             (Eastbourne 1)                   7½ / 8          93.75%

3=.       S. Hayward           (Brighton & Hove 4)              7 / 8             87.5%

3=.        F. Kwiatkowski    (St Francis &                         7 / 8             87.5%

                                             Haywards Heath 1)

5.          R. Norinkeviciute  (Eastbourne 1)                    6½ / 8           81.25%

6=        R. Hutchings           (Woodpushers)                   5½ / 7          78.57%

6=        D. Lawson              (Lewes 1)                             5½ / 7          78.57%

6=        A. Locke                 (Horsham 5)                         5½ / 7          78.57%

9.        V. Ellis                     (Eastbourne 1, 2 & 3)           7 / 9             77.78%

10=     R. Davies               (Brighton & Hove 3 & 4)        6 / 8              75%

10=     D.J. Grant              Crowborough 1 & 2)               6 / 8              75%


If anyone spots any errors in the above summary, please notify the Match Recorder directly (by 'phone is probably best).



Forum : Quickplay Finishes

17th May  2009 

The  latest contribution to the debate is provided by Richard Almond (Hastings & St Leonard). 


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

15th May  2009 

John Cannon (Horsham CC) has expanded on his experiences of QPFs here .


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

15th May  2009 

Brian Donnelly (Horsham CC) believes chess, like cricket, has benefited from quicker time limits, but that QPFs are not suited to the MSL.  His comments are here .



14th May  2009 


Sue Chadwick has received no proposals for changes to the draft agenda for the AGM posted below on 11th May, so this is now the formal agenda and has been circulated to clubs.


There can be little doubt that the main topic of contention this year will be the proposal to introduce the option of quickplay finishes.  The debate played out through the Forum page of the website shows that there are passionately held views both for and against.  With this in mind, Sue has asked that the following advice be passed on:-


The AGM is likely to be well-attended this year with the highly-charged issue of the quickplay finish on the agenda. I would like to remind clubs that they have one vote per team in the league (rule 14.3). How clubs choose to select their representatives is up to them, but I believe the spirit of the rule is that each vote should represent the views of the people who regularly play a for a team and that each team should be represented. While voting cards will make sure no club gets more votes than it is entitled to, it is possible more members will attend than are able to vote. I would like to make a plea to clubs to decide on their representatives in advance of the AGM to avoid any difficulties on the night. One way might be for the elected team captains or their delegates to vote as this would give the most democratic result for the league as a whole. We want the AGM to reflect the will of the membership of the MSCL, not just the will of the AGM attenders.

I hope therefore we will have a well-attended AGM and an informed debate. So please remember, all web-readers, that the AGM is open to all players in the mid-sussex league and that in order for it to be democratic it has to be supported rather than ignored. 


Sue Chadwick

Secretary MSCL



Forum : Quickplay Finishes

14th May  2009 

The AGM might be approaching, but inputs to the QPF debate continue to flow in.  Indeed, we're now attracting inputs from beyond the borders of Sussex.


Mark Attree has added his views, while Roger de Coverly, League Controller for the Berks League, responds to previous comments, principally those from Ken Norman.  Both contributions are on the Forum page.



14th May  2009 

The last 2 results of the season have now come in.


Div. 3:    Crowborough 3   1 - 4   Worthing 2


Div. 4:    St Francis & Haywards Heath 3   3 - 2   East Grinstead 2


St Francis & Haywards Heath 3 and East Grinstead 2 swap places, between 7th and 8th.


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

12th May  2009 


Further inputs have been received from players with experience of QPFs in leagues elsewhere.  As always, they're added to the appropriate Forum page.


AGM:  Draft Agenda

11th May  2009 


Sue Chadwick (League Secretary) has put together a draft agenda for the AGM on 28th May.  It is reproduced below.  If anyone has any comments, please pass them to her promptly as the final version must be circulated by Thursday 14th May.  Please note also that it is proposed to use "voting cards" for club representatives to ensure compliance with the MSCL rule that voting be limited to one vote per team entered in the League.


With regard to the proposal regarding Quickplay Finishes, as regular site visitors will know, there has been extensive debate on the Forum  page, with strong views expressed both for and against.  Clubs are asked to ensure that their representatives attending the AGM have familiarised themselves with this debate and the various perceived pros and cons of such a change.










Annual General Meeting Thursday 28th May 2009 7.30. PM


Tyler Room, Luxford Centre, Library Way, Uckfield TN22 1AR



1.                 Chairman’s opening remarks and apologies for absence.

2.                 Minutes of 2008 AGM (previously circulated).

3.                 Secretary's Report and matters arising.

4.                 Treasurer's Report and matters arising.

5.                 Fixtures Secretary’s Report and matters arising.

6.                 Match Recorder’s Report and matters arising.

7.                 Presentation of Trophies.

8.                 Election of Officers.

1.    Chairman

2.    Secretary

3.    Fixtures Secretary

4.    Treasurer

5.    Match Recorder

6.    Webmanager

7.    Auditor

9.                 SCCA Matters relating to the League and its clubs.

10.             County Adjudication Secretary’s report and matters arising.

11.             "Champions" v "The Rest" match?

12.             David Fryer’s proposal for a rule-change to allow for an elective QPF option. (see below)

13.             Any other business.


Item 12.   Rule-change proposal (proposed changes marked in red):


7  Time controls

7.1  Clocks  Clocks must be used in all games.

7.2  Time controls: division 1  In Division 1 matches, including play-offs between Division 1 teams, at least 3 hours must be allowed for play, and unless 7.5 applies the time control shall be 42 moves in 1 hr 30 min and 7 moves per 15 minutes thereafter.

7.3  Time controls: other divisions  In other matches at least 2 hrs 40 min must be allowed for play. If at least 3 hours is available, then the time control shall be as above with the option of 7.5, but for shorter matches it shall be 40 moves in 1 hr 20 min and 7 moves per 15 minutes thereafter with no 7.5 option.

7.4  Additional time controls  Both clocks should be turned by 15 minutes for each additional 7-move time control played.

7.5 Quickplay finish Before white makes his second move both players may agree to play under the following time control; 30 moves in 60 minutes with all (remaining) moves in 30 minutes. Upon this agreement the clocks shall be adjusted accordingly by adding 30 minutes to each player’s clock. After completion of black’s 30th move the clocks should be turned back by 30 minutes.

7.6 During the quickplay phase of the game A player may claim a draw when he has less than two minutes left on his clock and before his flag falls. This concludes the game.

 He may claim on the basis

a)       that his opponent cannot win by normal means, and/or

b)       that his opponent has been making no effort to win by normal means


In (a) the player must write down the final position and his opponent verify it.

In (b) the player must write down the final position and submit an up-to-date scoresheet, which must be completed before play has ceased. The opponent shall verify both the scoresheet and the final position.

If a result cannot be agreed then each club shall submit a claim in accordance with 9.1

8  The playing session

8.1  Before play begins  Immediately before a match, team captains shall: (1) exchange names of team players; (2) toss for colours, the winner's team taking either White or Black on the odd-numbered boards; (3) agree and announce to all participants: (a) the time controls and if applicable explain the option of a quickplay finish , (b) the agreed finishing time, (c) any arrangements for interruptions that could involve stopping clocks.

9  Adjudication including Quickplay Finish claims

9.1  Submitting games for adjudication  Team captains should make reasonable efforts in the eight days following a match to agree the results of any unfinished games. If agreement on any such game cannot be reached, then each club must submit forthwith to the Adjudication Secretary of the Sussex County Chess Association: (1) a copy of the final position, with all relevant facts, and the club's claim; (2) the adjudication fee, and (3) a stamped addressed envelope.

With regard to a quickplay finish claim under 7.6(b) a copy of the verified scoresheet must also be submitted by the claiming team.


 Events: Hastings 2009 / 10

3rd May 2009


The 85th Hastings Congress will take place from 28th December 2009 to 5th January 2010. 


Results: Crawley Win Knock-Out

3rd May 2009 


Crawley have ended Crowborough's 4 year reign as Knock-Out Champions.  They out-graded Crowborough "B" by 133 points, requiring them to win the 6-board match by at least 4.5 - 1.5.  In the event they achieved a 6 - 0 clean sweep.


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

29th April  2009 


John Cannon passes on concerns from a former Horsham player, now playing in the East Glamorgan League, where QPFs were recently introduced.  Please find his comments here .



29th April  2009 

Div. 2:    Woodpushers   2.5 - 2.5   East Grinstead 1


Div. 3:    Details awaited, but I'm told that Worthing 2 scored a 4 - 1 victory over Crowborough 3 in the closing match for this division.


I just need details of the Division 3 match mentioned above and the Division 4 match between St Francis & Haywards Heath 3 and East Grinstead 2, played Monday this week, to complete the results tables.  If anyone can get these to me ASAP, I'd be grateful.


However, the picture is now clear regarding the expected promotions and relegations, as set out below.


Div. 1:  Crowborough 1 and Hastings & St Leonards 1 have tied as League Champions, each with 8 match points from their 9 matches and 30.5 game points.  Knoll Knights and Worthing 1 look set to return to Division 2 after just 1 season in the top division.


Div. 2:   Eastbourne 1 and Horsham 2 are set to return to Division 1.  As with the expected relegations from the top division, these promotions exactly reverse the relegations from last season.  In the case of Horsham 2, this would be the 5th season running they have oscillated between the top 2 divisions, whereas Eastbourne 1 will be returning to Division 1 where they had been for a number of seasons prior to the current one.  At the other end of the table, Eastbourne 2 and Woodpushers have seen a significant fall in fortunes this year and are set to discover pastures new in Division 3.


Div. 3:  Promotion beckons for Brighton & Hove 3 and Uckfield 1.  A remarkable achievement for Uckfield 1, strengthened by the joining of David Fryer, but only placed in Division 3 to balance up numbers due to 4 new teams starting this season.  The only real faller from Division 3 looks like being Hastings & St Leonards 3.  They would also have expected to be joined in Division 4 by Crowborough 3, but this latter team appear to have played their get out of jail free card - aka having Crowborough 4 finish in the promotion zone of Division 4.


Div. 4:  Brighton & Hove 4 are the second team from that club to gain promotion, being clear winners of the bottom division.  As explained above, Crowborough 4 might also expect promotion, but this is negated by the expected relegation of their 3rd team.


Please note that all these changes are subject to confirmation or other changes that might be necessitated by any team withdrawals, or new teams joining, next season



27th April  2009 

Div. 2:    East Grinstead 1   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 2


               A delayed result that has just reached me.  The final match in Division 2 (Woodpushers v East Grinstead 1) is due to be played this evening and will determine which of these teams ends in the bottom-but-one position.  Woodpushers need a win to avoid this. 


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

26th April  2009 


John Cannon has responded to the information I posted earlier today, specifying the other 3 County matches from this season that have caused disputes over QPFs.  Please see his comments here .


Greater details on each of these cases are given on the U175 results page of the SCCU website.  I've added a link at the end of John's comment.


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

26th April  2009 


I have added a contribution to the on-going debate on QPFs here .  I am keen not to compromise my role as facilitator and honest broker in the on-line debate, so please regard this as speaking to the proposals, not for or against them.


Results:  Player Correction

26th April  2009 


I can normally claim that all errors on this site are mine, all mine!  Created without assistance from anyone else.  Just occasionally, though, I must concede a degree of contributory help.  I have received 5 match results this season involving East Grinstead 3 (Division 4) which have included a player "S. Aggarwal"  I had interpreted this to be Savya Aggarwal, ECF Ref. 272824C, with a grade of 0.  However, Savya has a brother Kumarsambhav, ECF Ref. 271884E, graded 60 and known to his friends as Sam.  You can see where this is heading ....  Seriously, though, I'm grateful to the reader who alerted me to this and do please keep an eye on the results as posted on the website, as errors there are most likely to be carried through to the data used to generate the next grading list.  As club contacts will know, a large proportion of communications they get from me are to query player details.  Care in submitting match results is a great help.


I have corrected the relevant match results to show the right player.


For the record, "Sam" has won all 5 of his games this season, all against higher graded opponents - so there's some consolation there for his opponents as the dents in their grades will not be quite as great as they might have feared!


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

24th April  2009 


Brian Denman contributes a number of detailed observations on, and arguments against, the QPF proposals.  His views are here .



I'd like to make a couple of points, not specifically related to any particular contribution to this debate.  David Fryer has indicated to me that he intended his latest contribution, posted on 13th April, to be his last prior to the AGM.  Consequently, would other contributors please not feel offended if David fails to respond to further comments.  Secondly, I recognise that strongly held views exist on both sides of this debate.  That's all good and healthy and I'm pleased to be able to facilitate this discussion via the website.  However, can we all please be sure that comments address issues and not individuals.  Exciting my editor's censorship nerve will just make me unpopular with everyone!



23rd April  2009 


Div. 2:    Eastbourne 1   3 - 2   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1


Div. 4:    Crowborough 4   3 - 2   East Grinstead 3.

                Brighton & Hove 4   4.5 - 0.5   St Francis & Haywards Heath 3 


               This confirms that Crowborough 4 have secured the 2nd place in Division 4 by the smallest possible margin.  They have beaten East Grinstead 3 and Horsham 5 by just 0.5 game point.   However, Brighton & Hove 4 are clear winners, by 1.5 match points, with a final tally of 7 out of 8.


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

20th April  2009 


David Fryer invited Bernard Cafferty to review his playing records.  Bernard obliges



20th April  2009 


Div. 4:    East Grinstead 2   3 - 2   Crowborough 4.  Crowborough defaulted on board 3.  I'm told that Crowborough turned up expecting to play their away match against East Grinstead 3, but due to some sort of problem for East Grinstead, agreed instead to play their outstanding match against East Grinstead 2 - even though this was scheduled as a home match for Crowborough.


                East Grinstead 2 climb 1 place, to 7th.  Although I have yet to receive details, I understand that Crowborough 4 have since played, and won, their match against East Grinstead 3.  This means they will have climbed 2 places, on game points, easing Horsham 5 out of the 2nd potential promotion slot.


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

13th April  2009 


David Fryer came back promptly with a response to Bernard Cafferty's latest views.  Posted here


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

13th April  2009 


Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following player are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Brighton & Hove 4:   Arthur De Silver, since 8-04-2009


East Grinstead 2:   Bob Dyke and Colin Wakefield, both since 8-04-2009



13th April  2009 


Div. 4:    Brighton & Hove 4   3.5 - 1.5   East Grinstead 2


                Brighton & Hove 4 move to top of Division 4 and now appear assured of ending the season in one of the top 2 slots. 


Results:  Crowborough and Hastings & St Leonards Joint Champions

10th April  2009 


Crowborough and Hastings & St Leonards have agreed not to seek a play-off between their respective 1st teams who have tied for top position in Division 1.  They will share the title as joint champions for the 2008 / 09 season.  Congratulations to the teams and players concerned.


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

9th April  2009 


Bernard Cafferty has returned to the fray, continuing to support the current rules.  He argues that the vast majority of games that are not finished on the night are then resolved amicably over the next few days, with only a small minority actually going to adjudication.  He believes QPFs have the potential for more squabbles and hightened emotions.  (What?  In chess!  Surely not!)  See the Forum QPF page.



9th April  2009 


Div. 1:    Brighton & Hove 1   2.5 - 2.5   Worthing 1

                Worthing 1   2.5 - 2.5   Lewes 1


                This completes Division 1 matches for this season, save for a possible play-off between Crowborough and Hastings.  These 2 late draws enable Worthing to swap places with Knoll Knights at the bottom of the table, but still leave these 2 teams in the relegation positions.


Div. 3:    St Francis & Haywards Heath 2   3.5 - 1.5   Hastings & St Leonards 3.


                St Francis & Haywards Heath 2 tie with Horsham 4 for 3rd place.


Div. 4:    Brighton & Hove 5   2 - 3   East Grinstead 3

                St Francis & Haywards Heath 3   2 - 3   Crawley 2

                Crowborough 4   4 - 1   Uckfield 2

                East Grinstead 3   3 - 2   Crawley 2


               There's still a lot to play for at the top of this division, with 4 teams still in the running for the top 2 slots. 


AGM:  Call For Agenda Items

3rd April  2009 


In order to meet the deadline for circulating the agenda for this year's AGM, will anyone wishing to have items or proposals included please ensure that they reach the Secretary by Sunday 10th May at the latest.


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

3rd April  2009 


David Fryer responds here to the recent inputs that argued against the introduction of QPFs.   With the next AGM approaching, it is perhaps opportune for us all to remind ourselves of the detail of David's actual proposal which, in its latest form, appeared on the Forum page on 30th September 2008.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

3rd April  2009 


Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following player are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Hastings & St Leonards 1:   Alan Barton, since 28-03-2009.  (Academic only)


Brighton & Hove 1:   Paul Batchelor, since 28-03-2009


Crowborough 2:   Andrew Tucker, since 30-03-2009.



3rd April  2009 


Div. 1:    (Update)   Hastings & St Leonards 2   1 - 2   Lewes 1.  The outstanding games have been agreed as a draw on board 1 and a win to Lewes on board 5.

                Hastings & St Leonards 1   3 - 2   Brighton & Hove 1

                Hastings & St Leonards 1   5 - 0   Crowborough 2.

                Worthing 1 -   2.5 - 2.5   Knoll Knights


       These results confirm that Crowborough 1 and Hastings & St Leonards 1 have tied for League Champions, each with 8 match points from 9 and 30.5 game points.  It is for these 2 clubs to decide whether to require a play-off, under Rule 12.1, or share the title.  Should Hastings & St Leonards go on to win a play-off, this will be the 4th year from the last 5 that they have been undisputed champions.


Div. 2:    Eastbourne 1   4.5 - 0.5   Brighton & Hove 2.


                Eastbourne 1 are clear winners of Division 2, even with a match still in hand.  They and Horsham 2 are set to return to Division 1 next season.  Alas, at the other end of the table, Eastbourne 2 are destined for the drop into Division 3.


Div. 3:    (Update)  Horsham 4   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 3.  The outstanding game has been adjudicated as a draw.


            Brighton & Hove 3 secure 1st place in Division 3, topping Uckfield 1 by just half a game point.   



1st April  2009 


Just a quick update, with full details to follow.


Div. 1:   Hastings & St Leonards 1 have played their last 2 matches, beating Crowborough 2 5 - 0.  They are trailing 1 - 2 against Brighton & Hove 1, but are hopeful of the outstanding boards going their way.  In this event, they will tie with Crowborough 1 on both match and game points, allowing for a play-off under Rule 12.1 if either team wishes.


A Much-Travelled Trophy Returns Home

29th March 2009

As a slight diversion from matters strictly related to the MSCL, I thought others might also enjoy a short piece that appeared recently in Hastings & St Leonards club bulletin, which I reproduce below with the permission of their Club Secretary:-


"An e-mail received....   "Hello, my name is xxxx <<redacted as I've not asked permission>>.  I am a faculty member at xxxx State University in California.  Many years ago I purchased an old trophy at a garage sale on Catalina Island.  I paid 25 cents for the trophy.  I took it home and cleaned it up a  bit and saw the inscription:
Hastings & St. Leonards Chess Club 
Third Class Cup
Presented by HJFS Stephenson Esq
Oct 1919
"On the back are the names of the winners from 1919 through 1930.
"I have enjoyed having the trophy on my desk for many years but have always felt that it  belonged back at your club.
"I am leading a study abroad program in Ireland and England this summer and would like to make a trip to Hastings to give the trophy to your club. It looks like it's about a two hour journey from London and I'd love a little excursion so it's no problem on my end.  Feel free to email and let me know what the best option is in terms of reuniting the trophy  with your club.  It will make for a great little story for my grandchildren some day!"
"Chairman Bill Penfold has matters in hand for the trophy's return in June.  Should be a nice little occasion."


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

29th March 2009 


Another quick update.  John Cannon (Horsham CC) has added to concerns that QPFs can lead to distorted (and, perhaps, unsporting?) outcomes.  His views are here .



28th March 2009 


I have been advised of a couple of forthcoming events that may be of interest to our players.


Firstly, Hastings & St Leonards are arranging a visit to Béthune over the weekend of 25 / 26 April.  They may have a couple of spare places (TBC).  Departure is from Hastings at 9:45 am on the Saturday, returning around 7:00 pm on the sunday, travelling by car via the tunnel.  Cost is £60 all in.  They "are particularly interested in gregarious players of less exalted playing strength, i.e. lower boards of the lower divisions, or less strong".   If you fit the bill and are interested, please contact Paul Buswell at


Secondly, a little out of our area, but I have been informed of the 27th South Herts Chess Congress taking place next weekend (4 / 5 April) at St Albans Boys School.  Details here


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

28th March 2009 


This subject continues to arouse interest.  Two further contributions have arrived, from Phil Stimpson (Horsham) and Bernard Cafferty (Hastings & St Leonards) each voicing opposition.  There views have been added to the appropriate Forum page .


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

28th March 2009 

Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following player are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Eastbourne 1:   Emilio Nunez, since 24-03-2009.  (Academic only)


Horsham 3:    Adam Squibbs, since 24-03-2009.  (Academic only)


Uckfield 1:   David Jeffery, since 25-03-2009




28th March  2009 


Div. 1:    Hastings & St Leonards 2   1 - 2   Lewes 1.  Boards 1 and 5 are adjourned, but I'm advised that Lewes are expected to get at least the one game point they need to clinch victory.


                Assuming Lewes win the above match, they climb 2 places to 6th.  Knoll Knights are destined to remain in one of the bottom 2 places.  Whether they are joined in the potential relegation slots by Worthing 1 or Hastings & Sty Leonards 2 depends upon Worthing's outstanding results.


Div. 2:    Horsham 3   4.5 - 0.5   Eastbourne 2.  Each team included one ungraded player, making it difficult to compare overall grading advantage, but a decisive victory for Horsham 3 to end the season.


                Horsham 3 move above Eastbourne 1, to second place, but only on game points.  As Eastbourne still have 2 matches outstanding they must remain favourite to clinch 2nd place come the end of the season.


Div. 3:    The Argumentatives   2 - 3   Uckfield 1

                Uckfield 1   3.5 - 1.5   Crowborough 3


                These results conclude a remarkable season for Uckfield, who are now bound to finish in either 1st or 2nd place in Division 3, depending upon the outcome of the adjudication affecting Brighton & Hove 3.  Further to my previous discussion of the tight placings towards the top of this division, I have reminded that I should also have included St Francis & Haywards Heath 2.  While they are out of the running for either of the top 2 places, they can still leap-frog Horsham 4 and Eastbourne 3 to finish in 3rd place.  (Can anyone provide me with the results of their match against Hastings & St Leonards 3, and indeed that of Crowborough 3 v Worthing 2, both of which should have been played by now?)   Hastings & St Leonards 3 are doomed to be in the relegation zone, but whether they're joined by the Args or Crowborough 3 depends upon the Crowborough / Worthing result.


K.O.:      I understand that Crowborough B moved forward to the semi-final round by default, Aldrington House having pulled out.    They have now gone on to beat Uckfield 5.5 - 0.5, comfortably achieving the 4.5 points minimum they need to win on handicap.  Crowborough B meet Crawley in the final.



24th March 2009


Please note that the AGM is planned to be held on Thursday 28th May 2009.  As with last year, it will be held at Uckfield Chess Club's venue.  Further details to follow.


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

24th March 2009 


John Herbert (Eastbourne CC) adds to the debate here.  He supports the idea on a voluntary basis, with the added idea of possibly introducing the timing system that gives a time increment for each move played.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

24th March 2009 

Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following player are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Brighton & Hove 3:   Sue Chadwick, since 2-03-2009.  (Late report)


Horsham 2:   Ben Silverstein, since 23-03-2009


Horsham 4:  John Marshall and Julie Denning, since 17-03-2009.  (Both academic only, as Horsham 5 have no remaining matches.)



24th March  2009 


Div. 2:    Woodpushers   2 - 3   Horsham 2.


               Horsham 2 move to top of Division 2, although barring losses in both their remaining matches, Eastbourne 1 will regain this position by the end of the season.  Assuming Eastbourne 1 gain at least half a point from these last 2 matches, it will be they and Horsham 2 in the probable promotion slots to Division 1.  These were the 2 teams relegated from last season.  It would also be the 5th consecutive season that Horsham 2 have moved between the top 2 divisions!   Horsham 2's latest win was aided and abetted by Ian comley, winning on board 5, and almost certainly ensures that Horsham 3 (of which Ian is captain) will not gain the 2nd promotion slot!  It's a cruel game!


Div. 3:   Horsham 4   2 - 2   Brighton & Hove 3.  Board 4 is going to adjudication, with Horsham seeking a win.  As it's my game, I should say no more!


              Horsham 4 move up to 2nd position.  However, the team to really watch is Uckfield 1.  They have won their match against the Args, (not reported yet as I await full details) giving them 5 points from 7 matches.  If they win their last match (against Crowborough 3, currently just one position off bottom), Uckfield 1 will have 6 points.  The outcome of the above adjudication then becomes critical.  If Brighton & Hove are awarded the draw they seek, they will share top slot with Uckfield.  If Horsham are awarded a win, then they and Brighton & Hove 3 would tie, on match and game points, for 2nd place. 


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

21st March 2009 

Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following player are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Crowborough 3:   Graham Salmon, since 23-02-2009

                                   Chris Dunn, since 3-03-2009 



21st March  2009 


Div. 2:   (Update)   Lewes 2   3 - 2   Horsham 3.  Horsham's appeal against board 2 being adjudicated a draw was turned done.

               East Grinstead 1   2.5 - 2.5   Horsham 2


               Horsham 2 displace Horsham 3 from 2nd position, while East Grinstead 1 climb 1 place, to 7th.


Div. 3:   Argumentatives   4 - 1   Hastings & St Leonards 3.  The Args defaulted board 5.

               Hastings & St Leonards 3   1.5 - 3.5   Crowborough 3 


Div. 4:   East Grinstead 2   0.5 - 4.5   Brighton & Hove 5

               East Grinstead 3   4 - 1   St Francis & Haywards Heath 3

               Crowborough 4   1.5 - 3.5   Brighton & Hove 4


               4 teams now have 3.5 match points, with just game point differences separating them. 


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

17th March 2009 


Paul Kington has joined the fray with a change of heart and new-found support for quickplay finishes, rather than risk an obscure analysis by Fritz determining a player's (and, perhaps, a team's) fate.  His views can be read here .


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

17th March 2009 

Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following player are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Eastbourne 1:   Michael Reddie, since 10-03-2009



17th March February 2009 


Just a couple of new results and a couple of updates.


Div. 1:   (Update)   Hastings & St Leonards 1   2.5 - 2.5   Crawley 1.   The 2 adjourned games have been agreed as draws.

               Crowborough 1   5 - 0   Knoll Knights


               Crowborough 1 are now sure of finishing in either 1st or 2nd place.  Hastings & St Leonards 1 can still match them on match points, and overtake them on game points, if they win their last 2 matches with at least 8.5 game points.  However, Brighton & Hove 1 could still theoretically come 2nd if they win their remaining 2 matches and Hastings falter.


Div. 2:   (Update)   Horsham 3   3.5 - 1.5   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1.  The outstanding game on board 1 has been agreed as a draw.

              Lewes 2   0.5 - 4.5   Eastbourne 1.


             Eastbourne 1 move to top of Division 2. 


Forum : Quickplay Finishes

13th March 2009 


Sue Chadwick has returned to this topic with further support for introducing quickplay finishes and avoid adjudications, possibly with some some compromises.  Her thoughts can be read here


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

13th March 2009 

Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following players are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Crowborough 2:   David Norton, since 24-02-2009

St Francis & Haywards Heath 1:   Robert Fitzgerald, since 10-03-2009.



13th March February 2009 


Div. 1:   Lewes 1   2 - 3   Crowborough 1

               Crowborough 1   3.5 - 1.5   Worthing 1


               With these 2 results now reaching me, Crowborough 1 move up to the top of Division 1.  It's looking likely that the champions this season will be either Crowborough 1 or the defending champions from last season, Hastings & St Leonards 1.


Div. 2:    Eastbourne 2   1.5 - 3.5   Lewes 2.  A good result for Lewes who, ignoring an ungraded player on board 4, were out-graded on every board.


                Lewes 2 climb to 6th, although with matches in hand for lower teams and the result of their match against Horsham 3 still in dispute, this may well change either way.


Div.3:    Worthing 2   3.5 - 1.5   The Argumententatives.


Forum : Nominated Players

11th March 2009 


Ian Comley has come back with a response to those who had already responded to his original proposals.  Please see here .


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

11th March 2009 

Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following players are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Horsham 3:  John Cannon, since 25-02-2009.  Nick Warren (from 4th team), since 25-02-2009.  Ian Comley, since 10-03-2009.


Horsham 4:   Ron Fletcher, since 3-03-2009


St Francis & Haywards Heath 2:   Norman Hawkins, since 3-03-2009.


As always, E&OE, and may not be fully up to date.  Please keep checking for yourselves.



11th March February 2009 


Div. 1:   (Update)  Horsham 1   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 1.  Draw agreed on board 3.

               Hastings & St Leonards 1   1.5 - 1.5   Crawley 1.  Boards 1 and 4 are adjourned, with Crawley reporting that they anticipate draws on each.  If this proves to be the case, a good night's work by Crawley who were significantly out-graded (by an average of 38 points) on every board.


                Horsham 1 currently occupy top slot, on game points, but they have completed all their fixtures, whereas each of their closest challengers (Hastings & St Leonards 1 and Crowborough 1) each have matches in hand. 


Div. 2:    Brighton & Hove 2   1.5 - 3.5   Horsham 3.

                Horsham 3   3 - 1   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1.  Board 1 is adjourned, with Horsham anticipating a draw.  This would be a notable result for John Cannon who was out-graded by 56 points.  Conversely, St Francis & Haywards Heath were significantly out-graded on lower boards.


                Horsham 3 currently lead the Division on game points, but their closest rivals (Eastbourne 1 and Horsham 2) equal them on match points and have matches in hand.


Div. 3:    (Update).  Horsham 4   4 - 1   Crowbourough 3.  Draw agreed on board 2.

                Brighton & Hove 3   3.5 - 1.5   St Francis & Haywards Heath 2.

                Eastbourne 3   2.5 - 2.5   Hastings & St Leonards 3.  A good result for Hastings & St Leonards against stronger opposition.


                Brighton & Hove 3 lead the Division with 5.5 match points and 1 match to go.  Eastbourne 3 are equal second  with 4.5, but have completed their fixtures.  Any of the next 3 teams (Horsham 4, St Francis & Haywards Heath 2 and Uckfield 1) could still deny Eastbourne the second promotion slot.


Div. 4:    East Grinstead 2   1.5 - 3.5   Horsham 5. 


               Horsham 5 have now completed their season's work and top the Division with 5.5 points.  However, all the other teams have matches to play and could soon change this.


               In accordance with Rule 11.2, the results for matches involving Aldrington House have been scratched from the totals shown in the crosstable. 


Aldrington House

9th March 2009 


Aldrington House have announced that they will not be able to fulfil their outstanding fixtures this season and are withdrawing from the League, at least for the rest of this season.  It's sad to lose any team and I'm sure we all hope that either they can rejoin the League in future seasons, or their remaining players can continue to enjoy chess at another local club.


Forum : Nominated Players

6th March 2009 


I have received further inputs from Sue Chadwick and Norman Hawkins.  Sue supports the idea of a change, while Norman favours maintaining the status quo.  However, Norman also suggests that each club should have equal voting rights at MSCL AGMs (i.e. 1 club - 1 vote, rather than 1 vote per team).  Their contributions can be read here


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

6th March 2009 

Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following players are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Brighton & Hove 3:   Michael Cain, since 2-03-2009


Brighton & Hove 4:   Charles Holcombe, since 2-03-2009


Horsham 4:   Roger Waddingham, since 3-03-2009



6th March February 2009 


Div. 1:   Horsham 1   2 - 2   Brighton & Hove 1.  Boards 3 is adjourned.


Div. 3:   (Update)  St Francis & Haywards Heath 2   2.5 - 2.5   Horsham 4.  The 2 outstanding games were agreed as a win apiece.

               Worthing 2   2 - 3   Brighton & Hove 3.

               Horsham 4   3.5 - 0.5   Crowborough 3.  Board 2 is adjourned, but appears to be drawn.

               Horsham 4 rise from 5th to 1st place, but only lead Brighton & Hove 3, who have a match in hand, on game points.  These 2 teams have yet to play each other.


Div. 4:   Crawley 2   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 5.


A number of fixtures have been re-arranged for later dates, in part due to the bad weather earlier this year.  Please check the Fixtures pages for details.


Forum : Nominated Players

2nd March 2009 


I have been reminded that the issues raised in Ian Comley's original piece were, in part, considered but rejected at the last AGM, which Ian was unable to attend.  The meeting rejected a proposal to increase from 3 to 4 the number of players that had to be nominated for 2nd and subsequent teams, where applicable.


However, the suggestions have inspired a couple more inputs, indicating that this is a topic on which mixed views exist.  The new contributions are from John Herbert of Eastbourne and David Fryer of Uckfield.  They're posted on the Forum page.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

2nd March 2009 

Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following players are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Brighton & Hove 3:    Kevin Gee (from 4th team), since 25-02-2009


Brighton & Hove 4:   Sue Chadwick, since 25-02-2009


Uckfield 1:   Brian Stockham, since 25-02-2009



2nd March February 2009 


A couple more results, plus some updates.


Div. 1:    (Update)  Worthing 1   0 - 5   Horsham 1.  Worthing have conceded the outstanding game on board 3.

                Knoll Knights   2.5 - 2.5   Hastings & St Leonards 2


                Hastings & St Leonards 2 jump a couple of places, to 6th, on game points.


 Div. 2:   (Update)  The outstanding board 2 game in the Lewes 2 v Horsham 3 match has been adjudicated as a draw, giving Lewes 2 a 3 - 2 win.  However, Horsham are considering an appeal.  Till this is resolved I have not updated the results pages. 


Div. 3:    Brighton & Hove 3   1.5 - 3.5   Uckfield 1.  This lifts Uckfield 1 to 2nd place, lagging Eastbourne 3 only on game points and with a match in hand.


Forum : Nominated Players (New Topic)

26th February 2009 


Ian Comley, Secretary of Horsham Chess Club, has raised questions concerning the suitability of the current rules on nominated players.  He sees concerns in the situation now existing of clubs having as many as 5 teams in the League (and possibly even more in future?).  As the current rules only require 4 nominations for the first team and 3 for lower teams, with players nominated in order of playing strength, one can quite rapidly get a mismatch between the players nominated for a lower team and those naturally expected to actually play in that team.  For example, of the 10 players likely to play for the top 2 teams, only 7 need be nominated.  The next 3 will be nominated, if applicable, for the 3rd team, but will normally be selected for the 2nd team.  The mismatch obviously becomes greater with even more teams.  The ineligibility after 6 appearances for higher teams, under Rule 4.2.2, has little impact with the season involving just 8 or 9 matches.


What do others think?  Is there a problem that needs addressing?  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?  Perhaps there isn't a "one size fits all" solution, regardless of the number of teams from an individual club.


I've started a new page in the Forum section and Ian's initial contribution can be read here .



Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

25th February 2009 

Taking account of the latest reported results (below), the following players are now "effectively nominated" under Rule 4.2.2:


Brighton & Hove 4:  Robert Davies since 4-02-2009.  Simon Hayward since 4-02-2009.


Eastbourne 2:   Michael Elgin since 23-02-2009


Hastings & St Leonards 2:  R. Alan Barton since 19-02-2009.


Horsham 2:   Joseph Quinn (from 3rd team) since 17-02-2009.


Horsham 4:   Nick Warrren since 17-02-2009.


NB:  This is based on results received and published to date.  Individual players and team captains must continue to monitor the latest situation to avoid fielding an ineligible player.



25th February 2009 


Quite a lot of results have reached me over the last few days.  While the gaps in the league tables are filling rapidly, and there are some clear leaders in terms of points conceded, no team is over the line yet to finish top of a division.  There's still much to play for.


Div. 1:   Lewes 1   1.5 - 3.5   Hastings & St Leonards 1.  Hastings & St Leonards were significantly stronger grading-wise on the lower boards.

               Crowborough 1    3 - 2    Brighton & Hove 1.  The teams were perfectly matched in average grade and all but the bottom board were drawn.  The win for Crowborough on board 5, where they enjoyed a 14 points grading advantage, determined the match.

               Brighton & Hove 1   3.5 - 1.5   Hastings & St Leonards 2.  Result reflects a substantial grading advantage to Brighton & Hove.

               Worthing 1   0 - 4   Horsham 1.  Worthing lacked the services of a number of their top players.  Board 3 is adjourned, but Horsham are hopeful of making it a clean sweep.


               Hastings & St Leonards 1, Horsham 1 and Crowborough 1 each move up one place to occupy the top 3 places respectively.  This at the cost of Crowborough 2 as the aforementioned teams start to catch up in terms of number of matches played.


Div. 2:   Horsham 2   1.5 - 3.5   Eastbourne 1.  Nick Warren was a late substitute for Horsham on board 1, conceding a 35 points grading deficit, while Eastbourne played their recent player, Vincent Ellis, who has insufficient past games for a formal grade.  This did not prevent him notching up a win over an opponent graded 137.

               St Francis & Haywards Heath 1   3.5 - 1.5   Eastbourne 2.  With Feliks Kwiatkowski on board 1 St Francis & Haywards Heath have the season's strongest player in the division, but the teams were more evenly matched on lower boards.


               Eastbourne 1 move to the top of the division, having only conceded half a match point and with a match in hand over their 2 closest rivals.


Div. 3:    Uckfield 1   1.5 - 3.5   St Francis & Haywards Heath 2. 

                Eastbourne 3   3.5 - 1.5   Uckfield 1.  In each of these 2 matches, with the exception of David Fryer on top board, Uckfield were heavily out-graded.  However, these were the 2 teams that currently head up the division and Uckfield remain 5th out of 9.


Div. 4:   Uckfield 2   1 - 4   Brighton & Hove 4.

               East Grinstead 3   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 4.

               Brighton & Hove 4   4 - 1   Crawley 2.  Crawley defaulted bottom board.  Even without this advantage, Brighton & Hove took 2 points from the top 3 boards against significantly higher graded opponents.

               Brighton & Hove 5   2.5 - 2.5   Crowborough 4.   Brighton & Hove appeared the weaker team, but were assisted by a win from Harri Edwards, a new player in his first match for the club.

               Crowborough 4   4 - 1   St Francis & Haywards Heath 3.

               Crawley 2   3 - 2   Horsham 5.   Greater strength, and wins, on the top 3 boards enabled Crawley to knock Horsham 5 off their perch at the top of the division.

               Horsham 5   4 - 1   Uckfield 2. 


               Brighton & Hove 4 move to top of the division at this stage and with a match in hand over newcomers Horsham 5, now in second place.  Crowborough 4, in 3rd place, have matches in hand and have only dropped half a match point so far.


K.O.:      (Round 1)  Uckfield   1.5 - 4.5   Lewes.  However, with an aggregate grading deficit of 290 points, Uckfield gained the 1.5 game points they needed to win on the handicapping rules.  If the League had player-of-the-match-awards, I guess this one would have to go to David Jeffery of Uckfield who gained the vital half point his team needed against an opponent graded 75 points higher.  Uckfield go through to the semi-finals.

                (Semi-final)   Woodpushers 1.5 - 4.5   Crawley.  With a grading advantage of 96, Crawley exceeeded the 4 points needed to win on handicapping.



Nominated Players

18th February 2009  (Corrected)

As we approach the closing stages of this season's tournament, players and team captains for clubs with more than 1 team need to be careful to observe Rule 4.2.2 regarding nominated players.  An Excel spreadsheet presentation of results, including a database of players, has been added to the Downloads page (or click here ).  Select the "Players" tab and you will find an analysis of how many times any player has appeared for a particular team.  From this analysis, I deduce that the following players have become nominated under Rule 4.2.2 as a result of playing 6 or more times for the stated, or higher, teams:-


Brighton & Hove:  Kevin Gee, 4th team since 17-11-2008.


Crowborough:   Trevor Norton, 2nd team since 29-1-2009.  R Clements, 3rd team since 12-1-2009.


Hastings & St LeonardsNigel Harvey, 2nd team since 9-2-2009.  Mel Young, 2nd team since 9-2-2009.


[Correction added.  Nigel Harvey was already nominated for the 2nd team.  Hence his status is not changed.]


Horsham:   Peter Harbott, 1st team since 9-2-2009.  Nathan Goldberg, 3rd team since 10-2-2009.


St Francis & Haywards Heath:   Robert Fitzgerald, 2nd team since 26-1-2009.


(These events are highlighted in amber on the spreadsheet, with their dates as hidden notes that appear if the cursor hovers over the cell.)


E&OE!!!  Please DO NOT RELY SOLELY ON THIS SUMMARY.  This analysis may not be complete due to results that haven't reached me yet.  Also, as regular site visitors will know, I'm not immune from making errors!  (If anyone spots any, please let me know.)  It remains the responsibility of each team to ensure that ineligible players do not appear in their team.



18th February 2009  (Amended)


Not a lot to report today, but a couple of results that might prove to have been crucial for teams trying to avoid relegation.


Div. 1:   (Update)  Hastings & St Leonards 2   2.5 - 2.5  Horsham 1.  The outstanding 3 boards have been agreed without troubling the adjudicators, with honours shared.

               Crawley 1   4 - 1   Knoll Knights.  A disappointing result for Knoll Knights who appeared the stronger team on paper.  It's becoming increasingly difficult for them to avoid slipping back to Division 2.  Conversely, a good result for Crawley that might prove to have been pivotal in them avoiding relegation.


Div. 2:   Eastbourne 2   1 - 4   Woodpushers.  This result lifts Woodpushers off bottom slot, into 6th on game points, whereas Eastbourne, now on the bottom, have much to do if they are to escape relegation.


Div. 3:   St Francis & Haywards Heath 2   1.5 - 1.5   Horsham 4.  Boards 2 and 4 are adjourned.



12th February 2009


A little late with this update, but the weather has been a major factor over the last couple of weeks, with a number of matches re-arranged.  However, quite a few adjudications / adjournments have been resolved.  Please refer to the appropriate Fixtures pages for re-arranged dates as I get details of them.


Div. 1:   (Update)  Crawley 1   0.5 - 4.5   Crowborough 2.  A win agreed for Crowborough on top board and a draw on board 5.

               Hastings & St Leonards 2   1 - 1   Horsham 1.  Just 2 draws declared so far, but the consensus seems to be that the match will be drawn overall.


Div. 2:    (Update)  Horsham 2   3 - 2   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1.  Board 3 adjudicated as a win for Horsham.

                (Update)    St Francis & Haywards Heath 1   3.5 - 1.5   Lewes 2.   Board 2 adjudicated as a win for St F & HH.

               Brighton & Hove 2   2.5 - 2.5   Eastbourne 2

               Lewes 2   2.5 - 1.5   Horsham 3.   Horsham are hopeful of a win on adjourned board 2, but this will still only secure them a draw overall, despite being significantly the stronger team on paper.


Div. 3:    Hastings & St Leonards 3   2 - 3   Worthing 2.


Div. 4:    Horsham 5   3 - 2   East Grinstead 3



31st January 2009


A large number of results have reached me this week, including some rather older ones that had gone astray in the system.  There are, however, still a few results from the last couple of months that are outstanding.  Can captains of the teams involved please clarify the situation so that the tables can be brought fully up to date.


Div. 1:   Crawley 1   0 - 3   Crowborough 2.  Boards 1 and 5 are outstanding.  Crowborough have strength in depth, with the average grade of this second team being only 15 points less than that of their first team who played Crawley the week before.

               Knoll Knights   3 - 2   Horsham 1.  A slightly under-strength Horsham team for this match, but all credit to Knoll Knights on what, I understand, was their first ever win in Division 1.


              Crowborough 2 are actually at the top of the table on game points, but having played more matches than any other team in the division, this is a rather false position.  Hastings & St Leonards 1 are well placed to retain their crown, having dropped just half a match point from their 5 matches so far. 


Div. 2:   Lewes 2   3 - 2   Woodpushers.

               Brighton & Hove 2   4 - 1   Lewes 2

              Horsham 2   2 - 2   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1.  Board 2 3 is adjourned with Horsham seeking a win.  Horsham were substantially the stronger team on all but top board.  David Curtis on board 2 for St F & HH overturned a 41 point grading disadvantage to win his game.

               Woodpushers   2.5 - 2.5   Eastbourne 1.  Not only was this the first match (of 5) in which Woodpushers  didn't lose, but they also achieved it against a team that had  previously enjoyed a perfect record this season.

              St Francis & Haywards Heath 1   2.5 - 1.5   Lewes 2.  Board 2 is outstanding, with St F & HH anticipating the result going their way.  Half a match point has been shown for them pending confirmation of this game.

              East Grinstead 1   1.5 - 3.5   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1.

              Horsham 3   4 - 1    East Grinstead 1.  Gary Marsh (board 2 for Horsham) has recently joined the club after many years absence from the game.


              Pending the outcome of their outstanding game in the St Francis & Haywards Heath match, Horsham 2 have so far only conceded half a match point.  Eastbourne 1, with a match in hand have an equally good record, while Brighton & Hove 2 have dropped just 1 match point from 4 .  It's looking very much that it will be these 3 teams fighting it out for the top 2 places as the season draws towards a close.


Div. 3:   St Francis & Haywards Heath 2   2.5 - 2.5   Crowborough 3.

               Hastings & St Leonards 3   1.5 - 3.5   Horsham 4.  The top 3 Hastings players all achieved draws against higher graded opponents, while their captain, Martyn Shorrocks, was unfortunate to lose on bottom board, having had the advantage for much of the game.

               Crowborough 3   1.5 - 3.5   Eastbourne 3.


Div. 4:   Uckfield 2   0 - 5   St Francis & Haywards Heath 3.

               Brighton & Hove 5   4 - 1   Aldrington House.

               Brighton & Hove 5   5 - 0   Uckfield 2


Knock-Out:   Crowborough A   3.5 - 2.5   Woodpushers.  However, Crowborough had an aggregate grading advantage of 99 points, so lose on handicap.  Woodpushers now meet Crawley in the semi-final.



24th January 2009


Div. 1:   (Update)  Horsham 1   1 - 4   Crowborough 1.  Draw agreed on board 1 and win to Crowborough on board 5.

               Brighton & Hove 1   1.5 - 3.5   Lewes 1.

               Crowborough 1   3.5 - 1.5   Crawley 1.  A creditable result for Crawley who were out-graded by an average of 42 points and by over 30 points on every board.


Div. 2:   (Update)  Eastbourne 1   3 - 2   Horsham 3.  Board 4 agreed as a win for Horsham.



19th January 2009

Richard Almond shares the concern over the results pages showing anything other than current published grades.  His comments are here.


[Ed.  This topic hasn't aroused the passion of some others.  So far, I've only received views from one club, but they are consistent in favour of a change in my current practice.  If anyone else has a view, either way, it would be welcome.]



19th January 2009


Div. 1:   Crowborough 1   2 - 3   Hastings & St Leonards 1.  4 games were drawn, with just a win for Hastings on board 4 determining the match.

               Hastings & St Leonards 1   3.5 - 1.5   Worthing 1.  Honours shared between the top 3 boards, but Worthing lacked strength on the bottom 2 boards.

               Horsham 1   0.5 - 2.5   Crowborough 1.  Horsham played a late substitute on board 2.  Of the 2 games outstanding, Horsham are a pawn up on board 1, but appeared clearly to have a lost position on board 5.  (Half a match point added to Crowborough in crosstable so far.)

               Knoll Knights   2 - 3   Crowborough 2.  Crowborough were out-graded on top and bottom boards, but achieved wins on the 3 middle boards, leaving Knoll Knights (newly promoted this season) still seeking to get off the mark.


Div. 2:   Eastbourne 1   3 - 1   Horsham 3.  Horsham are a pawn up on board 4.


Div. 3:   Argumentatives   2.5 - 1.5   Eastbourne 3.  Eastbourne are claiming a win on board 2.  (Half a match point added to The Argumentatives so far.)


Div. 4:   Horsham 5   3.5 - 1.5   Brighton & Hove 5



12th January 2009

Back in harness after my Christmas break.  (Hence, apologies for the delay in processing those few results that have been sent to me over the last 3 weeks.)


Div. 1:   Crowborough 2   3 - 2   Hastings & St Leonards 2


Div. 2:   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1   2 - 3   Brighton & Hove 2


Div. 3:   Eastbourne 3   3 - 2   St Francis & Haywards Heath 2



17th December 2008

Div. 1:   (Update) Lewes 1   2 - 3   Crawley 1.  Crawley have conceded the outstanding game on board 2.

               (Update)  Crowborough 2   2.5 - 2.5   Lewes 1.  Board 1 adjudicated as a win for Crowborough.


Div. 2:   (Update)  Eastbourne 1   4.5 - 0.5   East Grinstead 1.  The outstanding game on board 2 awarded to Eastbourne.  (The Adjudication Secretary reports that a claim was received from only side.)


Div. 3:   Crowborough 3   3 - 2   Argumentatives.

               Crowborough 3   2 - 3   Brighton & Hove 3

               Horsham 4   2 - 3   Argumentatives.  The Args lower 3 boards all recorded draws against higher graded  opponents - and if the truth be told, they should have held out for a win on board 4.  (Thanks Bob.  I'll consider that an early Christmas present.)


Div. 4:   St Francis & Haywards Heath 3   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 5.

               Crowborough 4   4.5 - 0.5   Crawley 2.  Crawley were only able to field 3 players. 



10th December 2008

Div. 1:   (Update)  Hastings & St Leonards 2   2 - 3   Crowborough 1.  The outstanding board 4 game has been agreed a draw.

               Lewes 1   1 - 3   Crawley 1.  Board 2 is adjourned.


Div. 2:   Eastbourne 2   1 - 4   Horsham 2.  A rather uneven contest with Horsham enjoying grading advantages of at least 28 points on every board.

               Horsham 3   3 - 2   Woodpushers.  Once again,  the Horsham team enjoyed grading advantage..


Div. 3:   Brighton & Hove 3   3.5 - 1.5  Argumentatives.  The Args were missing their usual top board player and had to default board 5.


Div. 4:   Crawley 2   4 - 1   Uckfield 2.  Crawley defaulted on board 5.


Results & Other Matters

4th December 2008

Div. 1:   Knoll Knights   1.5 - 3.5   Brighton & Hove 1.  After being promoted following each of the last 2 seasons, Knoll Knights are struggling to make their mark in Division 1, with no match points and just 4 game points, from 3 matches.

              Crowborough 2   1.5 - 2.5   Lewes 1.  Board 1 is adjourned.

              Hastings & St Leonards 2   1.5 - 2.5   Crowborough 1.  Board 4 is adjourned, with Hastings informing me that it looks drawish.  Despite a likely defeat, a creditable result for Hastings who were significantly out-graded on each of the top 4 boards.

               Lewes 1   2 - 3   Horsham 1.  Horsham enjoyed an average 13 points grading advantage, due especially to greater strength on the lower boards.


Div. 2:  Eastbourne 1   3.5 - 0.5   East Grinstead 1.  Board 2 is adjourned, with Eastbourne, who were the significantly higher-graded side, claiming a win.


Div. 3:  Worthing 2   3 - 2   Eastbourne 3.


Nominations:  Brighton & Hove have advised that 2 of the players originally nominated have not rejoined the club this season, so are replaced by 2 other players, in grading sequence, with knock-on effects elsewhere.  Please refer to the Nominations page for details.


Vacancy with ECF:  A Hastings player has spotted a job ad for a full time membership secretary / general off ice assistant in the ECF office in Battle.  I have no other details, but if anyone was interested, I can put them in touch with my informant.  (I do not intend to run regularly sits. vac. notices, but pass this one on as it local and relevant!)



27th November 2008

Div. 1:   Horsham 1   3 - 2   Crawley 1.  Horsham were noticeably the stronger team on paper, but just scraped through by the narrowest margin.

              Worthing 1   1.5 - 3.5   Hastings & St Leonards 2


Div. 2:   Lewes 2   1 - 4   East Grinstead 1.  East Grinstead defaulted on board 5, but were the higher graded team overall on the boards played, particularly on top board where they enjoyed a 46 point grading advantage.


Div. 3:   Brighton & Hove 3   4 - 1   Hastings & St Leonards 3.  Hastings were substantially out-graded on the lower 3 boards.

               St Francis & Haywards Heath 2   3 - 2   Worthing 2.  Worthing were higher-graded on every board, so a good result for St Francis & Haywards Heath.

               Uckfield 1   3 - 2   Worthing 2.  Worthing were again higher-graded than their opponents, except on board 1, were failed to turn this into a winning advantage.  Still a long way to go of course, but Uckfield, with the benefit of David Fryer on top board, are enjoying their first appearance in Division 3 with 3 wins out of 3.


[Incidentally, my comments on grades relate to the "old style" grades, which remain the official ones for this season - for example, where grade-limited events are concerned - but I trust players are aware that their 2009 grade will be calculated on the basis of the "new style" grades that have been published for information this year.]



23rd November  2008

Bernard Cafferty has responded to the request for views on grading matters.  His input can found here



23rd November 2008

Div. 1:   Update:  Crowborough 2   2 - 3  Horsham 1.  The outstanding games have been agreed as a win apiece.

                Brighton & Hove 1   3 - 2   Crowborough 2.  Crowborough were significantly out-graded on the top 3 boards and defaulted board 5.


Div. 4:    Aldrington House   0 - 5   Brighton & Hove 4.  Brighton 4's second 5 - 0 whitewash in a row.

                Crawley 2   3 - 2   East Grinstead 2.  Crawley defaulted board 5, but enjoyed significant grading advantages on all but board 4. 



19th November  2008

I have initiated a new thread concerning Grading Data on Results Pages in the Forum section.  This discusses concerns that have been raised with me over how I treat players with some recent grading history, but insufficient to qualify for an official grade with a Grading Category.  I am seeking wider views on whether this is appropriate, or whether I should stop doing this and treat such players as if they were entirely new, ungraded, players.



19th November 2008

Div. 1:   Update:  Brighton & Hove 1   4.5 - 0.5   Crawley 1.  Board 2 adjudicated as a draw.

               Hastings & St Leonards 1   4 - 1   Knoll Knights


Div. 2:  Update:  Eastbourne 2   0.5 - 4.5   Eastbourne 1.  Board 1 adjudicated as a draw.

               Horsham 2   3 - 2   Lewes 2.


Div. 4:   St Francis & Haywards Heath 3   1.5 - 3.5   Horsham 5



16th November 2008

Div. 1:   (Update on Crawley 1 v Worthing 1 reported earlier today)  Crawley win on board 1, hence result Crawley 1   2 - 3   Worthing 1.



16th November 2008

Div. 1:   Worthing 1   v   Crowborough 2:  board 4 adjudicated in Crowborough's favour.  Crowborough 2 win 3-2.

               Crowborough 2   1 - 2   Horsham 1.  Boards 4 and 5 are adjourned.  Crowborough advise that they consider board 4 to be favourable to them, but board 5 to be better for Horsham.

               Crawley 1   1 - 3   Worthing 1.  Board 1 is adjourned. 


Div. 2:  St Francis & Haywards Heath 1   v   Woodpushers:  board 2 has been adjudicated as a draw.  St Francis & Haywards Heath 1 win 3 - 2.

              Woodpushers   1 - 4   Brighton & Hove 2.  The teams were well matched, so an emphatic win for Brighton & Hove.


Div. 3:   Horsham 4   3 - 2   Eastbourne 3.  Horsham enjoyed a noticeable grading advantage.  However, the clock was more than just a passive observer in this match and, I suspect, there was the occasional, not altogether unwarranted, lament of "we was robbed" in a car travelling back to Eastbourne that night.


Div. 4:  Uckfield 2   0.5 - 4.5   East Grinstead 3.



6th November 2008

Div. 1:   Crowborough 2   1.5 - 3.5   Crowborough 1.  No upset in the Crowborough derby, although some of the team selections look a little strange in grading terms.

               Worthing 1   2 - 2   Crowborough 2.  Board 4 has gone to adjudication, with Crowborough claiming a win.

              Horsham 1   2.5 - 2.5   Hastings & St Leonards 1.  A good result for Horsham 1 against the reigning champions, with their lower 3 boards gaining 2 draws and a win against higher rated opponents.

              Crawley 1   2.5 - 2.5   Hastings & St Leonards 2.  The higher boards did the business for Crawley, while wins for Hastings on the lower 2, where they enjoyed noticeable grading advantages, ensured that honours were shared.


Div. 2:   Eastbourne 2   0 - 4   Eastbourne 1.   With just board 1 for adjudication, Eastbourne's top team readily saw off their second team companions.

               East Grinstead 1   2.5 - 2.5   Eastbourne 2.


Div. 3:  Eastbourne 3   2.5 - 2.5   Brighton & Hove 3. 


Div. 4:   East Grinstead 2   - 3   East Grinstead 3.  The highest rated player in the match was playing for the 3rd team, while the 2nd team featured none of their nominated players.

               Brighton & Hove 4   5 - 0   Brighton & Hove 5.   The 4th team clearly weren't taking any prisoners in seeing off their club's newly-entered 5th team with a whitewash.

              East Grinstead 2   4 - 1   Uckfield 2.   Once again, the East Grinstead team turned out with none of their nominated players. 



1st November 2008

Div. 3:   Hastings & St Leonards 3   1.5 - 3.5   Uckfield 1

               Argumentatives   1 - 4   St Francis & Haywards Heath 2.  The Args only fielded 3 players.


Div 4:   Horsham 5   2 - 3   Crowborough 4


K.O.   Horsham   2 - 4    Crawley.   Crawley had a 30 points aggregate grading advantage, so need 3.5 to win, but achieved comfortably.  They play the winners of Crowborough A v Woodpushers in the semi-final.


Reminder to team captains:  if you can e-mail me a copy of match results, as well as sending them to the Match Recorder, they will normally get posted on the website for all to see rather quicker.


Results and Updates

25th October 2008

Div. 1:  Brighton & Hove 1   4 - 0   Crawley 1.  Board 2 awaits adjudication.  Crawley were heavily out-graded, with an average deficit of 33 points per board.

              Knoll Knights   1.5  - 3.5  Lewes 1


Div. 2:  St Francis & Haywards Heath 1   2.5 - 1.5   Woodpushers.  Board 2 is outstanding.

              Brighton & Hove 2   1.5 - 3.5   Horsham 2.  Horsham enjoyed a grading advantage (varying from 9 to 47 points) on every board, although their captain, Anthony Higgs admits to having been "completely annihilated" by Paul Selby on top board.


Div. 3:  Uckfield 1   3.5 - 1.5   Horsham 4.  Horsham defaulted on 1 board.


In addition to these results, there have been a few changes to club nominations and contact details


First Results

15th October 2008

After the rush to get everything organised for the new season, and resolving issues that arise, it's reassuring to see everything start to fall into place with the first few results coming in.


Div.1:  No red faces at Hastings & St Leonards.  Their first team duly saw off the second team 3.5 - 1.5.


Div 2:  Nearly an upset here.  With just one board still playing, Horsham 3 (newly promoted from Div. 3) were leading Horsham 2 (newly relegated from Div. 1) by 2.5 - 1.5.  With just 1 second remaining on his digital clock, Anthony Higgs made his 42nd move on board 2 for the higher team in what had been a tense end game.  Analysis showed that he then had a relatively easy win against Adam Squibbs, the up and coming young player who has joined Horsham this season.  Still, the draw overall was very creditable for Horsham 3.


Div. 3:  Horsham 4 beat Worthing's newly-entered 2nd team by 3.5 - 1.5.  For anyone visiting Worthing's current venue for the first time, it is in the middle of a maze of primarily residential streets.  The combination of sat nav and the cunning ploy of bumping into one of the home players 100 yards from the venue enabled me to find it quite easily, but I could see it being a little challenging if relying on a road atlas alone on a dark and dirty winter's night.


Note regarding grades:  As has been quite widely publicised, the ECF is in the process of introducing new grades to counter a perceived deflation in grades at the lower levels.  For the coming season, the new grades are published for information only, but will be the basis for calculating the 2009 grading list. At which time, the old style grades will disappear.  An explanation of the background to all of this has now been published on the ECF Website.  The results tables have therefore been re-arranged, for this season only, to show both old and new grades.



10th October 2008

The Rules have been updated in line with the last AGM and to reflect changes in responsibilities of League Officers.


Division 2 Fixtures

10th October 2008

A few changes have been necessary to the originally posted fixtures for Division 2 to correct an inadvertent imbalance in home and away fixtures for some teams.  The teams involved have been notified and the corrections made to the Fixtures page.


Champions v The Rest

9th October 2008

A "Champions v The Rest" match is being arranged for Wednesday 22nd October at Uckfield Chess Club.  Will anyone interested in taking on last season's champions (Hastings & St Leonards) please e-mail or 'phone (01273 699078) the League Secretary.  Note that it is intended to trial a quickplay finish time control of 30 moves in 1 hour, then all remaining moves in 30 minutes.


Knock-Out Competition 2008 - 09

3rd October 2008

The draw for the K.O. competition has been made and is on the relevant Fixtures page.  Please note that it is the responsibility of the home team captains to contact their opponents promptly and nominate at least 2 possible dates for their match to be played.


Sussex County Competitions 2008 - 09

30th September  2008

There's still time for anyone to enter the various county competitions for the coming season.  Entries must be received by Dr Opie, the Tournament Controller, by 17th October.   A copy of the entry form has been put on the Sussex page.



30th September  2008

David Fryer advises that Crowborough Chess Club discussed this topic at their club AGM and agreed formal Rule changes to be submitted to the League to take effect from next season.  The proposals are a little different from, and replace, those from David that were posted on the site on 15th June.  In particular, they address the situation of a player claiming a draw in the last 2 minutes on their clock but with no arbiter present.  The full proposal is on the Forum page.


The 2008 / 09 Season

20th September 2008

There's some club news to report for the coming season.  Firstly, over the summer period the Haywards Heath and St Francis Hospital clubs have decided to merge.  Norman Hawkins reports:-

''News From Haywards Heath and St Francis Hospital Chess Clubs :-
On the 18th August last, the two clubs agreed to amalgamate. The new Club is 'St Francis and Haywards Heath Chess Club'. This largely arose from business necessities in conjunction with our venue at the St Francis Social and Sports Club at the Princess Royal Hospital. With League permission we expect to field nearly the same three teams that we had together in the MSCL last season. i.e.. two in Div 3 and one in Div 4.  (But see below.  Ed.)

Officers of the new Club elected are as follows ; Konrad Langhamer, Chairman and Assistant Secretary. Norman Hawkins, Secretary. Martin Rayment, Treasurer. First Team Captain, Feliks Kwiatkowski. Second Team Captain, David Langridge. Third Team Captain and Internal Competition Organiser, Richard ( Dick ) Mercer. MSCL Contact info in the normal MSCL Club Section.''

The combined club will play their home matches on Monday nights and the Club pages have been amended to reflect this new situation.

There's one new venue to note.  This is for Lewes.  Details on their Club page.

East Grinstead and Lewes have each found it necessary to reduce their team entries by one compared to last season.  This impacts on Divisions 2 and 3 respectively.  However, Brighton & Hove, Horsham, Uckfield and Worthing are each increasing their entries by one.  Hence, we have a net gain of 2 teams, restoring overall numbers to where they were 2 seasons back.  To restore a reasonable balance between the size of each Division (and noting that the Rules permit new teams to start in either of the lower 2), the new teams from Uckfield and Worthing have been assigned to Division 3, while those from Brighton & Hove and Horsham will be looking to fight their way up from the bottom division.  Additionally, a third team from last season's Division 3 has been promoted to Division 2.  This is the old Haywards Heath 1 team.  The easiest way to see the full breakdown of the 4 divisions for 2008 / 09 is to refer to the Crosstables.

A fixtures schedule has been circulated to clubs and the Fixtures pages have been renewed accordingly.

The new season will kick off on 13th October and, with it falling rather later in 2009 than this year, should be completed ahead of Easter.

Good luck to one and all.



17th September 2008

In preparation for the forthcoming season, older "News" items, together with Forum discussions (prior to the May 2008 AGM) and 2007 / 08 fixtures and results data have been transferred to the archive pages.


Events:  Brighton Rapidplay Sunday 28th September- Organisers Achieve Charitable Status

4th September 2008

Details of this event have previously been posted.  The organisers of this event (Pieces of Fate) have now advised that they have been granted charitable status by HMRC.  For the benefit others who might be interested in seeking a similar status, they have posted details of how they went about this at


Events:  Bourbourg Rapidplay Sunday 7th September

1st September 2008

Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club have organised a trip to take part in this tournament next Sunday and have one or two spare places for anyone who might be interested.


Travel pickups are arranged for Hastings (04:45), Redhill (04:45) and near the Channel Tunnel in Folkestone (06:00), with return to Folkestone around 21:30.  Expected cost is around £45 to include travel, entry fee and evening meal.


Interested?  Please contact Paul Buswell at as soon as possible.


Crowborough Chess Congress

15th August  2008

The 23rd Crowborough Chess Congress will be held on 21st September 2008.  The Congress takes the form of a 6 round rapid play Swiss tournament.  Details can be found at


History of Horsham Chess Club

15th August  2008

John Cannon, Chairman of Horsham Chess Club, has chronicled the history of club chess in Horsham from 1879 to the present day.  With many references to competitions in which the club has played, whether local, Sussex or national, it will be of interest to a wide audience and is available for download from the club's website



1st August  2008

David Fryer has responded to Duncan Badham's query regarding while he proposed that the decision on a QPF need not be taken till before white's second move.  See the Forum page


Lewes Chess Club: Change of Venue

25th July 2008

Lewes Chess Club have a new venue for the coming season.  Details can be found on the Lewes club page.  Please note that visiting teams are asked to ensure that the home team captain signs the visiting team members into the premises.