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Tankards for Best Match Averages

19th May 2010 

(Amended 25-5-2010)


The Match Recorder has provided the following list of winners of the various tankards awarded to players achieving the best match averages, in accodance with Rules 13.2.1 and 13.2.2.  Also included are all those players achieving 75% or more .  (If anyone spots any errors or ommissions, please let me know ASAP.)


Best Match Averages Overall. (At least 7 games)


Joint Winners:   Andrew Chesworth (Lewes 2 & 3)                    7˝ / 8       93.75%

                           Peter Farr  (Argumentatives)                             7˝ / 8       93.75%


Others:              Simon Hayward (Brighton & Hove 5)                 6˝ / 7      92.86%

                          Feliks Kwiatkowski (St Francis & H. Heath)      7 / 8          87.5%

  |                        Paul Kington (Argumentatives)                             7 / 8        87.5%

                          Murali Ramachandran (Woodpushers 1 & 2)   10˝ / 12   87.5%

                          Jamie Ritter (Brighton & Hove 5 & 6)                 6 / 7          85.71%

                          Paul Selby (Brighton & Hove 1 & 2)                    8˝ / 10    85%

                          James Mansson (Horsham 1)                             7˝ / 9       83.33%

 |                       Jim Graham (Argumentatives)                           6˝ / 8      81.25%

                          Vincent Ellis (Eastbourne 1)                                5˝ / 7       78.57%

                          Francis Rayner (Hastings & St Leonards1)       5˝ / 7       78.57%

                         Mark Broom (Lewes 1)                                         7 / 9          77.78%


                         Robert Davies (Brighton & Hove 4 & 5)               9 / 12        75%

                         Donald MacFarlane (Knoll Knights)                      6 / 8          75%


Division 1.  (At least 7 games)


Winner:            James Mansson (Horsham 1)                             7˝ / 9       83.33%


Others:            Francis Rayner (Hastings & St Leonards1)       5˝ / 7       78.57%

                        Mark Broom (Lewes 1)                                         7 / 9          77.78%

                        Donald MacFarlane (Knoll Knights)                      6 / 8          75%


Division 2.  (At least 7 games)


Winner:           Feliks Kwiatkowski (St Francis & H. Heath)      7 / 8          87.5%


Others:           Paul Selby (Brighton & Hove 1 & 2)                    6˝ / 8      81.25%

                       Vincent Ellis (Eastbourne 1)                                5˝ / 7       78.57%

                       Thomas Fitzgerald  (St Francis & H. Heath 1)   6 / 8          75%

                       Stephen Thomas (Brighton & Hove 2 & 3)         6 / 8           75%


Division 3.  (At least 6 games)


Winner:         Peter Farr  (Argumentatives)                             7˝ / 8       93.75%


Others:         Dave Wallis (Worthing 2)                                    5˝ / 6       91.67%

 |                    Paul Kington (Argumentatives)                           7 / 8         87.5%

 |                    Jim Graham (Argumentatives)                         6˝ / 8      81.25%

                      Angel Chung (Eastbourne 2)                               6 / 8         75%


Division 4.  (At least 6 games)


Winner:        Murali Ramachandran (Woodpushers 1 & 2)    7 / 7         100%


Others:        Robert Davidson (Woodpushers)                       7˝ / 8       93.75%

                    Andrew Chesworth (Lewes 2 & 3)                      6˝ / 7       92.86%

                    Simon Hayward (Brighton & Hove 5)                 6˝ / 7        92.86%

                    Jamie Ritter (Brighton & Hove 5 & 6)                 6 / 7          85.71%

                   Gregory Chandler (Hastings & St Leonards 3)  4˝ / 6       75%

                   Robert Davies (Brighton & Hove 4 & 5)               6 / 8         75% 


Congratulations from all of us to all the above players, even if, like me, your only contribution has been involuntary assistance towards the above scores!



Forum:  Nominated Players

19th May 2010 


Julian Mitchell agrees strongly with the views previously expressed by Simon Hayward, and pleads that clubs do not support a proposal to reduce the number of appearances for higher teams at which Rule 4.2.2 cuts in.  His comments are posted on the appropriate Forum page.  Whereas Simon represents one of the largest clubs in the League (Brighton & Hove), Julian speaks on behalf of Woodpushers, currently with 2 teams and, therefore, smallest club for which Rule 4.2.2 applies.



AGM Documents

19th May 2010 


The League Secretary asks me to point out that she will bring a limited supply (not more than 1 per club) of the  Agenda, Minutes from last year's AGM and the proposed Rule Changes (including those circulated after the main Agenda went out).  However, members planning on attending are asked to print off their own copies in advance.


Also circulated to club representatives with the other documents was a set of proposed Guidance Notes.  These are, hopefully, self-explantatory and are intended to be a useful tool for the Committee and guidance for clubs and team captains.




18th May 2010 


Div. 2:   (Update)   Uckfield 1   1 - 4   Brighton & Hove 2.  Board 1 adjudicated in Uckfield's favour.


Div. 3:   (Update)   Crowborough 3   3˝ - 1˝   East Grinstead 2.  Board 4 agreed as a draw.


That's now all the results in.  If anyone spots any remaining errors, please point them out rapidly, as the results will be forwarded to the ECF for grading shortly.




16th May 2010 


Div. 4:   Bexhill College   1 - 4   East Grinstead 3.  East Grinstead defaulted on board 5.


              East Grinstead move up one place to finish 5th in Division 4.


             Other than for a couple of results from outstanding games, this completes the match schedule for 2009 / 10. 




12th May 2010 


Div. 3:   Worthing 2   5 - 0   Crowborough 3.  Crowborough defaulted the bottom 2 boards.


Forum:  Nominated Players

6th May 2010 


Simon Hayward makes a number of points with regard to the Rule changes concerning nominated players to be put to the AGM.  These have been added to the existing Forum thread on this subject and can be seen here




6th May 2010 


The Agenda for the forthcoming AGM (Monday, 24th May, 7:30 pm at Uckfield) has been circulated to club representatives.  It can also be downloaded. here.


Details of the various proposals for Rule changes listed in the Agenda can be downloaded here.  Subsequent to the initial circulation of the Agenda, further proposals were submitted and can be downloaded here.  (Please note that these later proposals have been listed as "Any Other Business" to avoid re-issuing the entire Agenda, but it is anticipated that they will consider immediately following the other Rule proposals.)



Results (Amended)

28th April 2010 


Div. 1:   (Update)  Horsham 1   3˝ - 1˝   Worthing 1.  Board 1 agreed as a win for Worthing.


Div. 2:   Uckfield 1   0 - 4   Brighton & Hove 2.  Board 1 is adjourned.

               St Francis & Haywards Heath 2    2˝ - 2˝   Horsham 4


              Brighton & Hove 2 complete their season with a leap from 5th to 2nd place 


Div. 3:   (Update)   Brighton & Hove 4   3 - 2   Eastbourne 3.  Board 3 adjudicated as a draw.

               Crowborough 3   3 - 1   East Grinstead 2.  Board 4 is adjourned. 


              With these results in there's now just 2 matches outstasnding.  These are Worthing 2 vs Crowborough 3 (Division 3) delayed til 10th May and Bexhill College vs East Grinstead 3 (Division 4) which remains to be re-arranged.  However, neither of these matches will impact on the potential promotion and relegation slots.  Please refer to the results crosstables for full details.


PS:  Remember the AGM is taking place at Uckfield on Monday 24th May.  Agenda coming shortly.



Penalties For Teams Postponing Matches 

18th April 2010 


A large number of fixtures have been re-arranged this season for various reasons.  In particular, periods of severe weather both before and after Christmas caused problems.  However, in other cases matches have been postponed at very short notice following 'phone calls from one team to say they are having difficulties getting a suitable team together.  This has resulted in a formal complaint in one instance being made to the League Committee (by Worthing 2 against Crowborough 3).


Under Rule 2.6, clubs are permitted 14 days after receiving the fixture list to seek any changes they may wish to make with the opposing teams.  After that time, changes are only permitted "in exceptional circumstances".  No guidance is provided on what might be deemed "exceptional circumstances".  However, the Committee have confirmed that calling off long-established fixtures, often at very short notice (e.g. a 'phone call at 8:30 pm on the evening before the match was due to be played in the instance complained of by Worthing) due to having too few players, does not satisfy this criterion.  Consequently, the complaint by Worthing is upheld.  Crowborough 3 are therefore ruled to have "seriously defaulted" under Rule 6.2 and are penalised 1 match point.


In the interests of fairness and consistency, the Committee have determined that all other instances of postponed fixtures should be reviewed and, if appropriate, treated in the same way, regardless of whether or not the non-defaulting team has formally complained.  The Committee are giving the benefit of any doubt to all those fixtures scheduled during January which were re-arranged, as having been due to severe weather.  (If any team believes otherwise, they should bring this to the Committee's attention without delay.)  The justification given by Brighton & Hove 2 for not fulfilling their match against Uckfield 1 on 24th March is also accepted as meeting the "exceptional circumstances" criterion;  namely, they set out for the match, but the car in which they were travelling broke down en-route.  Fixtures involving Clarendon Bumbles have also been disregarded following their withdrawal from the League.


However, a number of other instances exist that are comparable to the Worthing 2 vs Crowborough 3 match already discussed.  These are:


                 Brighton & Hove 4 vs Crowborough 4.  Div. 3.  18th November.

                Crowborough 3 vs East Grinstead 2.  Div. 3.  12th March.

                Bexhill College vs East Grinstead 3.   Div. 4   26th March.


In each of these cases, the away team was the defaulting one and are penalised 1 match point.


These penalties have no impact on current team placings in Division 4.  In Division 3 the effect is that Brighton & Hove 4 move above East Grinstead 2 and Eastbourne 3 move above Crowborough 4.


At least one further case is still under review to determine the circumstances.


While some might consider such penalties severe, it must be borne in mind that not enforcing the relevant Rules would be unfair on all those teams who have fulfilled their match commitments, even when this has meant fielding an under-strength team.  In the cases cited, the non-defaulting team may also have been put at a disadvantage through having to find a re-arranged date at short notice.


For the avoidance of any doubt, the Committee's understanding and interpretation of the relevant Rules is as follows:


1.  After the 14-day period permitted under Rule 2.6 for making changes, any further changes can only be permitted under truly "exceptional circumstances".  In all cases, the reason for requested changes should be notified to the League Officers.  It is not considered appropriate to try to produce an absolute, exclusive, list of what might be deemed "exceptional circumstances" and a degree of discretion will be exercised.  Severe weather or breakdown / accident en-route to the venue are considered acceptable justifications.  However, failing to get sufficient players willing and able to turn out is not.  With a maximum of 10 teams in any division this season, no team has had more than 5 away fixtures spread over about 5 months (allowing for the holiday breaks).  Furthermore, although teams are discouraged from using the facility any more than absolutely necessary, they may also declare up to 15 blackout dates on which they do not wish to play matches.  One of the clubs that has been most at fault this season had also made substantial use of this facility.  While we all want to encourage the widest possible participation in the League, clubs do need to consider just how many teams their membership can support before confirming their entries.


2.  Where a team fails to turn up for a match, either without warning or following a notification that does not satisfy the criteria of Rule 2.6, or turns up with fewer than 3 players prior to the time limit of Rule 8.4, they are deemed to be "seriously defaulting" in accordance with Rule 6.2.  The Committee have no discretion other than to apply the consequences set out in that Rule.  Namely, the defaulting team is penalised by 1 match point and the match must be re-arranged for a date convenient to the team defaulted against.  (Some discretion may be allowed for the new date to go beyond the normal end-of-season date if doing otherwise would disadvantage the team defaulted against.)  If the match is not replayed, all matches played by the defaulting team are declared void and they are automatically relegated for the next season.


3.   Rule 2.4 states that "each team shall play one match against every other team in its division".  An all-boards win by default cannot be claimed by the team defaulted against and the match cancelled, even if the defaulting team is willing to concede this.   It is understood that these aspects of the Rules were introduced in the 1980s following such an incident and an all-boards win by default that resulted in what other clubs considered to be an unfair winning of the League Championship.




16th April 2010 


Div. 4:   Hastings & St Leonards 3   1˝  - 3˝    Lewes3.  Hastings defaulted on board 5.  The match was played at Lewes by mutual agreement, although Hastings & St Leonards were drawn as the home team.


               Lewes 3 complete their season by moving up one place to 3rd.


Note:  The crosstable for Division 4 has been amended to cancel out the results of matches involving Clarendon Bumbles.  This has not affected the placings of other teams.




14th April 2010 


Div. 3:   East Grinstead 2   3˝  - 1˝   Crowborough 4


               East Grinstead 2 gain 2 places to 5th.


Div. 4:   East Grinstead 3   1˝  - 3˝    Brighton & Hove 5



Results:  Horsham 1 are Division 1 Champions

13th April 2010 


Div. 1:    Horsham 1    3˝ - ˝    Worthing 1.  Board 1 is adjourned.


             With all results for Division 1 now in, Horsham 1 are confirmed as League Champions for 2009 / 10, with 6˝ match points, beating Lewes 1 and Crowbororough 1 by ˝  match point.  Worthing 1 were missing some of their strongest players for this final match, but with only one early casuality, the match was no walkover.



13th April 2010 


Div. 1:   (Update)   Horsham 1    4˝ - ˝   Crowborough 2.  Board 2 was agreed as a win for Horsham.


               Horsham 1 leapfrog Brighton & Hove 1 into 3rd place.


Div. 2:   Brighton & Hove 3   2˝ - 2˝   St Francis & Haywards Heath 2.


Div. 3:   Eastbourne 2   4 - 1   Crowborough 4.  Crowbough 4 defaulted on board 5.


               Eastbourne 2 move up from 4th to 3rd, at the expense of Crowborough 3.  However, the latter still have 2 matches in hand. 


Div. 4:   Brighton & Hove 5   3 - 2   Lewes 3


               Brighton & Hove 5 move up to 2nd place, displacing their 6th team to 3rd. 




7th April 2010 


Div. 1:   Lewes 1   2 - 3   Crowborough 2.


              Rather a turn up for the books.   Lewes just needed to beat bottom-of-the-division Crowborough 2 to be assured of becoming League Champions.  Instead, Crowborough 2 fielded their equal-strongest team of the season and took the result, with a win on board 1 and 4 draws.  While this currently puts Lewes 1 at the top of the table on equal match points, but ˝ game point ahead of Crowborough 1, Horsham 1, currently in 4th place, can now steal the championship from them by at least drawing the final match of the season when they play their delayed fixture against Worthing 1 next Tuesday.


              For their part, Crowborough 2 move off bottom slot, moving ahead of Horsham 2. 



6th April 2010 


Div. 1:   (Update)   Horsham 2   2 - 3   Hastings & St Leonards 1  Board 5 adjudicated as a win for Hastings & St Leonards.

               Horsham 2   1 - 4   Brighton & Hove 1

               Hastings & St Leonards 2   3 - 2 Worthing 1


Div. 2:   (Update)   Brighton & Hove 3   1˝  - 3˝  Lewes 2.  Board 3 agreed as a draw.


Div. 3:  Brighton & Hove 4   2˝  - 1˝   Eastbourne 3.  Board 3 is adjourned.


             Brighton & Hove 4 overtake Horsham 5 into 5th place. 


Results:  Horsham Win Knock Out

31st March 2010 


K.O. Final:   Horsham 4 - 2   St Francis & Haywards Heath.


Whatever one's view of quickplay finishes, this match certainly produced some exciting play.  The home team, with an aggregate grading advantage of 88 points, required to score at least 4 from the 6 boards to win under the handicapping rule.  All but one game went into the QPF stage.  There were 4 draws, the last game standing only agreed with each player down to seconds on his clock.  One of Horsham's 2 wins was on time, although the home player, himself with little more than seconds left, did have the better of the 3 queens then on the board!


This was Horsham's first win in the K.O. competition sinc 1997 / 98.



Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

28th March 2010 


Brighton & Hove:  Stephen Thomas, 3rd team from 10-3-2010.


(Nick Warren's eligibility for Horsham would be restricted to the 3rd team or above, but with no further matches for lower teams to be played, this has no significance.)



28th March 2010 


As we approach the end of the season, will teams please make a special effort to keep me informed on the outstanding matches, including the resolution of any adjourned games.


Div. 1:   Worthing 1   2˝  - 2˝   Hastings & St Leonards 1.  A good result for Worthing who were out-graded on every board, conceding an average of 19 points.

               Horsham 2   2 - 2   Hastings & St Leonards 1.  An excellent result for Horsham 2 who were conceding an average of 30 grading points.  However, whatever the outcome of the adjourned game on board 5 this end-of-season flourish will not save them from the relegation slots.


               Despite these disappointing results, Hastings & St Leonards 1 leapfrog Brighton & Hove 1 into 4th place on game points, but Brighton have a match in hand.


Div. 2:   Brighton & Hove 2   4˝  - ˝   Woodpushers 1.  Woodpushers defaulted on board 5 - I understand their player got lost between Hove and Brighton!

               Brighton & Hove 3   1 - 3   Lewes 2.  Board 3 is adjourned.


Div. 4:   Brighton & Hove 6   3˝  - 1˝   Hastings & St Leonards 3

               Brighton & Hove 6    4˝  - ˝    East Grinstead 3

               Bexhill College   2 - 3   Brighton & Hove 6

               Horsham 6   0 - 5   Lewes.  A substantially out-graded Horsham 6 suffered their second whitewash of the season.

               Woodpushers 2    3˝  - 1˝    Brighton & Hove 6.  Home advantage assisted Woodpushers to navigate to an easy victory?

               Uckfield 2    1˝  - 3˝    Hastings & St Leonards 3


             Woodpushers 2 are in an unassailable position at the top of the table, having completed their matches with the loss of only ˝  a match point.   Brighton & Hove 6 jump 2 places to 2nd.  However, each of the next 2 teams (including Brighton 5) have 2 matches in hand and have dropped ˝ a match point less so far.  Hastings & St Leonards 3 also gain 2 places, in this instance to 5th.


Clarendon Bumbles

28th March 2010 


Clarendon Bumbles have experienced problems fulfilling their away match commitments, having so far missed, or sought to have delayed, 3 matches.  In the latest instance it appears the fixture was completely overlooked, leaving their opponents sitting alone at their boards.  It has been agreed with Clarendon Bumbles that there is not a realistic possibility of them catching up with all these matches and they have therefore withdrawn from the League.


While I'm sure all players in the League wish their players well, this is the second successive season that Aldrington House / Clarendon Bumbles have experienced such problems.  It might well be that those members who wish to continue playing competitive chess should consider the option of joining other clubs in the area.



20th March 2010 


Div. 1:   Knoll Knights   3 - 2   Crowborough 1.


              Crowborough 1 move to top of the table on game points, but have now completed all their matches.  A victory for Lewes 1 in the remaining match, against bottom placed Crowborough 2, will secure them the championship.  Anything less than a win would leave them vulnerable to Horsham 1 securing a strong result in their last match, against Worthing 1.


Div. 3:   Eastbourne 3   3˝  - 1˝   Horsham 5.


Eastbourne 3 secured their first match point of the season, but are still likely to end up in the relegation places.  Horsham 5 move above Brighton & Hove 4 on game points, but as all the teams below them have matches in hand, their position remains vulnerable.



Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

19th March 2010


Horsham:   John Marshall, 3rd team from 10-3-2010.


Uckfield:   Stephen Perris, 1st team from 10-3-2010.



19th March 2010 


Apologies for the length of time since the last update.  Other activities got in the way.


Div. 1:   Crowborough 1   2˝  - 2˝    Lewes 1.  Crowborough enjoyed some noticeable grading advantages, but the match ended all square between the 2 teams that continue to top the division with just ˝ GP between them.

               Horsham 1    3˝ - ˝   Crowborough 2.  Board 2 is adjourned.  A rather depleted Crowborough team defaulted on board 5 and were vastly out-graded by their hosts.


                Horsham 1, move clear of Brighton & Hove 1 with whom they were sharing 3rd place.


Div. 2:   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1   2 - 3   Horsham 3.  Horsham conceded an average of 14 grading points, but with this result they've propelled themselves into 2nd place.  (I am aware that Brighton & Hove 2 have beaten Woodpushers 1, but I await the full scorecard, and, with 1 further match still to play, could end up taking 2 place on GPs.)


Div. 3:   (Update)   Argumentatives   3˝  - 1˝   Eastbourne 2  Eastbourne have conceded on boards 1 and 3.

               Argumentatives 4˝ - ˝   Crowborough 3.


               The Argumentatives have now completed their fixtures and remain unbeaten.  Division 2 beckons for next season.


Div. 4:   Hastings & St Leonards 3     1˝  - 3˝   Woodpushers 2.

               Lewes 3    3˝  - 1˝   Bexhill College.


K.O.:   St Francis & Haywards Heath won the semi-final against Woodpushers, but I'm still awaiting final confirmation of the teams.  St Francis and Haywards Heath will play Horsham in the final.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2) (Replaces previous postings of same date)

10th March 2010


Brighton & Hove:   Paul Batchelor, 1st team from 3-3-2010


Hastings & St Leonards   Bernard Cafferty, 2nd team from 9-3-2010

                                                Mel Young, 2nd team from 26-2-2010 


Horsham:   Richard Barrowclough, 4th team from 9-3-2010.


Results (Replaces previous postings of same date)

10th March 2010 


Struggling to keep up with results as they flow in!


Div. 1:   Hastings & St Leonards 2   2˝  - 2˝   Knoll Knights

               Brighton & Hove 1   3˝ - 1˝   Hastings & St Leonards 1.  Hastings fielded a team giving away an average grading deficit of 15 points and appear to have paid the price. 


              Brighton & Hove 1 move from 5th to equal 3rd.  Hastings & St leonards 2 no longer share 7th place with Worthing 1, but the latter have 2 matches in hand. 


Div. 2:   (Update)   Horsham 4   1˝  - 3˝   Uckfield 1  Board 5 agreed as a win to Uckfield.

               Lewes 2    3˝ - 1˝    Horsham 4


               Uckfield 1 leap-frog Horsham 4 into 8th place. 


Div. 3:   Argumentatives   1˝  - 1˝   Eastbourne 2.  Boards 1 nad 3 adjourned


               The Args move up to equal 1st place, with Worthing 2, but will be in top slot on their own if the adjourned games go as they anticipate. 



Forum:  Quickplay Finishes

8th March 2010


Bernard Cafferty has come back equally quickly with a view on David Fryer's input.  See QPF file on Forum pages.



Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

8th March 2010


Brighton & Hove:   Simon Hayward, 5th team from 3-3-2010.


Crowborough:   Patrick Coleman, 2nd team from 5-3-2010


Horsham:   Mike Harris, 3rd team from 5-5-2010




8th March 2010 


Div. 1:   Worthing 1   3˝ - 1˝    Brighton & Hove 1.  A good result for Worthing who were out-graded on all but board 3....

               Worthing 1   1 - 4   Lewes 1 ... but they can't win 'em all

               Crowborough 2   3 - 2   Horsham 2 


              Lewes 1 move to the top of the table by the narrowest of margins ( ˝   GP) from Crowborough 1, while Worthing 1 are now joint 7th with Hastings & St Leonards 2.


Div. 2:   (Update)    Eastbourne 1    1˝  - 3˝   Woodpushers 1.   Board 2 agreed as a win for Woodpushers.

               St Francis & Haywards Heath 2    1˝  - 3˝   Brighton & Hove 2.  St F & HH were vastly out-graded.  Their sole win was by David Everitt, overcoming a 30 points grading deficit.


Div. 3:   (Update)   Crowborough 4   4˝  - ˝   Eastbourne 3.   Board 3 adjudicated as a win for Crowborough.  (Details entered last time, but overlooked on front page summary.)


Div. 4:   Brighton & Hove 5   4 - 1   Bexhill College.  Bexhill defaulted on board 5.

                Brighton & Hove 5   5 - 0   Hrorsham 6.  Horsham defaulted on board 6 


Forum:  Quickplay Finishes

6th March 2010


David Fryer came back with a quick (no pun intended) reply to Bernard Cafferty's reflections on the first season of optional QPFs.  Please see the QPF file on the Forum pages.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

6th March 2010


Horsham:   Melusi Nkomo, 4th team from 2-3-2010.


Uckfield:   Brian Stockham, 1st team from 2-3-2010.



6th March 2010 


As we near the end of the season results are flowing in nicely, but there's still a few that are starting to look a bit historic.  If the teams concerned can get them in to me, it would be apprciated.


Div. 2:   Horsham 4   1˝  - 2˝   Uckfield 1.  Board 5 is adjourned. 

               St Francis & Haywards Heath 2   1 - 4   Woodpushers 1.  Aside from an ungraded player on board 5, Woodpushers enjoyed significant grading advantages over their opponents.

               Uckfield 1   1 - 4   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1.  Ungraded Stephen Perris on board 3 for Uckfield beat his 154 graded opponent.  Otherwise, the greater strength  of St Francis & Haywards Heath showed through.

               Eastbourne 1    1˝  - 2˝   Woodpushers 1.  Board 2 is adjourned, with Woodpushers hopeful of a win.  If that's what is finally agreed, it will have been Eastbourne 1's only defeat of the season.


              Woodpushers 1 leap-frog Horsham 3 into 3rd place.  However, Eastbourne 1, having completed all their matches with the loss of not more than  1˝MP are guaranteed to come 1st in Division 2 for the second year running, despite declining promotion to Division 1 this season.


Div. 3:    Crowborough 4   2 - 3   Worthing 2


                Worthing 2 replace the Args in first place, but only on game points and the Args have a match in hand on results reported so far.


Div. 4:   Woodpushers 2   4˝  - ˝    Bexhill College.  Bexhill defaulted on board 5.




5th March  2010


The AGM is being arranged for Monday 24th May 2010 at Uckfield.  Following concerns over the space available last year for the number of attendees, a larger room has been booked this year.  The agenda will be issued by the League Secretary in due course.  Please let her know if you have items you wish to see on the agenda.


Resolution of Dispute

5th March  2010


As noted below (Results, 21st February 2010), the top board game between St Francis & Haywards Heath 1 and Eastbourne 1 ended in dispute.  The dispute developed into a number of points, including a question over whether a time control had been satisfied, but started as a result of the St F &HH player raising a concern over a comment made to his opponent by the Eastbourne team captain.


The MSCL Committee (except the Chairman, who although not involved in the dispute, is a member of Eastbourne Chess Club and took no part in the review) received statements from several people and reached the following decisions:-


  1. The board 1 game between St Francis & Haywards Heath 1 and Eastbourne 1, played on 25 January 2010, is deemed void.


  1. All MSCL clubs should remind their members, or anyone else attending League matches, that no communication is permitted with either player involved in a game while it is still in progress.  This includes not only comments on moves or the position, but also with regard to time or clocks, including, for example, announcing a flag fall that the players have failed to notice.


  1. In the particular case of Eastbourne Chess Club, any similar offence by any of their members throughout the rest of this season would be unlikely to be viewed as a first offence and an escalating level of penalty, appropriate to persistent offending, is more likely to result.


In addition, the following considerations were made:-


1.    The membership of the MSCL may care to consider whether the Rules should make specific provision for a dispute resolution procedure.  This falls to the Committee by default, although at the present time none of the Committee members are qualified chess arbiters.


2.  Dealing with various aspects of the Laws of Chess can be difficult if a dispute arises in a match environment with no arbiter present, as is inevitably the case in MSCL matches.  Consideration should be given to providing guidance in the MSCL Rules on how players should handle such situations.


The Committee's full analysis and conclusions has been provided to the 2 clubs involved.  If other clubs would like a copy, please e-mail me.  Also, if anyone would like to take up the final 2 points above as Forum topics, let me know.


Based on these decisions, the match result is confirmed as a 1˝  - 2˝ win for Eastbourne 1, with one game void.


Put Your Club on the Map

1st March  2010


The ECF are creating a google map on which chess clubs are invited to locate their club, with associated contact details.  (At the time of writing, it is on their front page.  Scroll down till you get to "Club map-update".  In time, it may drop off the bottom of the page and be under "Older Entries" at the bottom of the front page.)  Hastings, Horsham and Worthing are already there.  Why not add your club?  It might generate some interest and new members.  You have to contact the ECF webmaster for instructions, but it's all pretty easy thereafter.


Forum: Quickplay Finishes

1st March  2010


As we approach the end of the first season of optional QPFs, Bernard Cafferty makes some comments on Hastings & St Leonards' experiences.  These comments have been added to the existed QPF file on the Forum pages.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

1st March  2010


Crowborough:   Trevor Norton restricted to 2nd team or above from 19-2-2010

                               Gary McCulloch 3rd team from 26-2-2010


Eastbourne:       John Moore, Michael Elgin and Robert Williams all restricted to the 2nd team or above from 26-2-2010


Lewes:          Barry Maufe restricted to 1st team from 16-2-2010



1st March 2010 


Div. 1:   Crowborough 2   1˝  - 3˝    Hastings & St Leonards 1.  Hastings & St Leonards defaulted board 3 due to late illness.

               Hastings & St Leonards 1   3 - 2   Lewes 1

               Crowborough 1   4 - 1    Hastings & St Leonards 2

              Hastings & St Leonards 1   2˝  - 2˝   Crowborough 1.  Still nothing between last season's joint champions, although Crowborough are slightly ahead overall this season, having dropped ˝  MP less than Hastings.


               Crowborough 1, with just 2 matches to go, assume the No.1 slot.  With the benefit of 3 more results in, Hastings & St Leonards 1, with 3 matches still outstanding, climb from 8th to 4th place - rather more where we expect to see them. 


Div. 3:   Crowborough 3   4 - 1   Brighton & Hove 4.

               Eastbourne 2    3˝ - 1˝   East Grinstead 2.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

25th  February 2010


Brighton & Hove:   Michael Cain and Brian Izzard both restricted to 3rd team or higher from 19-2-2010.


Crowborough:   Graham Salmon 3rd team from 12-2-2010.


Horsham:   Ian Comley 3rd team from 23-2-2010.


Lewes:   Matthew Britnell 2nd team from 23-2-2010.



25th February 2010 


Div. 2:   Eastbourne 1   2˝  - 2˝   Brighton & Hove 3

               Horsham 3    3˝ - 1˝    Lewes 2


              Horsham 3 leap-frog Woodpushers 1 into 3rd place.


Div. 3:   (Update)   Horsham 5   2˝  - 2˝   Crowborough 3.   Board 4 agreed as a win to Horsham.

               Argumentatives   3 - 2   Horsham 5.  Once again, the strength the Args have on boards 1 to 3 proved too much.

               Crowborough 4    3˝ - ˝   Eastbourne 3.   Board 3 is adjourned.


               The Args, still with a perfect record, resume 1st place having caught up the with Worthing 2 on  number of matches.played.  Crowborough 3 leap-frog Eastbourne 2 for 3rd place.  Horsham 5 gain 2 places, up to 5th.  However, variations in number of matches played so far make the situation very volatile.


Div. 4:   Woodpushers 2   5 - 0   Uckfield 2.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2) (Amended)

21st  February 2010


Brighton & Hove:   Sue Chadwick restricted to 4th team or above from 10-2-2010.

                                    Kevin Gee 5th team from 3-2-2010 and to 4th team from 10-2-2010

                                    Duncan Roy 5th team from 10-2-2010.


  Crowborough:    Richard Clement 3rd team from 16-2-2010                                     


Hastings & St Leonards:

                                    Paul Kelly  2nd team from 19-2-2010.


Horsham:     Mark Baldock, Richard Barrowclough and Peter Helliwell all restricted to 5th team or above from 16-2-2010.


St Francis & Haywards Heath:  Thomas Fitzgerald 1st team from 25-1-2010.


Note:  The Nominations page has been updated to reflect the Rule 4.2.2 changes noted so far.


Results (Amended)

21st February 2010 


Div. 1:   Horsham 1   4˝ - ˝   Knoll Knights.  A resounding victory for the home team, but they enjoyed grading advantage on every board.

               Hastings & St Leonards 2   3 - 2   Crowborough 2.


               Horsham 1 moved to top of the League, but only on game point difference and with 2 more results in that their next 2 challengers, this is not a fair comparison.  Hastings & St Leonards 2 leap-frog Brighton & Hove 1 for 5th place temporarily.  (I'm aware that B&H have one more victory in the bag, but await confirmation of Crowborough 2 players in that match.)


             Crowborough 2    1˝  - 3˝    Brighton & Hove 1                                    


             With this late result now available, Brighton & Hove 1 go back to 4th place       


Div. 2:   (Update)  Uckfield 1   1 - 4   Eastbourne 1.  Board 2 agreed as a win for Eastbourne.

               St Francis & Haywards Heath 1   1˝  - 2˝   Eastbourne 1.  Board 1 is in dispute and currently with the MSCL Committee for a decision.

               Woodpushers 1   3 - 2   Horsham 3.  Woodpushers had to rely upon a last minute stand-in for top board, but still defeated Horsham 3 - having previously lost to Horsham 4!


               Woodpushers 1 climb from 6th place to 3rd.  Brighton & Hove slip below Horsham 3 on game point difference.


Div. 3:   Horsham 5   1˝  - 2˝   Crowborough 3.  Board 4 is adjourned

               Brighton & Hove 4   1˝  - 3˝   Worthing 2.

               East Grinstead 2    1˝  - 3˝    Argumentatives.  Robert Fisher on top board for East Grinstead held Peter Farr to a draw despite a 49 point grading deficit..


               No changes to league positions.


K.O.      Woodpushers secured a 5 - victory over Clarendon Bumbles in the last remaining 1st round match.  With a n aggregatwgrading advantage 265 points, this was the minimum they needed to secure victory after the handicapping was allowed for.  Woodpushers now meet St Francis & Haywards Heath in the semi-final.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

13th February 2010

Brighton & Hove:   Duncan Badham, for 2nd team from 26-1-2010.


Eastbourne:    Oliver Froom restricted to 1st team from 10-2-2010.


Horsham:   Peter Harbott, 2nd team from 9-2-2010.

                      John Cannon, 3rd team from 3-2-2010.

                      Gary Marsh, 3rd team from 9-2-2010. 

                      Ron Fletcher, 4th team from 9-2-2010.

                      Roger Waddigham, 4th team from 9-2-2010. 



13th February 2010 


Div. 1:   (Update)   Horsham 1    3˝ - 1˝    Hastings & St Leonards 2. Board 4 agreed as win for Horsham.

               Lewes 1   4- 1   Horsham 2


               Lewes 1 displace Crowborough 1 from top of the table.


Div. 2:   Horsham 4   1 - 4   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1.  Horsham were out-graded by an average of 27 points.

               Brighton & Hove 3    1˝  - 3˝   Horsham 3.  An unfortunate result.  Brighton & Hove fell foul of Rule 4.2.2 by playing an ineligible player on board 2.  Defaulting this board, together with a ˝  game point penalty in accordance with Rule 3.4.2 turned what would have been a drawn match into a clear win for Horsham.  Others beware!!  (The game as played will, however, go forward for grading.)

               Uckfield 1   1 - 3   Eastbourne 1.  Board 2 is adjourned.


              Horsham 3 climb from 7th to 4th place.


Div. 3:   Crowborough 3   3˝ - 1˝    Eastbourne 2


              Crowborough 3 move up from 6th place to 4th.


Div. 4:   Uckfield 2   0 - 5   Lewes 3.  A number of ungraded players in each team, but with Lewes' lowest graded player exceeding Uckfield's highest by 27 points, it was hardly an even contest.

               Horsham 6    1˝  - 3˝   Woodpushers 2.


              Woodpushers 2 move to top of the division, from 3rd, while Lewes move up from 5th to equal 2nd. 



Brighton & Hove Chess Club Venue

7th February 2010

There have been some comments raised this season concerning accessibility of the Brighton & Hove Chess Club venue.  To address these, the club has provided a note that has been added to their club page.  Visiting team captains are asked to consider these matters and contact Brighton & Hove in advance if they believe there might be a problem.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

5th February 2010

Brighton & Hove:   Dona Strauss restricted to 2nd team or above from 26-1-2010.

                                    Grant Minshull to 4th team or above from 3-2-2010.


Horsham:   Paul Taylor restricted to 1st team from 2-2-2010.


Lewes:   M Ballaster restricted to 2nd team or above from 26-1-2010



5th February 2010 


Div. 1:   (Update)  Brighton & Hove 1   2 - 3   Horsham 1.   Board 5 adjudicated in Horsham's favour.

               Horsham 1    2˝ - 1˝    Hastings & St Leonards 2.   Board 4 is adjourned.

               Lewes 1   4 - 1   Knoll Knights.  A resounding result for Lewes between 2 teams with little between them on grading.


               Knoll Knights. and Lewes 1, previously 2nd and 4th respectively, swap places, while Horsham 1 climb from 6th to 3rd.  However, Hastings & St Leonards 1, last season's joint champions, still have several matches in hand and can be expected to progress over the coming weeks.


Div. 2:   Lewes 2   1˝  - 3˝   Brighton & Hove 2

               St Francis & Haywards Heath 2   0 - 5   Lewes 2

               Woodpushers 1   4 - 1   Uckfield 1.


              Lewes 2 and Woodpushers 1 each climb 2 places, to 4th and 5th respectively.


Div. 3:   (Update)   Horsham 5   3˝ - 1˝   Brighton & Hove 4.  By agreement, draw on board 3 and win to Horsham on board 5.

               Worthing 2   4 - 1   Eastbourne 2

               Brighton & Hove 4   2 - 3   Argumentatives.   With The Args vastly greater strength on the top 3 boards, Brighton were heavily out-graded.


              Worthing 2 remain in top place, but only on game points from The Args, to whom they have already lost and who retain a perfect match score after 4 matches.  Eastbourne 2 drop from joint 1st to 3rd place.


Div. 4:   East Grinstead 3   4˝ - ˝   Horsham 6.

               Clarendon Bumbles   1 - 4   Brighton & Hove 5.


              Brighton & Hove 5 move into top slot, finally getting ahead of their 6th team compatriots who are now 2nd.  East Grinstead 3 climb from equal 6th to 3rd. 


Colin Wakefield

30th January 2010

East Grinstead Chess Club has asked me to notify the League of the death of their Club Secretary, Colin Wakefield.  Funeral arrangements have yet to be announced.  Anyone seeking further information is asked to contact Suzanne Marshall, who is temporarily assuming the role of Secretary.  Her contact details can be found on the East Grinstead club page.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

30th January 2010

Brighton & Hove:   Robert Davies restricted to 5th team or above from 19 January.



30th January 2010 


Now that the weather has eased up, play is getting back under way in earnest.  I have also been informed of a number of re-arranged fixtures and the appropriate pages have been updated.


Div. 1:   Knoll Knights   2 - 3   Worthing 1

               Horsham 2   2 - 3   Crowborough 1


              Worthing 1 move up 1 place to 8th, above Horsham 2.


Div. 2:  Lewes 2   3 - 2   Uckfield 1


              Lewes 2 move up 2 places, from 8th to 6th.


Div. 3:   Horsham 5   2 - 1   Brighton & Hove 4.  Boards 3 and 5 are adjourned.

               Eastbourne 3   2 - 3   Crowborough 3


Div. 4:   Uckfield 2   2 - 3   Horsham 6

               Bexhill College    1˝  - 3˝    Uckfield 2

               Hastings & St Leonards 3   1˝  - 3˝    Brighton & Hove 5

               Woodpushers 2   3 - 2   Clarendon Bumbles


               Woodpushers 2 and Brighton & Hove 5 each climb 1 place, to 2nd and 3rd respectively, at the expense of Lewes 3 who slip to 4th.  Horsham 6 are up 2 places to 5th , while Uckfield 2 are up 1 place to 8th.


Knock Out:   Uckfield   ˝  - 5˝    Horsham. 


                     Horsham proceed to the final, although the result was not as clearcut as it might appear.  With an aggregate grading advantage of 191 points, Horsham needed to win by at least 5 - 1 under the handicapping rules.  Had it not been for a blunder by the Uckfield player on board 6 towards the end of the game, from having been the exchange up, Uckfield might well have gained the 1˝ points they needed to thwart Horsham's progress.


Trophies and Tankards

22nd January 2010 

It has been brought to my attention a couple of times that the records of the winners of the various divisional trophies and player tankards have not been kept up to date for several years.  I have now done this by going back through the AGM Minutes.  These records can be found under the "History" tab above - then click on the appropriate item in the right hand frame.


If you spot any errors or omissions, please bring them to my attention.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

22nd January 2010

Brighton & Hove:   Felix Haxby now restricted to 3rd team or above, since 20 January.


Horsham:   Julie Denning now restricted to 5th team or above, since 13 January.



22nd January 2010 

Div. 1:   Brighton & Hove 1   2 - 2   Horsham 1.  (Board 5 is adjourned.)


Div. 2:   Brighton & Hove 2   3 - 2   Horsham 4.  Brighton & Hove enjoyed an average grading advantage of 22 points.  However, Horsham's cause wasn't helped by one player (she wishes to remain anonymous!) leaving a piece en-prise on move 5 and being back home in disgrace by 9pm.

              Horsham 3    3˝ - 1˝    St Francis & Haywards Heath 2.  This time, it was the Horsham team that enjoyed a substanial grading advantage.  Roland Rattray, playing board 5 for St Francis & Haywards Heath is new to the League and obtained a draw.

              Woodpushers 1   2˝ - 2˝   Brighton & Hove 3.  The visitors were out-graded on every board by between 3 and 21 points, so all credit to them for drawing the match.


              Brighton & Hove 2 leap-frog their 3rd team compatriots into 3rd place, but only on game points.  Woodpushers 1 move ahead of Horsham 4 into 6th place. 


Div. 3:   Worthing 2   3˝ - 1˝    Horsham 5

               Worthing 2 move up from 5th to equal 1st place, although Eastbourne 2 have a match in hand.  Horsham 5 move clear of Crowborough 4, but only on game points. 


Div. 4:   Lewes 3   3 - 2   Brighton & Hove 6

               East Grinstead 3   1 - 4   Woodpushers 2.  With 2 players graded 150 or higher, Woodpushers second team are hardly typical of Division 4.  However, all credit to Roy Sanderson who overcame a 51 point disadvantage to score the home team's sole win. 


               Lewes 3 move up from equal 3rd to 2nd.  Woodpushers 2 are up from 6th to 3rd. 


Events: South Herts Chess Congress 2010

17th January 2010 

St Albans Chess Club are organising bthe 28th South Hets Congress to take place over the weekend following Easter (10-11 April).  A little out of our area, but one of our fellow SCCU Counties.  Further details and a web link can be found here


Forum:  Playing Season

15th January 2010 

This Forum thread was started by Duncan Roy (Brighton & Hove CC) earlier in the season to seek views on whether the playing season might be extended.  There has not been any follow up from others, but Duncan has now added a formal proposal to do just this.  He proposes that the normal end date for matches be pushed back from 14th April to 14th May and the AGM be delayed till June.  Duncan intends that this be placed on the agenda for this year's AGM.


All views on this in the meantime would be very welcome.



15th January 2010 

Div. 1:   Worthing 1   2 - 3   Crowborough 1.  Crowborough enjoyed a grading advantage on all boards, but only a win by George Salimbeni, amongst a sea of draws, secured the result for them.  Crowborough 1 move to the top of the table, with ˝ game point advantage over Knoll Knights.


Div. 3:   East Grinstead 2   4 - 1   Eastbourne 3.  East Grinstead 2 move up 2 places to 3rd on game point advantage.


Div. 4:   Clarendon Bumbles   1˝  - 3˝   Lewes 3.  Although appearing the clear underdogs on grading, Clarendon Bumbles secured 3 draws.  However, Lewes 3 move up from 7th to equal 3rd in the table.


The Season Resumes - Weather Permitting

9th January 2010 

Just a brief update to show I'm still here!


Belated new year greetings to all.  Once again, the weather looks certain to take a toll on the match fixtures.  I'm sure all clubs appreciate this and will agree to re-arrange fixtures.  Please negotiate these between clubs and just let me know the decision so that I can update the fixtures on the website.


We have the first result in for the Knock Out.  In Lewes v Uckfield, Lewes won on 4 boards out of 6, but as their aggregate grade exceeded that of the Uckfield team by 189 points this wasn't sufficient under the handicapping system.  Hence, Uckfield go through to the next round where they will play either Crowborough B or Horsham.


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

18th December 2009 

Nick Warren (Horsham) is now effectively nominated under Rule 4.2.2 for the 4th team, from 11 Dec.



18th December 2009 

Div. 1:   Knoll Knights   3 - 2 Horsham 2

               (Update)   Hastings & St Leonards 2    3 - 2   Brighton & Hove1.  Draw agreed on board 2.


             Knoll Knights move to the top of the table, with 3 points from 4 matches, while Hastings & St Leonards 2 move up one place to 5th.


Div. 2:   (Update)   Brighton & Hove 3    3˝ - 1˝   Uckfield 1.  Brighton & Hove have conceded on board 1.


Div. 3:   Eastbourne 3   1 - 4   Argumentatives.


               The Args move up to second place, just  ˝  game point behind leaders Eastbourne 1.


Div. 4:   Horsham 6   3 - 2   Bexhill College.


               Horsham 6 gain their first point, moving up a couple of places in the process, but under rather unfortunate circumstances.  Bexhill College won on 2 out of 3 boards that were actually played, but defaulted on 2 boards.  They had intended to include 2 students in their team, but didn't realise till it was too late that the College required a risk assessment to be completed!  Well, you can't be too careful when dealing with us Horsham types after all. 


Nominated Players (Rule 4.2.2)

10th December 2009 

We already have the first player to be impacted by Rule 4.2.2 this season.  Arthur de Silver (Brighton & Hove), having now played 6 times for either the 3rd or 4th teams, is effectively nominated under this Rule to play no lower than the 4th team.  (He was originally nominated for the 5th team.)  The existing nomination rules mean that Rule 4.2.2 is likely to come into ever greater use for clubs like Brighton and Horsham with so many teams in the League.


Team captains and individual players are reminded that I will do my best to highlight those players affected by this Rule.  However, this is inevitably based only on results so far received.  Any delays in results reaching me may affect this.  In any event, it remains the responsibility of the captains and players to ensure this Rule is adherred to.



10th December 2009 

Div. 1:   Hastings & St Leonards 1   2˝  - 2˝     Horsham 1

               Hastings & St Leonards 2    2˝  - 1˝    Brighton & Hove 1.  Board 2 is adjourned.  A good result for Hastings, who were out-graded by an average of 16 points, to ensure at least a draw.

               (Update)   Crowborough 2    1˝  - 3˝   Worthing 1.  Boards 2 and 4 have been agreed as draws.


Div. 2:   Eastbourne 1   4 - 1   St Francis & Haywards Heath 2.  St Francis & Haywards Heath defaulted on board 5.  Martin Rayment achieved a draw for St F & HH on board 4 despite a 42-point grading disadvantage.

               Eastbourne 1   3 - 2   Lewes 2

               Brighton & Hove 3    3˝ - ˝   Uckfield 1.  Board 1 is adjourned.

               Horsham 4   3 - 2   Woodpushers 1.  Horsham overcame an average grading deficit of 23 points to notch up their first win of the season.


               Despite declining the promotion to Division 1 to which they were entitled for this season, in the fear that a their team was weakened by the loss of some players, Eastbourne 1 are sweeping all comers aside.  They are currently clear leaders of Division 2 with a perfect record from their first 5 matches.


Div. 3:   Argumentatives   4 - 1   Worthing 2.  The Args enjoyed substantial grading advantage on each of the top 3 boards, and an average advantage of 30 points across all boards.

               (Update)    Brighton & Hove 4   5 - 0   Crowborough 4.  Board 2 conceded by Crowborough.  Brighton record the first whitewash of the season, albeit assisted by a double default by their opponents.


Div. 4:   Brighton & Hove 6   4 - 1   Uckfield 2.



5th December 2009 

One that got missed before.


Div. 4:   Lewes 3   4 - 1   East Grinstead 3.  East Grinstead were substantially out-graded and defaulted bottom board.



5th December 2009 

Div. 1:   Crowborough 2   ˝  - 2˝   Worthing1.  Boards 2 and 4 are adjourned.


Div. 2:   Horsham 3   2 - 3   Eastbourne 1

               Brighton & Hove 2   1˝  - 3˝ 


Div. 3:   Brighton & Hove 4   4 - 0   Crowborough 4.  Board 2 is adjourned.  Crowborough defaulted on boards 4 and 5.

               Eastbourne 2    3˝ - 1˝    Brighton & Hove 4.

               Crowborough 4    2˝  - 2˝    Horsham 5


Div. 4:   Hastings & St Leonards 3   3˝ - 1˝   Horsham 6



27th November 2009 

Div. 1:   Lewes 1   2˝  - 2˝   Brighton & Hove 1.  A very good result for Lewes who were significantly out-graded on 4 boards and played a previously unknown player on the remaining board.

               Lewes 1   3 - 2   Hastings & St Leonards 2.

               Worthing 1    1˝  - 3˝    Horsham 2.  A good result for Horsham 2 to get them off the mark this season.  They were substantially out-graded on 4 boards out of 5 and by an average of 9 points across all boards.  (To say their team captain reported this result to me in great jubilation before the night was out would be an under-statement!)

               Brighton & Hove 1   3 - 2   Crowborough 1.  Teams exactly matched on average grading .


               Brighton & Hove 1 and Lewes 1 have eached dropped just 0.5 match point from their first 3 matches, with the former ahead on game points by 0.5 and move to the top of the division.  Crowborough 1 and Knoll Knights follow with 2 match points each, again separated by just 0.5 game point.  However, joint champions from last season, Hastings & St Leonards 1 have a match in hand.


Div. 2:   Lewes 2   1 - 4   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1.  Lewes were playing  ungraded players on the top 2 boards and were signicantly out-graded on the remaining 3 boards.

               Brighton & Hove 2   2 - 3   Eastbourne 1.

               Horsham 4   2 - 3   Brighton & Hove 3.

               (Update)  Woodpushers 1   4 - 1   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1.  Board 3 decided as a win to Woodpushers. 


              St Francis & Haywards Heath 1 remain in top position, but have reported 2 more matches than second placed Eastbourne 1, who are the only team in the division to have maximum match points from reported matches so far.


Div. 3:   Crowborough 3   3˝ - 1˝    Crowborough 4

               East Grinstead 2   2 - 3   Brighton & Hove 4 


Div. 4:   Brighton & Hove 5   2˝  - 2˝   Woodpushers 2


It will be noted that some of the results reported above are quite old, reflecting the fact that they were not reported directly to me.  Once again, may I please remind team captains that sending me the results (as well as sending them to the match recorder) will help keep the website up to date for everyone's benefit.



23rd November 2009 

Div. 1:   Crowborough 1    3˝ - 1˝    Horsham 1

               Crowborough 2    1˝  - 3˝    Knoll Knights


               Albeit just on game points and with 1 more result in than their nearest rival, Knoll Knights having only escaped relegation last season by other teams dropping out, now find themselves sitting at the top of the League.


Div. 2:   Woodpushers 1   3 - 1  St Francis & Haywards Heath 1.  Board 3 is adjourned with Woodpushers reporting that they are claiming a win.

               (Update)   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1   4 - 1   Brighton & Hove 3.  Board 2 drawn following only St Francis & haywards Heath submitting a claim to the adjudicators.

               (Update)     Horsham 3   2˝  - 2˝    Brighton & Hove 2.  Draw agreed on board 5.


Div. 4:   Brighton & Hove 6   4 - 1   Clarendon Bumbles.  Also with the advantage of an extra result in, newcomers Brighton & Hove 6 currently top Division 4.


County U140 Team:  Urgent Call for Players

18th November 2009 

The County U140 team has a match against Kent at Dartford this coming Saturday (21st November).  The match captain is struggling to fill the last couple of places.  If you are a Sussex player, graded under 140, free on Saturday afternoon and would like to play, let me know and I shall pass on the information.  The venue is reasonably accessible by train.  Alternatively, there may be a car going from your area with a spare seat.



18th November 2009 

Div. 1:   Crowborough 1   4 - 1   Crowborough 2.  Crowborough report there were a number of non-availabilities amongst their players, accounting for what will probably be an unreprestentative team line up.


Div. 2:   St Francis & Haywards Heath 1   3˝ - ˝   Brighton & Hove 3.  Board 2 is adjourned.

               Horsham 3   2 - 2   Brighton & Hove 2.  Board 5 is adjourned with Horsham reporting that they expect it to be a draw.


Div. 3:   Crowborough 4   2 - 3   Argumentatives.  The Args have been strengthened by being joined by Jim Graham (ex-Crawley) - although Jim wishes to forget this particular result!

               Worthing 2   4 - 1   East Grinstead 2




A question has been raised over the status of East Grinstead 1 with respect to end-of-season relegations from Division 2.  As the team withdrew before any matches were played, they will be deemed not to have played any part in the League this season and will not affect promotions / relegations for next season.  If the club restores 3 teams in future seasons, the extra team will be considered a new entry.  I have left EG 1 in the crosstables etc. (but suitable annotated) simply to avoid confusion over the numbering of the other teams or changing that numbering after the fixtures were circulated. 


Results and Knock-Out News

15th November 2009 

Div. 1:   Knoll Knights   4 - 1   Hastings & St Leonards 1  An unusual experience for the reigning joint League Champions.  They report that this was their first defeat in 31 (correction: 32. The team has re-counted) MSCL matches.


Div. 2:   Eastbourne 1   4 - 1   Horsham 4


Div. 3:   Horsham 5   2 - 3   Eastbourne 2


Div. 4:   Hastings & St Leonards 3   1˝  - 3˝   East Grinstead 3

               Uckfield 2   1 - 4   Brighton & Hove 5 


Knock-Out:  Having secured a satisfactory playing venue for the season, Clarendon Bumbles made a late request to join the K.O. tournament.  Woodpushers have sportingly agreed to forgo the first round bye they had been expecting in order to facilitate this.



9th November 2009 

Div. 3:   Eastbourne 2   5 - 0   Eastbourne 3

               Eastbourne 3   2 - 3   Worthing 2


Div. 4:   Bexhill College   1˝  - 3˝    Hastings & St Leonards 3

               Horsham 6   2 - 3   Brighton & Hove 6 


Horsham Museum Chess Exhibition

3rd November 2009 

In association with the local club's 130th anniversary celebrations, Horsham Museum is staging a chess exhibition until 21st November.


Clarendon Bumbles (Previously New Aldrington)

3rd November 2009 

As noted in the Results posting below, the club that has arisen from the old Aldrington House (which was being referrd to as "New Aldrington") has adopted the name Clarendon Bumbles, reflecting their new venue of Clarendon House, Clarendon Road, Hove.  Their club page has been updated accordingly.



31st October 2009 

Back in harness after a couple of weeks away.  Thanks to all who have been sending in results or pointing out errors or updates for the website.  Apologies if I haven't replied individually to everyone, but it's amazing how many messages can build up in just 2 weeks!  Anyway, here we go.


Div. 1:  Horsham 2   ˝ - 4˝   Horsham 1. 

              Horsham 1   2 - 3   Lewes 1

              Brighton & Hove 1   3˝ - 1˝   Knoll Knights

              Hastings & St Leonards 2   3 - 2   Horsham 2


Div. 2:  St Francis & Haywards Heath 1    4˝ - ˝    St Francis & Haywards Heath 2

              Brighton & Hove 3   1˝  - 3˝    Brighton & Hove 2

              Woodpushers 1    1˝  - 3˝    Lewes 2

              St Francis & Haywards Heath 2    2˝  - 2˝    Uckfield 1

              Horsham 3   3 - 2   Horsham 4


Div. 3:  Horsham 5   1˝  - 3˝    East Grinstead 2


Div. 4:  Brighton & Hove 5   2˝  - 2˝   Brighton & Hove 6

              Lewes 3   1 - 4   Woodpushers 2

              East Grinstead 3   3 - 2   Uckfield 2

             Clarendon Bumbles   3 - 2   Horsham 6


Yes, you did read that last one correctly.  Clarendon Bumbles is the new name adopted by the team previously listed as "New Aldrington".  They have a new venue.  I will update their club page as soon as I can confirm details.


We're Under way

13th October 2009 

This season has seen a rather difficult gestation, with a number of changes to entries and other matters.  However, the serious business has now commenced.  First blood goes to Hastings & St Leonards 1 who comfortably saw off their 2nd team last night by 4 - 1.


Please note that the intended venue for the reformed Aldrington club has fallen through.  They're hopeful of getting an alternative nearby confirmed shortly.  Please check the website for updates.


The draw for the Knock-Out has taken place and the pairings can be found under Fixtures.  Will the captains of the home teams in the first round please note that it is now their responsibility to contact their opponents and propose at least 2 dates to play their fixture.


Full results in spreedsheet format can also be viewed under Downloads.  This includes the playing record of individual players, which I will try to keep up to date as a check of anyone who might be getting close to nomination under Rule 4.2.2.  Plase note, however, that this is only a guide and as up to date as results posted on the website.  It remains the responsibility of each team to ensure that ineligible players are not fielded.


Club News:  Horsham v Visitors Anniversary Match

8th October 2009 

Horsham Chess Club has traced its history back to a first recorded reference on 25th October 1879.  As part of a number of events to celebrate their 130th anniversary this month, the club issued an invitation to other MSCL clubs each to put up one member to play a friendly Horsham v Visitors match.  Twelve clubs took up the invitation.  The club secretary reports as follows:-

 "Horsham Chess Club is grateful to all the MSL clubs who helped to celebrate the club's 130th Anniversary on October 6th.  The evening started with a reception, during which Councillor Keith Wilkins, Chairman of Horsham District Council, responded to some opening words by Horsham Chairman John Cannon, and cut a celebration cake. The reception was followed by a match between Horsham and their chess-playing guests, with each of 12 pairings playing two half-hour per player games.  Councillor Wilkins ceremonially played the first move on behalf of Horsham club champion Gavin Lock v Dominic Lawson and Horsham's grading advantage over the lower boards proved decisive, despite the visitors winning 6 1/2 - 3 1/2 over the top 5 boards."

Full results were as follows:-

  Horsham Result Visitors
Board Grade Player Rd. 1 Rd. 2 Player Club Grade
1 195 Gavin Lock 1 - 0 1 - 0 Dominic Lawson Lewes 201
2 179 Phil Stimpson 0 - 1 0 - 1 Chris Jones Worthing 186
3 177 James Mansson 1 - 0 0 - 1 George Salimbeni Crowborough 184
4 171 Paul Taylor 0 - 1 0 - 1 Geoffrey James Brighton & Hove 183
5 168 Ben Silverstein ˝ - ˝ 0 - 1 Richard Almond Hastings & St Leonards 181
6 167 Anthony Higgs ˝ - ˝ 1 - 0 Simon Wrigley Knoll Knights 158
7 166 Peter Harbott ˝ - ˝ 1 - 0 Mick Harris Crawley 151
8 159 Adam Squibbs 1 - 0 1 - 0 Bob Fisher East Grinstead 146
9 152 John Marshall 0 - 1 1 - 0 Vince Ellis Eastbourne 146
10 146 Ian Comley 1 - 0 1 - 0 David Langridge St Francis & Haywards Heath 130
11 146 Nick Warren 1 - 0 1 - 0 Mike Card The Argumentatives 121
12 128 Roger Waddingham 1 - 0 0 - 1 Oliver Andrew Woodpushers 112
  163   7˝  - 4˝ 7 - 5     158
      14˝  - 9˝      



Hastings & St Leonards v Crowborough Friendly Match

6th October 2009 

The 1st teams from Crowborough and Hastings & St Leonards tied for first place in Division 1 last season.  They elected to share the title of League Champions rather than play a formal play-off match.  However, noting also that there was not sufficient interest among others to arrange a champions v the rest match, these 2 clubs elected to hold a friendly match.  This took place in Hastings last Sunday, over 10 boards - and the result, between 2 very evenly matched teams, was a draw!


Detailed results were as follows:-


  Hastings & St Leonards   Crowborough
  Grade Player   PLayer Grade
1 204 J N Sugden ˝ - ˝ G Salimbeni 194
2 190 F Rayner 1 - 0 D J Grant 196
3 181 R J Almond 1 - 0 P D Kemp 194
4 180 R Norinkeviciute ˝ - ˝ R V Elliston 183
5 188 C I Howell 0 - 1 D Norton 182
6 175 B Cafferty ˝ - ˝ D W Fryer 181
7 177 R A Barton 1 - 0 G Michaud 177
8 168 J Anstead ˝ - ˝ T Norton 176
9 165 J Lenier 0 - 1 T R Fitzgerald 144
10 164 S Blewitt 0 - 1 R C Fitzgerald 151
  179   5 - 5   178


Note:  2009 grades


Insurance Cover

6th October 2009 

Information reached me recently of a very serious accident involving a member of Brighton & Hove Chess Club at their club venue.  Quite independently, another club raised the issue of the need for clubs to maintain public liability insurance, posing the question that this was a significant expense that might be seen as a waste of money.  While not having any insight into any possible liability aspects of the Brighton incident, your web editor's sensitivity nerve was (perhaps unduly?) activated by the combination of these points, so I'm hesitant to initiate a Forum thread on the insurance issue along the lines suggested.


However, the underlying question is perfectly valid.  The MSL Committee can not, of course, provide legal advice, but it might be timely for clubs to consider what liabilities they might be exposed to and whether the need for insurance cover arises. 


If others feel this is an appropriate topic for a Forum thread (on the overall liability of clubs and the need for insurance) please let me know.


Withdrawal Of East Grinstead 1

6th October 2009 

A late request was made by East Grinstead to have various divisions re-arranged to enable their first team to play in a lower division.  Given that the deadline for entries was well past, fixtures had been arranged and notified to clubs and the possible impact on other clubs and teams, the League Committee decided this request could not be accommodated.  It is regretted that East Grinstead feel that they can not support a team in Division 2 this season and have, therefore, announced that their first team is withdrawing. 


This, of course, has the effect of reducing Division 2 to 10 teams and removes 1 fixture for each remaining team in that division.  The Division 2 Fixtures page has been amended accordingly.  To try to avoid further confusion now that the fixtures have been published, the remaining East Grinstead clubs continue to be listed as East Grinstead 2 and 3.


Knock-on effects on East Grinstead's nominated players are awaited.


Lots of Stuff!

2nd October 2009 

The start of the new season beckons.  The fixtures list has been drawn up, circulated to clubs and posted on the website.  In addition to seeing the match schedule division-by-division under Fixtures, the complete fixtures programme, and the planning considerations behind it, can be found as an Excel spreadsheet under the "Downloads" link above. 


A couple of typos have been pointed out to me since the fixtures were first posted on the site a few days ago.  (This onlly affects the website Fixtures pages, not the spreadsheet or information e-mailed directly to clubs.)  For clarity, in Division 2 Uckfield 1's opponents on 10th February are Eastbourne 1 (not Eastbourne 2) and in Division 4 Bexhill College play Brighton & Hove 6 on Friday 12th March (not Friday 15th - a non-existant date!).


Some clubs and teams still need to submit their lists of nominated players!  You know who you are!!  Time is running out!!!  (If you're not sure, please check under Nominations)


A small correction has been made to the AGM Minutes claifying that the Treasurer's proposals for entry fees were approved, not just the accounts for the past year.


A new thread has been started on the Forum pages.  This has been raised by Duncan Roy, Secretary of Brighton & Hove CC, and asks whether we might extend the playing season.  As Fixtures Secretary and County grading reporter, I feel I have a bit of a vested interest in this.  We can cope as we are, but the fixture programme gets a bit compromised for clubs with the most teams, or who are unable to host more than 1 home match simultaneously.  I suspect there might be a lot of history on this matter.  What do you think?



25th September 2009 

The annual tidy up of the website in preparation for the coming season is largely complete.  Nothing should have been lost, but information related to the 2008 / 9 season, including News items prior to the AGM, have been transferred to appropriate folders under the "Past Seasons" link above.


Team Entries 2009

25th August 2009 

News is starting to come in regarding entries for the coming season and it appears there might be quite a few changes.


Perhaps the most surprising is that Eastbourne 1, winners of Division 2 last season, are declining promotion to Division 1, due to the loss of some of their stronger players.


St Francis & Haywards Heath have found it necessary to withdraw their 3rd team.


Brighton & Hove and Horsham each look set to enter a 6th team


The new entry from Bexhill College is confirmed.


Word is that a new team is expected to rise out of the ashes of the old Aldrington House club that was forced to withdraw mid-season earlier this year, albeit probably with a new name and with a new venue.


Please keep entries and related information flowing in as quickly as possible.


Minutes of the 2009 AGM

25th August 2009 

The League Secretary has prepared draft Minutes for the 2009 AGM.


Crowborough Rapidplay Congress 2009

18th August 2009 

This year's Crowborough Rapidplay Congress will take place on Sunday 20th September. 


League Rules

15th August 2009 

The Rules have bee updated to reflect the motion passed at the AGM to introduce the option of quickplay finishes.  Everyone should be aware of this from the extensive Forum debate over the past couple of years.  However, clubs might be well advised to ensure that all their players are familiar with this and its implications for concluding a game.


Crawley Chess Club

15th August 2009 

Crawley Chess club have informed the League that, sadly, they have had to close due to a drastic reduction in membership.  This will result in the loss of one team from each of the top and bottom divisions.  While we can't be sure of the final position until team entries are confirmed for 2009 / 10, there is an anticipation that this loss will be compensated for by new teams coming in.  A possible consequence, however, is that relegations from each of the top 3 divisions may be reduced to 1 team, in order to maintain numbers in division 1.  (A final decision by the MSL Committee will be made when team enties are known.)


I'm sure we all hope that those Crawley players wishing to continue playing will quickly re-emerge in another MSL club.


2009 Grading

11th August 2009 

The new grading list has appeared online today on the ECF website, without any prior release to graders.  Please refer to the ECF website to check gradings of interest to you.  I gather that some of the junior gradings are surprisingly high, so there might be some further revisions coming.  If there's anything anyone thinks I can help with, just let me know.


Sussex Chess News

10th August 2009 

A revised version of Sussex Chess News 2009 has been provided and the uploaded.  One or 2 typos corrected and a club report from Chichester now included.


(09:00:  Still waiting for the promised provisional 2009 grading list.)


A New Entry, Grading, Sussex News and Other Controversies!

3rd August 2009 


A brief update on a few matters while we enjoy the summer recess.


We have been approached about a probable new entry from Bexhill to join the League for the coming season.  This has caused the Committee to consider the question of home venue in the light of the condition placed upon Hastings & St Leonards that was re-affirmed at the League AGM in May 2007.  While not wishing to discourage a new club from joining, the Committee believe that the proximity of Bexhill to Hastings would make it unreasonable to treat these 2 clubs differently and that we need to respect the discussion at the 2007 AGM.  Consequently, while hoping this will not put the prospective club off joining, they have been informed that they would be expected to find a "home" venue closer to other MSCL clubs.  It will, of course, be open to them if they join (and, indeed to Hastings & St Leonards) to raise this again at a future AGM if they so choose.


As many may be aware, there has been some delay in producing the first (provisional) release of the 2009 grading list.  The latest information I have is that it is hoped this will be out by next Monday, 10th August.  The delay has been reported as due to a need to rework the calculation of 2008 "new" grades.  Consequently, while those grades will be largely of historic interest now, they may change from those published last summer and from which players were expecting their 2009 grades to be calculated.  I will keep clubs informed as soon as I hear anything more.


This year's Sussex Chess News has been compiled by Mick Plumb for the County Association.  It is available to read on-line or downloaded from the "Sussex" link above or by clicking here.  It is noted that one contributor provides a personal view of the play in Division 1 of the MSL last season, but includes the accusation that this website generated controversy by publishing "misleading" information.  Readers seeking a (more balanced?) view are reminded that the data in question are clearly identified, a cautionary note regarding their use or interpretation is given on each page in which they appear and that in response to concerns raised by the same contributor during the season a  new thread was started in the Forum pages.  This set out a very detailed explanation of the data in question and sought views from others on whether they wished to continue to have it provided at all, or deleted.  Perhaps in view of the rather greater interest in the QPF discussion, this matter received little response.  Your obedient web editor rather relishes the idea of being controversial, but having her efforts at complete openness and transparency characterised as "misleading" is somewhat less gratifying.  If anyone else has views on whether or not they'd prefer to have such data deleted for the coming season, please let me know.


Less controversially, please note that Sussex Chess News includes an application form to become a Patron of the County Association.  As this helps to support our chess activities in Sussex please consider printing off that page and signing up for the coming season.


By the end of this month I will be contacting all clubs to confirm team entries and related matters for the 2009 / 10 season.  It is appreciated that some clubs may not be able to make firm commitments till early September, but will club representatives please start thinking about this if you anticipate a change from the team entries you had last season.


AGM Summary:  QPF Option Approved

29th May  2009 


The formal Minutes of last night's AGM will be available in due course.  However, the main feature was the discussion of, and voting on, David Fryer's proposal to amend the Rules to allow the option of quickplay finishes.  This was approved by those entitled to vote by 18 - 11.  The Rules are therefore amended, as set out in David's proposal which is available on the Forum pages and repeated in the AGM Agenda (see below).  It is emphasised that QPF's are optional; unless both players agree to this style of play at the start of the game, then the regular time rules, with adjudication if necessary, will continue to apply.


All current League Officers were re-elected unopposed.


Thanks to Uckfield, and Sue Carter in particular, for providing the venue, setting out the room and providing refreshments.