18th November 2014

In response to a request from Lewes Chess Club, it has been decided by the Committee to allow the use of a published rapidplay (RP) grade in determining the aggregate grade of a team in the Knock Out competition where the player concerned has no standardplay (SP) grade at the start of the season. This will be instead of the assumed grades set out in KO Rule 7. Should the player then gain a SP grade in the subsequent January grading list, that SP grade will be used for the rest of the season. (This overrides, for such players, the previously decided situation that where a start-of-season grade exists, this shall be used throughout the season, regardless of any change in the January list.)

The existing KO Rules refer only to "official BCF grading", without defining whether this means SP, RP or either. This may reflect the Rules being drafted before RP grades were published. However, RP grades are "official grades". This Committee decision at least in part follows a precedent set by the SCCU for the regional round of County matches whereby a published RP grade is used to determine eligibility in grade-limited matches for players without a published SP grade.

In considering this request it has become clear that the KO Rules are in need of updating. For example, they still refer to BCF grades rather than ECF, and the decision taken when January SP grades first appeared that they would only be used for players with no grade in the previous July list has never been formally included in the Rules. It is also considered that the wider membership of the MSCL may have views on this latest decision. Consequently, it is intended that this subject will be raised at the next AGM. If the meeting endorses this use of RP grades, this can then be formally included in the Rules. If the meeting decides otherwise, this interpretation will lapse and it will be made clear in the Rules that only SP grades can be used.