2nd September 2015

Haywards Heath

They have relocated to a new venue. See the club's page for details

2nd Hastings and St Leonards Weekend Chess Tournament 2015

This annual event will be held at the weekend of 31th October and 1st November

Round 1 2 3
Saturday 9.30 am 1.30 pm 5.30 pm
Round 4 5
Sunday 10 am 2.00 pm

Entry is available for any chess player graded under 160 ECF

An entry form can be obtained from the Hastings and St Leonards website

26th August 2015

Visit the SCCA page to download their new pamphlet

13th August 2015

The Bloomsbury Group and the ancient history of Lewes Chess Club

This article is based on information sent by Martin Smith who is a blogger on chess history on the Streatham and Brixton Chess Blog

29th July 2015

Please note the draft minutes of the AGM may not be complete and are under review until further notice. An updated version will be posted in due course

25th July 2015

The draft minutes of the AGM have been posted. Visit the Past Seasons link under ARCHIVES in the main menu where you will be able to download it in pdf format. You can also find the results etc for the past season

7th July 2015

The list of winners of tankards for best performances for the season has been posted. They were presented by Don Grant at the AGM. The table may be viewed here.

12th June 2015

The 30th Crowborough Chess Congress will take place on Saturday 12th September 2015 at The Crowborough Community Centre.

Visit the website for more information

11th June 2015

Please take note of the ECF membership deadline for 2014/15.

Click here for more information

9th June 2015


The agenda for the forthcoming AGM has been published. It may be found in the Downloads section in .doc format

Haywards Heath

The First Team captain and Main contact have changed at Haywards Heath. Please view their page for details.

15th May 2015

Knock Out Competition

The final of the Handicap Knock Out was held yesterday which was dramatically won by grading advantage, the game scores being equal. See Results for the full table.

Congratulations to Brighton & Hove


The AGM will be held on 23rd June.

The venue is Lewes Chess Club, as in previous years.

Refer to the Club pages for access details, and please note in particular that the club does not open until 7.30pm

14th May 2015

The Division 1 table is now complete. Congratulations to Worthing First Team - the 2015 champion

6th May 2015

The missing result from Division 4 has now been posted, which leaves only one match remaining. Brighton and Hove 4 cannot be overtaken so has effectively won

2nd May 2015

AGM Notice for Rule Changes Reminder

Please note that any proposed rule changes must be submitted by 11th May

30th April 2015

Please check the crosstable for division 3 in particular for up to date scores, as some errors crept in a month or so ago. My apologies, it has now been corrected.

29th April 2015

It looks like Worthing cannot now be caught for the Division 1 championship

26th April 2015

AGM Notice for Rule Changes

Please note that any proposed rule changes must be submitted by 11th May

Can clubs make suitable arrangements to ensure that the trophies are available at the AGM for presentation Nominations


Belatedly a new table has been generated which details nominations throughout the season under Rule 4.2.2. Click on Nominations in the main menu and select it from the sidebar

7th April 2015


Click here for an announcement about the AGM

16th March 2015

Ian Comley has announced he will be standing down as League Secretary at the next AGM. His contribution to the smooth running the League over the last 5 years or so will be greatly missed. Click here to read his statement

31st January 2015

See the Results and Fixtures pages for the most recent match results in the MSCL. The crosstables have been modified so that the teams appear in order of current standing instead of alphabetically

27th January 2015

The ECF January grading list has been published. The Results form and notes have been updated and are available from the link in the menu above and the following link:


24th January 2015

The 4th Bexhill Weekend Chess Tournament will be held on the weekend of 28th February / 1st March. Information about it may be found here

13th January 2015

The first result of the year has been posted in Division 1

12th January 2015

Haywards Heath Chess Club Update

Please check the club's page as the directions for finding the club room have been revised.

28th December 2014

Haywards Heath Chess Club Moves

Haywards Heath have now left the United Services Club and will reconvene at HH Methodist Church on Perrymount Road from Wed 7th Jan 2015.

Visit the club’s page for the updated details.

Unless notified otherwise matches will be in the Sussex Room. The best way to access this is via the side road on the North side of the church that leads to the car park behind the church. There is a side door with a doorbell marked Sussex Room. Once through the door, turn first left into the Boltro Room and go through to the Sussex Room.

The car park at the rear of the church is free. No alcohol is allowed on the premises, but the bright lights of the Broadway are a short stroll away if people fancy a pint to celebrate/ recover from their games.

21st December 2014

The Download section has been updated showing all files created over the years. They are in one or more of the following formats: pdf, doc, xls, xlsx

19th December 2014

The Knock-out Cup result table has been extended to show the total grading difference between the teams and the score required to win the match. The fixture table has also been updated.

18th December 2014

The results of all league matches for 2014 have been uploaded. The fixture tables now summarise the results for the first half of the season.

The notes on grading have been updated and the link has been added to the Menu under Externals

24th November 2014

Contact details for Lewes 1st team and East Grinstead 2nd team captains have been updated. Please check the club pages.

The cross-tables of early results are now in place. Check the Results pages.

18th November 2014

The results pages have been updated.

Knock Out competition Rule Clarification

The committee has made a ruling about the grading of players who only have rapidplay grades. It can be read here

28th October 2014

There is a new results form which may be downloaded via the link in the menu above. Instructions on how to use it may be found here

26th October 2014

The first results for the 2014 / 15 season can be found here

17th October 2014

The fixtures for the 2014 / 15 season can be found here

Mind Sports International World Chess Championship

MSI World Chess Championships are being held in London ExCel.

To sign up for this event click here Mind Sports International - World Championship

We would love for you to post this event on your page(s) (Facebook, Twitter, Website), invite your chess comrades, and attend this World Class Chess competition!

For more information on this event please go to our home page to find out more. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to seeing you at this amazing Chess Championship!

Information supplied by Christopher Roush

ECF Council Meeting

The AGM of the English Chess Federation was held on 11th October. Our Fixtures Secretary Julie Denning chaired the meeting and her unofficial write-up can be found here: (to follow)

The main points concerning the Mid Sussex League were:

Dominic Lawson was elected president of the ECF.

The motion "competitions where adjudication is possible will not be ECF-graded from 1st July 2015" was lost by 85 votes for and 138 against in the final card vote.

McArthur Cup and Paul Watson Trophy

Events organised by the Sussex County Chess Association

ENTRIES CLOSE ON MONDAY 20 OCTOBER for the McArthur Cup and Paul Watson Trophy The McArthur Cup is the Sussex County Chess Association's premier event, a 6-board K.O.

The Paul Watson Trophy is a 4-board K.O. for teams with average ECF grade less than or equal to 150

Further details from

Paul Buswell

tel. 01424 444321


October 2014

Club Changes

Knoll Knights have not entered a team this year, but they remain members of the league.

Crowborough have reduced their team entries from 4 to 2.

Sussex University have entered a new team in division 4, after many years of absence in the MSCL. They have nominated Thursday for their home matches.

Another new Sussex club has formed in Henfield. They are casual players and will not enter a team in the MSCL this season. See this article


Three of our clubs now have websites, leaving only four that don't, out of thirteen. Here are links to them. Contact details of all the MSCL clubs can be found on the Club pages on this site.




League Changes

We retain 4 divisions this season. Normally there is a 2-up / 2-down scenario between divisions, but Lewes 1 remain in Division 1 to compensate for the loss of Knoll Knights. This gives us a spread of 10, 9, 9 and 8 teams in Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively.


The League Rules may be found here. Changes are minor this season, but note the discussion on the use of electronic devices in the match room, outlined here by Julie Denning


The AGM of the English Chess Federation will be held on 11th October. Our Fixtures Secretary Julie Denning will attend on behalf of the Mid Sussex League, Sussex County Chess Association and Crowborough Congress and she has voting rights for all of these. Dominic Lawson of Lewes is standing for president. Please make Julie aware of your opinions concerning the ECF.

Team Entries

Team entry information for the new season.