18th June 2017

The best match averages and winners of the trophies for this season have been uploaded and can be found via the menu on the right. They will be presented at the AGM. Please contact the Web Editor or Committee if you have any queries

10th June 2017

The MidSussex AGM will be held at Lewes Chess Club Tuesday 20th June 2017 at 7.45pm

The address is St Mary‘s Supporters Club, Christie Road, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1PL

You may find the agenda on the Downloads page

5th June 2017

There are new forum posts concerning the Rapid League and Knock-out grading limits

Visit the forum page for details

23rd May 2017

Third Division

Congratulations to

Lewes 2

for winning the Third Division

7th Weekender at Hastings Chess Club

See here for information


19th May 2017

knock-out Champion

Congratulations to


13th May 2017

SCCU Executive Committee and ECF and BCF Finance Council Meetings

Julie Denning has posted a report on these meetings which can be read here

Also she recently travelled to Crete as part of an SCCU team. The report can be found here

First Division Champion

Congratulations to Brighton & Hove 1

Second Division Champion

Congratulations to Brighton & Hove 2

There is a match report on the Crowborough website

12th April 2017

Congratulations to the Brighton & Hove 4 team, which has won the 4th Division

Four teams finished equal second, with Woodpushers 2 gaining promotion on goal difference

7th April 2017

Request for players from Sue Howell, 4NCL

The Sussex Martlets teams in the Four Nations Chess League need players for the final weekend which is the bank holiday weekend commencing Saturday 29th April. They are particularly short for the Saturday as this clashes with the Sussex Megafinal in Hassocks and a weekend congress in Hastings. They are looking for players of all strengths to fill all 3 teams that play in the second, third and fourth divisions with grades from 110 to 230

Players do not need a Sussex connection and ECF membership is not required

Details can be found at the 4NCL website

Lifts will be available from the Sussex coast and the middle of the county to and from the venues. The first team is playing in Telford and the second and third teams in Reading. Play starts at 2pm on Saturday. Lifts are available just for the day or throughout the weekend

Each day will involve one FIDE/ECF rated game at a rate of play of 40 moves in 1 hour 40 minutes plus 30 seconds per move, followed by the rest of the game in 50 minutes plus 30 seconds per move. As some of you will already know, playing conditions are superb and at the first team venue in Telford you will be playing alongside the top GMs not just in the country but from further afield

Sue is happy to supply more details on request:


tel: 01737 780899

Please can you help them to fulfil their final fixtures for the year,

On behalf of Sussex Martlets - 4NCL

19th March 2017

Rule 4.2.2 Nominations

There is now a table of nominations under rule 4.2.2 - that is, players who are about to become, (or have become) nominated by dint of having played 3 (or 4) games. The table is for guidance only. Recent games may not be taken into account

18th March 2017

Rapid League

Julian Mitchell expresses his views on the Rapid League

9th March 2017

Rapid League

David Fryer has responded to the forum post on the Rapid League

8th March 2017

Rapid League

There is a new forum posting on the Rapid League, organised by Matthew Britnell, who has written an introduction to the topic. If you would like to comment, please send your piece to the Forum Editor

The Results pages now have a hide column facility. Click on the top of the 2016 column to hide it. Click on the 2016 button to view it

26th February 2017

Weald Chess Congress

This year the Weald Chess Congress will take place on the 15th and 16th of July at Copthorne, near Crawley and will host the Southern Counties Chess Union Individual Championship

Full details and an entry form can be downloaded here

22nd February 2017

A new discussion has been opened on the Forum concerning estimated grades in the Knock-out competition. If you would like to contribute, please send your comments to The Forum Editor

16th February 2017

The Entry form for the 6th Weekender at the Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club 29/30 April, 2017 may be downloaded here

Please visit the Hastings website for further details

Some club details have changed recently. Check the first team captains for Sussex University and East Grinstead

1st February 2017

The new grading list for February 2017 has been published by the ECF. There are new Results forms available for download, which include the new grades and updated player lists

7th December 2016

Fixtures Secretary: Moving On

Julie Denning has decided to step down from her role as Fixtures Secretary from the end of the current season. I am sure everyone will agree that she has contributed enormously to the smooth running of the league for a number of years, if not decades, virtually running it single handedly sometimes. She has always undertaken her tasks assiduously and with great diplomacy and will be greatly missed in this role:

Since becoming Fixtures Secretary about a decade ago I have also taken on a number of other chess commitments, whilst other non-chess activities have also increased. On top of this, there are other major tasks that I've been putting off for lack of time - and like everyone else, I'm not getting any younger. I have therefore decided that I will not stand for re-election as Fixtures Secretary at the 2017 AGM and hope that someone else will step forward to take on this role. I don't want to let anyone down, but I must recognise that my chess commitments have become a bit too great.

I am very happy to discuss what the job entails with anyone who thinks they might be able to take it on and to share with them the way I've approached the task. The main commitment is obviously just before the start of the season, but other that a couple of days actually working out fixture lists, it's really just a case of communicating with all our clubs by email, and then keeping on eye on how the season progresses. The job holder becomes, of course, a member of the MSCL Management Committee.
Julie Denning

30th October 2016

The Results forms have been updated and are available for download. Some changes have been made to improve reliability. The league form now accepts Rapid league results and displays the players' rapid grades where available.

18th October 2016

New Results forms are now available in the download section. There are separate forms for the league and the knockout competitions. The forms contain grades for the new season and the knockout form can calculate the handicaps. The Rapid league form is to follow.

17th October 2016

The nominations are now available to view in the Table menu

The players listed are constrained to play only for the team listed for their club this season

16th October 2016

The first results of the season have been posted. Visit the Results page for details

The Club's pages have been updated to include the new Rapidplay league captains and any other changes to contact details. If you are a member of a club you may like to check them for accuracy

13th October 2016

The new season is upon us

There have been a number of updates to the website. The history pages have been reinstated and tidied up, and there’s still more to do. Fixtures are available to download in spreadsheet format, and also there is a page for each division, the knockout cup, and the new rapidplay league.

Please check that the fixtures for your team are correct and convenient. You can reschedule matches with the agreement of your opponents up to 28 days prior to the originally scheduled date for matches scheduled to be played in December or later.

The club pages show details of each club in the league. These are in the process of being updated too. We have two results for the new season already. These will be posted shortly.

Entries are open for the Sussex Individual Knockout Championship, organised by the Sussex County Chess Association. Visit “Sussex” under External in the main menu for details.