9th Nov 2016

Horsham vs Crowborough Rapid Play Match

Commentry by David Fryer

The original article can be viewed on the Crowborough website

The inaugral MSCL Rapidplay League match saw two teams of juniors battle out an exciting 2-2 draw at Horsham Chess Club on Tuesday 8th November 2016.

The first to finish was Theo who was very unlucky to fall into a disguised checkmate.

The battle of the Henrys went Crowborough's way with a good solid game by our Henry.

Then a very tense wait as Lachlan's game see-sawed one way then the other and culminated in Q vs R+N and lots of pawns. Lachlan managed to win with a fork of Rook and King.

The last to finish was the top board where a long term advantage was converted by Lilya and Thomas had to concede at 8:45pm.

Well played by all the players, home and away and a 2-2 draw was a fair result.