MSCL Handicap Knock Out Cup


The competition this season was late starting and the due dates for playing the rounds had to be extended. The new dates were met apart from one quarter-final game that was not played due to exceptional circumstances. Both semi-finals were completed by the end of April allowing sufficient time for the final to be played before this year’s AGM on 26th June 2019.

I do hope that the teams involved in the final give the competition and other teams who went out of their way to complete their matches on time, the respect due and do in fact play out the match so that the trophy and congratulations can be presented at the AGM.

The purpose of this forum post is to ask for all clubs to support this competition by entering teams early next season and for the MSCL Management Team to use their best endeavours to get the competition started as soon as possible.

It is a great event for players of a wide range of ratings to participate in while retaining a reasonable chance of success and of course it provides the opportunity for players to play a whole game in an evening.

David Fryer