Appearances for Higher Teams

VDavid Fryer Returns to the Fray

22nd March 2011


I have read the comments made and know that I am in a minority on this subject but being an argumentative soul I would like to confirm my belief that the league rules should not be designed to stop keen players from playing chess.

The current rules state that the strongest players should be nominated and it is only an option to not include infrequent players. The rules also state that these un-nominated players would still be unable to play for a lower team and therefore if they do play 2 or 3 times later on in the year they will push out a regular board 5 who would have been nominated after 4 games and therefore unable to play for any other team.

In addition it is not only the teams with infrequent strong players where this rule restricts selection. For example in Uckfield's 8 games so far the four nominated players have appeared 8,7,5 & 4 times respectively with the next two strongest players 6 and 7 times. It is difficult enough to get 5 players available for away matches without having to worry about whether this would be the 4th time the reserve has played for the 1st team. Therefore Uckfield have 6 keen players from whom only 5 can play and the 6th cannot play board 1 for the second team.

The only logical conclusion is that the number of teams that clubs enter will over time reduce further as clubs will end up  defaulting boards more often.

The last AGM tightened up on teams re-arranging matches and instructed the committee to enforce penalties for defaults and that had the effect of reducing the league to 3 Divisions - I think the rules should be relaxed a bit so that we can all play chess as much as we want and hopefully prevent the downward trend in the number of teams in the league.

Note : my views are on this topic are personal and are in no way the opinion of either club that I belong to.

David Fryer

Another View in Support of the Current Rule

21st March 2011

One of the reasons why some clubs who have now 6 or 7 nominated players for their first teams is that some of the original nominations don't appear to have played very regularly. The Rule surely did not anticipate this situation. Looking back it would appear that nominated players have sometimes been players who did not subsequently play very much that season. So the revised Rule has reduced the frequency where regular but unnominated players could play for lower teams. I think this is a good thing.

In most other sports the situation where players could play for more than one team in the same division without some formal transfer arrangement would be considered absurd. Indeed an amendment of the Rule to prohibit a player from playing for more than one team in the same division in the same season would be no bad thing though I am not going to advocate this. 

Dix Roberts
Horsham Chess Club

Sue Chadwick Counters The Original View

19th March 2011


It's true that rule 4.2.2 does prohibit people playing in certain instances, but what is the alternative? Looking at Lewes 1, which is the team with seven players nominated, I see that the top player nominated has so far only played twice and the second three times out of a possible eight matches. The other five nominees have all played regularly with no other substitutes. Should we therefore allow these infrequent appearances by top players to give three (rather than just one) of the regular players the chance to play for the second team as well as the first, and for how many appearances? Is this fair on their opponents who are effectively up against the first team players? I think rather that the rule quickly defines who the regular players are and fairly restricts them from playing down. In the circumstance where players are substituted up, then care needs to be taken to choose a certain player no more than three times to retain their eligibility lower down, and then give some one else a chance.


Sue Chadwick

Brighton & Hove Chess Club

David Fryer Starts a Discussion on Rule 4.2.2, as Amended at the 2010 AGM

17th March 2011


An unfortunate result of the rule change on nominations.

4.2.2  Whether nominated or not, a player from a lower team may appear on a match score card 3 times for higher teams while retaining his eligibility to play for the lower team. Upon appearing on a match score card a 4th time for any higher team the player becomes ineligible to play for the lower team.

With at least two matches still to play there are two clubs with 6 players and one club with 7 players nominated for their 1st team. With only 5 boards per team this means there will be players who will not be able to play for any team at all !

It must surely be wrong that the rules are preventing individuals from playing for their club in a climate of reducing teams  and board defaults in the Mid Sussex League.

This rule change needs revisiting in my view.

David Fryer

Uckfield & Crowborough Chess Clubs