New Division

Proposal from David Fryer

16th April 2015

In very broad terms Crowborough CC would like to propose a new Division ‘R’ to be created within the MSCL family which will be aimed at but not exclusive to the chess playing youngsters within Sussex.

Our junior chess club as with others in the county is thriving. We currently have over 30 regulars attending our junior club on Fridays of varying ages and standards and I have been asked by a number of parents regarding the chance of playing in the club teams. Indeed last season I did run a team in the 4th division but away games finishing at 11pm were problematic during a school week.

The idea is to have a division where the maximum playing time is about 2 hours so that parents will know that the games will be finished around 9:30pm allowing them time to get their children home at a reasonable hour.

Therefore we were thinking along the lines of a rapid play time control of say 45 minutes + 10 seconds a move with a grading restriction of say ECF 120.

No restriction on age so parents and children could play in the same team if they wished and teams could also be supplemented as needed by adult members.

For simplicity we were thinking of other relevant rules remaining the same as for other divisions though of course nominations would not apply unless a club were to enter more than one team in the new division.

We could look at the possibility of recruiting host clubs so that a Hastings vs Worthing match could be played at say Haywards Heath CC to cut down on excessively long journeys.

Also if only a few entries eg 4 or 5 clubs then we could play home and away.

Please discuss at your clubs and if you could provide any indications of the likely level of support within your clubs this would be appreciated.

If enough interest is shown we can set up a group to discuss and hammer out a more detailed proposal.

I do not see this as competition to schools chess leagues as run by SJC and EPSCA but rather a supplementary opportunity to play team chess, club based rather than school based.

To avoid any concerns of added workload on the MSCL committee I would be willing to offer my services in some capacity for next season if we can get this off the ground.


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David Fryer

Secretary Crowborough CC