Team captains reminders

Firstly compliments of the season to everybody, I hope everybody has a good chess break, and good luck to anybody playing at the Hastings congress.

I just have a few reminders for team captains:

  1. We had an incident recently where a player took out and used a mobile device during a game. Rule 8.1.1 deals with mobile devices that go off during a game, for which a warning is given but the committee regards deliberate use as being more serious. In the given instance, the league decided that a 1/2 point deduction to the team score was an appropriate penalty (I would stress that there is no suggestion that the player concerned was deliberately trying to gain an unfair advantage). So I would ask captains to remind players that any use of devices during a game is not permitted.
  2. As the season progresses we are getting to the stage where players who have played a number of games for a higher team will begin to be ineligible for a lower team. For captains where this is a concern, please note that LMS has a "player stats" drop down for each club which allows you to check the games played by any of your players - just make sure that you don't miss games that may have been played in the previous few days, but where the result is not yet reported on the system.
  3. Now that we have reached December, any fixture changes need 28 days notice, unless exceptional circumstances apply (rule 2.6). Please let me know as soon as possible if you do think that you need a change due to exceptional circumstances.