Situations now vacant

"How time flies! It might seem only yesterday that I took over the role of Sussex Grader, but it was actually 14 years ago. Since then I have taken on a number of other roles for the County, the Mid Sussex League, the SCCU and the ECF. Some of these have since been picked up by other very capable hands, but I have still found the remaining tasks to be quite time consuming when all taken together. For various reasons I have had to conclude that I can no longer find the time to fulfil these tasks adequately. Other personal commitments have increased, whilst various projects I have in hand have only progressed very slowly. However, the major reason I need to rearrange my priorities now is that I became a grandparent earlier this year and am taking on significant child minding responsibilities that will occupy about half my time. I am therefore asking that someone else (or preferably a number of others to spread the load) takes on these various tasks, as outlined below:

"I've enjoyed taking on these tasks, but as explained, I really must now move on and hand over to others. Whilst these tasks may seem suited to a retiree with a bit of time on their hands, there would certainly be merit in getting younger blood involved. Anyone who considers they might be able to help is welcome to contact me to discuss these roles in greater detail."