Laws of Chess

Time Control Guidance

Code Shortform Type Description
a G/65 +30 Default Game in 65 minutes plus 30 seconds per move
b 42/90 Option 42 moves in 90 minutes *
c 30/60 f35 No digital clocks 30 moves in 1 hour. Add 35 minutes to finish
d 60/65 +30 Default Short Session 60 moves in 65 minutes plus 30 seconds per move
e G/80 +10 Short Session Option 80 minutes plus 10 seconds per move

*Add 7 moves per 15 minutes up to a time agreed by the captains before the match

Permissible Scenarios

Normally these will apply to a club’s home matches for all teams in the 3 main divisions, only changing if the club’s circumstances change.

All timecontrols are on a per game basis.

1. Club has suitable digital clocks and can accommodate an extended session

2. Club does not have suitable digital clocks

3. Club needs to close by a certain time, but has suitable digital clocks


In the table ‘G’ means whole Game. Those with no ‘G’ will stop at the specified time or move number and the result either agreed later or sent for adjudication.

It is strongly advised that the captain pre-programs the clocks with options for all the timecontrols possible under their club's Scenario.

When completing the Result Form, please ensure that the timecontrol for each game is specified.